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The Transcript of the 3d Webinar [The ascension Plan, Ascension and Light Body process-20th of Dec. 2015]

here ; we would like to thank our precious friend and sister Grace, for her great efforts, and her great sense of responsibility in the work of transcripts of each webinars and topics that enhance the awakening of the people of the earth, and contributes to the availability of this important information for everyone interested & for Researchers of the truth..
Here we see that if each and every one of us do his role to the fullest, we'll remove our permanent inquiries as to when the land will be liberated and when the event will be happened.. 
Please note: we posted this transcript due to the importance of these topics of Ascension, ascension process and the light body process , and due to the demand of many to the explanations of these topics..


The Ascension Plan, Ascension  and Light Body Process: Webinar Recording ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara ~  20 December 2015 (Updated with Notes)

** 29 December:  Updated with highlights, below.

The recording for the above  webinar is now available, covering the topics shown above.
I will start  working on a summary in a few days' time, for reference and indexing purposes.  There is a lot of guidance and updates in the webinar from EM and Blue Solara,  so I do suggest that you watch the video first.
I'll just mention the  general development of our collective timeline becoming more positive, made  possible after our Event meditation on 21 November where several negative  branches were terminated. The overall situation Ascension-wise has become more  stable.

Webinar  Notes (text in ochre are my  additions):
  • Starts with purification and relaxation meditation which felt expansive and liberating, reinforcing our connection with the One, Gaia Mom, Alcyone, and  stepping into the power of our own Sovereignty


Webinar Record-The ascension Plan Ascension and Light Body process-20th ...

Webinar Details:

The ascension Plan, Ascension & Light Body process
This webinar is presented by: Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan & The Blue Solara..

Date of webinar: 20th of Dec. 2015 /online
Starts at: 14:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT
Duration: 2:00h.

We will talk in this webinar about the following aspects:
• The changes that occurred in the timeline, and the final scenario..
• The plan of ascension.
• The ascension process.
• The Light body process...
• Clean & remove the implants...
• The activation of the DNA...
• Restore the memory
• The re-birth / Shutter of the Matrix
• Transfiguring – physical or non-physical
• The types of the light bodies..
Q&A will be available in this Webinar (The last 30min.) through:
Voice & Video /Voice / Chat..

EM: Ibrahim Hassan


Announcing to the new webinar / The Ascension plan, Ascension & Light body Process on Sunday Dec. 20th ,2015


To register ; please click on the following link:

Webinar / The Ascension plan, Ascension & Light body process
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There will be as well 30 minutes for Q&A at the end of the webinar for those who like to ask live questions and meet with EM through video & audio..

How to join our webinars easily..
EM & Blue Solara


About the Oneness School,, written by the EM on 16th of Dec.2015

About the Oneness School
The inner came from the (in), and the (in) is the pure essence of the soul, and its the pure magnetic, but the outer came from the (out) and it is a pure manifestation for what within, in the physic.. as electric...
The Inner is a metaphysic & magnetic ….
The Outer is a physic & electric...
The inner realms have their own way to manifest in the inner realms, they manifest from the purity of the essence to the nonphysical creation,, which means from the essence of metaphysic to metaphysic , this means from nonphysical to nonphysical..

The nonphysical to nonphysical is = physical for them  but not for us ,, which means if the ghost  meets with another ghost , they feel themselves physical to each other’s , but not physical to us,, higher density from us ..

When those old ancient souls discovered the physical heavy density [low vibration]” like our world” at the first time, they were afraid from the disconnect between the parts of their souls, because of the heavy density, and they prefer not to manifest themselves in this heavy density, because these souls did not experience the disconnect from the magnetic & the source as well..  Those souls are the Soul of Light, and they considered this heavy density as the Unknown “Dark for them”...

Part of those souls decided to discover the unknown, and to live with the physical and electric world, and they love to engage in this adventure , while the suggestion from the light souls was to raise the heavy density in order to become a higher density and more magnetic frequencies to be able to experience this heavy density ,, and of course after that those souls divided into two parts  [Light souls & Dark Souls] and the rest of the story is very well known to everyone,, as I explained  it  before in previous blog..
Where did the Forces of Darkness come from? And what is their sourc...

The Oneness is related to the sacred language of the One,, and the old ancient spirits carried this language,, and the creation language in the Oneness depends on a certain points of balance between electric & magnetic ,, masculine & feminine , Yin & Yang .. which means a balance in both  sides and grow vertically , starting from the lowest dimension to the highest dimension , and this mean as well the Oneness in the 3rd D , 5th D and 7th D …etc..

And this is the meaning of being beyond Light & Dark,,,,, being in The Oneness..!!

The light; they experience the dimensions [Horizontally] the right way..//more magnetic Less electric//
The Dark; they experience the Dimensions [Horizontally] as well but the Left way...//more electric less magnetic//

The Oneness ; they experience the Dimensions [Vertically] merging between the experiences of those two ways first to awaken all the unconsciousness cells in order to be conscious cells, and then continue their experience vertically until  reach the One...

This means you can’t be a pure enlightenment & oneness Soul without awakening the unconsciousness cells within you..

And by the way my words above lead to some part of the sacred knowledge of The science of the Cross,, and Jesus within his journey had reached part of the oneness teachings, and because of that there was disagreement between him and the Light souls on the plan of liberation which led him to be lifted “ascended” from the earth..

The merging between inner & outer... electric &magnetic and the scale of understanding from the inner conscious with the scale of activation of the outer is the way of the Oneness School..

All the spirits whom are related to Oneness ,  when they began their journey and from the first  experience for them in the growth stage , they followed the oneness language , everything they do , they merge  between the scale of understanding  & the scale of activation as one …and grow vertically between dimensions, and the meaning of Vertically between dimensions is called {Space timeline} in the quantum physic ..& the Horizontal is called {alternative worlds Timelines}..

And those old ancient spirits who carried the language of Oneness, they appeared in our universes at the beginning of its creation,, .and they had spread the language of oneness until the time of quarantine on this region of the universe, and after that, this language had disappeared, and then it appeared again few years ago on planet earth, because of one spirit on earth who did a connection with the sacred language of Oneness “the language of the Source”..

This last part is related to the Avatara and the Blue Dark Merkaba..

Namaste' with all our love..

Enlightened Master & Blue Solara


"BDM under process.. TL under change .. CG & DF temporary freeze , asteroid under process ,, GM under protection, BP pending to active .EM13"


12th of Oct.2015 (New wave of energy) / quick report...

12th of Oct.2015  (New wave of energy) / quick report...
12th of Oct. 2015 is the accelerating point of the following:
  • Galactic wave for this region
  • Gaia Sofia ascension / first level
  • MPR {Magnetic Pole Reversal} has launched the first peak...
  • Launch of the first ascension wave for the Natural Ascension [higher consciousness and beyond 5th Dimension “including star Seeds]
  • Period of the preparation for the first ascension wave [4-6 months] starting from this date 12th of Oct.2015
  • Blue pulse “Special batch has launched for the first level of Gaia ascension & the natural ascension beings “
  • Blue pulse for all categories of human beings on earth is pending until the event happened
  • The collective consciousness under scanning from the law of universes & the law of activation for sorting the categories
  • The result of the first phase for the collective consciousness has appeared...
for Further explanation will be very soon in the next webinar..


Enlightened Master / Ibrahim Hassan
Blue Solara


The intensive energies that we are experiencing now!!


The energy now in this world becomes more intense, Where many people feel upset , plodding, anger and provocation easily from anything.. also many suffer from some symptoms such as pressure, stress , unjustified exhaustion and feeling ill

this energy will continue increasing until reach its peak "the pulse" to support us to shift from mind to heart & to support our ascension process..

all what we need to do in order  to handle this intense energy is to balance between mind and heart through giving a specific time for our heart and specific time for our mind..

for the heart , like play, dance , love , swim, meditate in order to charge ourselves and to let our chakras to absorb these intense energies in a smooth way, if that happened correctly, the mind will become free from the over download. I’m trying to point out to you here that there are an intense energies try to support us and raise our vibrations, and if we didn't absorb those energies in the correct way, it will become overload energies and will affect our mind..

The Golden Age  in which we are on the verge of entering, depends on using heart more than mind, where the Dark Age that we got out of it now depends on using mind more than heart..



The Record of the Webinar-The latest developments that lead to the event by EM & BF

We had done this webinar online last Tuesday 22nd of Sept.2015, and this is the record of it.. we hope you enjoy it ..

Enlightened Master & Blue Flare

Here are some spotlights  written by beloved friend Grace on 29th of Sept.2015  " the owner of 
please click on this link to read those spotlight  (The Latest Developments that Lead to The Event)


Quick report

With all blessings from our Source {one}, we have finished our inner journey at the inner realm, on Friday 14th of August 2015 .. This journey was based on “the healing of the anomaly” and it had lasted for around 73 days...

It was a rich trip, eventful with deep feelings, rather difficult on the spiritual and physical level..

This journey was characterized by unconditional love, unique level of consciousness and great sacrifices...

On 14th of August 2015, The fluctuations of the quantum anomaly are now stabled, not active and (idle state) and this region is waiting for the blue pulse to reset it based on the new infrastructure..

On 23rd of August 2015.. Removal stage of veil's technology is under active

Soon, we will communicate with you all through the new methods that we are preparing now, and we will try to open a space “live" for your questions to be answered directly..

We are now working hard for the formulation of these methods to be compatible with the new phase ...[ webinars , video conferences ...etc.]

Namaste to all

EM & Blue Flare


Breakthrough of the cosmic anomaly / News from the inner realm .. written by EM on July 17th 2015

Breakthrough of the cosmic anomaly / News from the inner realm ..

In 3rd of June 2015 , we set off on an inner journey with the inner realm, to follow the course of the events that related to the Cosmic Anomaly, and work on the plan which called: {The process of healing the cosmic anomaly}, and today, July 17th 2015, and after 44 days from the start of the journey, we will bring you the Latest breathtaking developments that have taken place in the outer realm “ dimensions “ ; which I will address it briefly..

In June 3rd, 2015 ,, the process of healing anomaly has launched under the patronage of the Oneness School with all its sectors ( Central civilization, Confederation and Federation), and under the supervision of the Blue Dark Merkaba..

In June 30th 2015,, it has been dealt with the difficult basic points that strengthen the Cosmic Anomaly, and has been planting cells from the Blue Dark Merkaba’s  consciousness there, to contain the anomaly quantum fluctuations..

Between 16th and 17th of July 2015 (Today) it has been disposed of the basic fluctuations of the quantum anomaly in that region “cosmic anomaly”, where the Blue Dark Merkaba has contained it fully, which weakened the structure of the anomaly, and after that, they made a test to pass a beam of blue Light to this anomaly, and this test was successfully done..

In the coming period, there will be work to contain the rest of the anomaly quantum fluctuations in that region “cosmic anomaly”, in order to remove the whole cosmic anomaly very soon,, and after that, this region will be ready to pass the blue pulse ..

After the flow of the Blue Pulse, this region {the cosmic anomaly} will be the starting point and the re-construction to our Galaxy, in order to be the new galaxy that contains the infrastructure of the new cosmic fabric of this universe..

Of course what happened has much impact on the Plasma Plane which derives its strength from the cosmic anomaly.., as well it impacts the Timelines… and now we interact with the New Timeline positively and strongly...

Getting out of the quarantine is within reach now...

Please note: our inner journey still continuous… however, very soon, we will be able to communicate with our brothers as we were always been..,, and we will enhance this communication through new methods, like { online video conference, Webinars, events…..etc.} , and when we are ready “ soon” we will announce about our new platform..

Namaste' with much love and peace from

The Enlightened Master & The Blue Flare.Solara


Meditation : [ Aligning with your I am presence ] By Blue Flare"Solara" Site Manager of

Meditation : [ Aligning with your I am presence ]

Dear beloved members & followers of the World of Truth:

Based on a request from our beloved members of the world of truth {Cheryl, Kinnar, Varsha, Zen and Richard )  to gather each others in a meditation, we [Blue Flare & EM ] arrange a specific meditation called : align with your I am presence,

Through this meditation we will spread a huge energy for the heart chakras to all who will participate in this meditation, in order to strengthen your connection with your higher self and as a protection from any negative attack...

every one can participate this mediation whether members of the world of truth or followers from outside, and we will share also this meditation on our , and you can share this meditation in Facebook or any other social media..
Day of meditation : Saturday 4th of July 2015
Time of meditation : GMT / 2:00 P.M.{14.00}
Duration of Meditation: 15 minutes

To find your time local area zone , please click on the following link

To join the meditation please click on the event here

The meditation title is (aligning with I am presence)

What to do during meditation:

1- Follow your breath for 5 minutes without thinking, and keep your inner peace
2- Follow the pulse of your heart for 3 minutes
3- Concentrate on your heart chakra and imagine a green energy descending into your heart  chakra , hold that energy in your heart chakra with love and send it to the Center of Gaia, and keep it as a green line between the center of Gaia and your heart..
4- Imagine a golden energy that descended  from the universe to your crown chakra , hold it in your crown chakra, and remember who you really are , and send it to your heart chakra , and with love send it Vertical to your crown chakra again and then to the alcyone Sun { is one of the main stars of the Pleiades cluster } as a golden line,, then imagine the pink energy surrounding your aura and feel the protection, then view the whole picture ( the green line, the golden line, pink energy ) and feel your Merkaba..
Please note: that we will provide a video with specific frequencies , voice by/EM as guidance to this meditation,  and we will send it to you for a max of tomorrow and you can play this video and follow with him at the time of the meditation..
when the video is ready , we will add it here in this blog ..
Our inner journey is still continue to support the situation in the inner realm and higher dimensions,, and we will inform you about this journey  when we meet with you next moment.. Although we are still in the inner journey , but our hearts are connected with  you..

The Blue Flare


The new Group [ the world of truth on the ground] in our main website


Dearest brothers and sisters “the seekers of truth”

Due to the entry of the transformation period & the approaching of the Event & Big Events; which will lead us to the Freedom age “the Golden Age” … and of our contribution in preparation for this period and the dissemination of the spiritual consciousness, and prepare people for the event, we decided to open this New Group... [The World Of Truth on the ground] through which we will address a lot of ideas and topics  that will contribute to the embodiment for the seekers of truth on the ground, to be beacons to guide their brothers in this critical & important period in the history of mankind..

We liked to share with you our individual experiences & expertise that we have collected over the years, during our journey in spreading awareness on the ground...

And even have the members of TWOT Site ,and all the truth seekers fully prepared to be beacons for their brothers , there must be open communicating with each other to the extreme, to strengthen their orientations and spiritual development on the real basis of conscious under the Flag of Oneness School “13th  , and gather them with the management of this site [EM &BF] on the ground,, to move to the new level of practical communicating and effective guidance,, after we lived the first level through their great interaction in this social network  “”..

Our purpose of the establishment of this Group is to gather all the seekers of truth, to be the luminous Sun that will send its rays to help all needy in the changing period...

So, to achieve this, it is necessary to collect our ideas & our inimitable plans which would remove all the obstacles that may face us during the access to our mission...

There will be a lot of activities for us on the ground when obtaining practical ideas from this group…. and some of these activities include:

• Preparation for the Event through the work on conferences in many countries of the world...
• Connect with the higher self and soul family..
• Removing the chips” the implants”
• Connect with the light beings & other worlds
• Support [the light body process]
• Prepare for the ascension, whether Natural ascension or through Chambers of Light..
• Vital energy healing
• Spiritual development
• Spiritual retreat...
• Meditation in the nature on the basis of sacred geometry...
• Prepping to manifest the Cities of Light

This Group is allocated in its items to put ideas & plans to achieve the presence on the ground...

For those who are serious to join this group of the seekers of truth, please click here (join here) to know more about the ideas that we provided...


The New Timeline & the beginning of the transition period... written by / The Enlightened Master Ibrahim H. on May 19th 2015

New Update..May19th, 2015

The New Timeline & the beginning of the transition period...

All main timelines have reached the convergence point that led to activate the New Timeline, which through it, all the previous problems in the universe will end..

Working on the birth plan for the new timeline, began since thousands of years, which when completed there will be a reset for all Timeline schedules, and the end of each obstacles that was tracked to the main problem that happened in the beginning of the creation to this universe...

The New Timeline was ready in 2014, but was not been activated, because one of its possibilities {which the timeline contained} will cause a big side effect to make it successful..{usually each timeline has both sides of Negative & Positive possibilities}...

Now; any large side effect , which is related to the New Timeline was canceled, and based on that;  the new timeline has been activated, and this happened  through the help of  the Blue Dark Merkaba "The Avatara’s  Merkaba " , where a credit of Light wisdom code that related to the experiences of the Avatara has been added to the  new Timeline, in order to modify all the possibilities of this new timeline, [ This issue, is somewhat complicated to be explained, and we will explain it in the future if there is a need for it..]

The New Timeline has been linked from the 4th D (the Ethereal Plane) with the 3rd D (the Physical Plane) and this led to the activation of the Law of Manifestation...

The effects that is happening now as a result of activating the new timeline:

a- From the inner realm (Inner planes):

The entry of the transition period starting from now on...

The end of the Kali Yuga “the age of darkness”, and the entry to the Golden Age...

The presence of Lord Kalki with all his army from the Light Beings, to complete the elimination of the dark forces...

Three Natural Star Gates for the planet earth has been opened..

One of those Star Gates is the main Star Gate for planet earth..

The Light Cities are under preparation to manifest..

The beginning of the preparation for the emergence of the 3 ancient continents (Lemuria, Atlantis and Sri Lanka)...

b) From the Outer Realm (Dimensions & Civilizations) :

The beginning to open the Oval Lid of the quantum anomaly [The Quarantine] from this sector of this Galaxy “Milky Way “..

The beginning of the stages of removing the veil..

The First phase was completed successfully, and the operations are still running on the second phase..

At a certain point from those phases of removing the Veil, the Event will be announced..

There is a large breakthrough of Light through the Veil, and from now on, the earth will be exposed to the cosmic rays & frequencies significantly to prepare this planet and its people for the ascension process in the near future..

a major weakening on the plasma plane is now taking place, because of the beginning of removing the Quarantine, and also because of the intense quantities of light which is reaching now to this sector of the galaxy..

Any big influence to any move for the Chimera Group has been ended, due to the entry of the New Timeline...

Upon the arrival of light inside the quarantine area to a certain limit;. The plasma plane will collapse,   and the operations work on achieving this now...

c) On the Ground:

The activation of the New Timeline & the entry of the transition period, will exceed dramatically and significantly the following reactions:

All the projects that known to many as: {Disclosure, New Economic System, Big changes in the politic sectors “hidden files”} will start showing to the public greatly from now on..

We will start seeing a big role for the Light Forces, Resistance Movement & their allies and the positive military on the ground...

The darkness will not be the only force on the ground, everything will be shown to the public, and the light forces will start in receipting the reins

There is a big changing in the media sector..

The Mass Awakening will be huge...

There will be a drastic changes in the climate as a result of the light entry, and the fake reality will be removed gradually, and restore the Virgin Situation to the earth’s atmosphere..

Of course; don’t expect all of that will happen in one day or few days,, the transition period has begun , and at a certain point, the event will be announced..

Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan



Happening Now - Breakthrough reaches its peak.. May, 13th 2015

 May, 13th 2015
Things in 10th ,11th of May 2015 were difficult , but now it is going much better and in progress..

Breakthrough reaches its peak..

There are serious attempting to break the veil..

The situation in the ground has reached its peak , it seems that there will be Confrontation and escalation , this is not a cause for fear, but the beginning of the manifestation stage..

It seems that the time of hesitating is over “end” , and there are a Serious Moves..

We will provide you with a report when this operation end..

Namaste' EM

Transcript for the video of: [The Blue Pulse/ interview with the Enlightened Master, by /the blue flare on 5/5/2015.]

Transcript for the video of: [The Blue Pulse/ interview with the Enlightened Master, by /the blue flare on 5/5/2015.]. 

This transcript is done by our precious members of the world of truth “ Kinnar Pandya & Varsha Pandya, … we thank both and really appreciate their great efforts where they devoted their own time to this work for the benefit of all.. 

This transcript audited and modified by/ EM & Blue Flare ...

Note: We added some necessary adjustments to some meanings that came in the video to clear the meaning more... 

p.s you can share this transcript with preserving the existing text without change or modification and save the copyright....

Video (part 1)
Part 1: The Spiritual meaning of the blue pulse AND the current situation on the inner & outer realm
BF: We will start with this question: what is the spiritual meaning of the Blue Pulse?

EM: Like what they say ‘Out of the blue’, what’s the meaning of Blue? The Blue, first of all, is not a frequency or a colour. The meaning of the Blue is beyond frequencies or colour, The Blue is a fingerprint from the Unknowable World’s Inner Realms. It means that the Unknowable World is like a womb for everything that’s happening within it through the essence, when that essence is complete from inside, it will handle a meaning and it will reach a state of rebirth – to birth something from it – in the Manifest World from the Un-manifest World….. And when it reaches that point, it spreads a magnetic pulse, that magnetic pulse we called the Blue Pulse... 
And the Blue Pulse lets the inner world {that handle the beauty & the essence world ) to manifest out from the Unknowable World to the Manifestation World ,  to appear as a Known World in front of the beings of Light,,, and that Blue is the Magic of Manifestation. It is the tool of manifestation for the Inner Realms – the Inner Unknowable World within any being that is related to worlds-, related to Godhood Kingdom, Angelic Kingdom, Human Kingdom, Man Kingdom, every Kingdom needs the tool of Blue Pulse to let everything within her to appear as manifested things. 
This means it is a beautiful tool to let what is within you [your dream, your belief systems, your action, the spiritual account within you, what you work within your cells of consciousness and unconsciousness within you, the fighting happening within you that creates your own world from inside] to appear and manifest out in your manifesting world, your materialistic world around you that you can see in front of your eyes. 


Happening Now - May 11 ,2015

May 11 ,2015

There is a big operation happening now, it is to weaken the strengthen point in the plasma plane that related to the Chimera Group..

the Blue Dark Merkaba is moving now, and the confederation & GFL are  restructuring the places of their fleet in our solar system..
when we receive the results , we will inform you all with new blog..


( Ref. 1 ) : A reference to some comments as Q & A on the blog of [ the blue pulse interview with EM 5.5.2015 ]

Dear Precious brothers and sisters:

This Blog is a Reference of all useful & strong questions that been asked  on the comments area in the Blog of 
[the blue pulse-interview with EM 5.5.2015] by the members of the world of truth .org , and answered by the EM.. for the benefit of all..

 Kinnar Pandya
Q: Dear Brother, yesterday whilst doing the transcript, few questions (borne out of confusion and conflict) have arisen inside me:
1) in this interview you say "The biggest strong power that the dark entities put to make the human beings slave is to put barriers between the Inner Realms. That means they separate Physicality from the Ethereal from the Astral from the Mental from the Wisdom from the Will and from the Enlightenment plane. So they separated all layers of plane related to you."
However I thought, from what I read in previous blogs, that the implants are ONLY UNTIL the Mental Plane. And the cosmic anomaly, which is now healed, was between Physical & Ethereal and Mental & Wisdom Plane only - NOT beyond that.
So what I understood was once you reach beyond Mental plane and enter the Wisdom Plane and merge with your Higher Self, the dark cannot have any influence over you because you are out of their 'reach'.
If that's the case then how and what barriers can they put in the higher planes if they do NOT have control over those higher planes?
2) When we are in Dream Timelines, is it possible that we are 'fed' dreams by the dark? Is it possible that they can 'put' a dream in us when we are sleeping and that dream relates to what we would like to manifest in our physicality? So we might think we are given a positive sign by our HS or Guides whereas in reality its a 'fake sign'!?!
Would greatly appreciate some clarity. Many thanks!

Answer :
regarding your questions:
Q1: in the beginning , the inner planes were connected all together with no separation.. and the soul   through her inner journey was exploring herself through these planes, and no matter her exploring in which plane but still connecting with the other planes, and the barriers " that the dark entities put through manipulating the souls consciousness from physical to mental plane" had effected the conscious of the self... and the conscious of the self had affected the conscious of the higher self, but the great influence was on the self consciousness from physical to mental...
The dark forces didn't reach the higher self from [ wisdom plane to enlightenment plane], but the influence that happened on the self is which effect the higher planes.. 
and one of the reasons why there is a separation between self & higher self is to protect the higher self from this influence ..
 as for the Archons who came from the Unknowable Darkness Universes ; they have  their own influence on the higher planes,, on some of the higher Light beings.,, and contributed in creating the separation  in the higher planes between the light beings.. and their strengthen was originated from their attendance from the unknowable darkness universes...

Q2: Regarding the Dream Timeliness, the dark forces can affect our dream timelines , because they controlled [ the physical , ethereal and astral planes..]
but now their influence became weak , because of the series of liberation that happening in the ethereal & astral planes.. and the Dark Forces can influence our dream timeline through simulating Full scenes and adding fake memory and send fake messages ....etc.. and this happened because of the weakness of consciousness and the fear that lies within... so as much as we increase our consciousness, we go beyond the subconscious where they " the dark " implant their bombs within it..
The  increasing of consciousness is doing cleansing for our sub-consciousness , and we can go beyond the ethereal and the lower astral planes through our dream timeline ( far from the bombs area) to go to the higher level of the astral and beyond sometimes to receive the real messages, connection and presence from there...
everything my dear is depending on the developing of the consciousness , and on people's inner journey to get rid of the effect of the dark forces..
if you are presence there is no dark forces or any negative influence ..


The Blue Pulse/ interview with the Enlightened Master blue flare on 5/5/2015

The Blue Pulse/ interview with the Enlightened Master blue flare on 5/5/2015

This interview has been recorded on May 5th, 2015

The Blue Pulse

Interview with the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan blue flare. The admin. of

This video consists of 4 Parts ,Video duration (all parts): 50 min

Part 1: The Spiritual meaning of the blue pulse AND the current situation on the inner & outer realm

Part 2: The influence of the blue pulse on the people of earth at the time of the event

Part 3: direct contact with Goddess ISIS

Part 4: Continue - direct contact with Goddess ISIS

if you like to watch these videos as a play list , please click here:
Play List videos

Namaste' from The EM & Blue Flare


A moment of Love written by/ Solara “the blue flare “on April 17th 2015

A moment of Love by/ Solara “the blue flare “on April 17th 2015
From a moment of (living with you) through our inner journey my love EM, I will talk  about how difficult it is when you touched the essence of the truth, and how much this essence expanded with the expanding of the Source , because there is no border for the truth , and the difficulty here lies in: when you try to embody the world of truth into a simple words.., and to let these words be a border for this truth to remain still & dormant , as for others can watch and catch a glim of it,  like when mother earth Gaia balled her hand to allow the fast falling Rain to stood still in the palm of her hand  for the thirsty eyes, to be able to watch and see the magic of the Ocean…

The people may be know the Ocean, and how beauty it is.., and may be they know about the falling drop of the rain that made the ocean, but it’s rare to know the real ocean; where the drop came from... this ocean is the Ocean of Enlightenment….., I learned from my journey when the beings live within the ocean of enlightenment and merge with it; a drop of a word starts flowing through their mouth as a wisdom river..

You can’t reach this ocean of enlightenment through talking about things, but through living within things, and the inner journey is the way to know how to live within things...

I know all of us have a whiff of the Spirit of the Source, which let us feel the huge power within us as if we are the source himself, but to reach the state of the union with the conscious of the source needs from all of us to go through that inner journey, which is passing by all dimensions  until reach the 13th “ The Essence of The Oneness” and through this journey we will face a lot of experiences to refine the consciousness within us like the water that moves in the underground for millions of kilometers to purify all the  impurities in it,, and come out to the surface from the Majestic Mountains Nozzles as the purity waterfall ever.., we are the same , we need this journey to be the waterfall of wisdom which flows in the enlightenment ocean ..

These experiences are the struggling between the unconscious cells & the conscious cells within our consciousness, which represented in all existing conflicts in the universe..

These existing conflicts in this universe, led to the descending & the separating and the creating of the Dark that represents the unconscious cells AND the Light that represents the Conscious cells...

At the present time; this conflict is about to end, and the separation is almost ended, and this will led to merge both “the unconscious cells & the conscious cells” as a One Unit again after knowing each other..

After the blue pulse, they will merge together, and they will become as a One Being, but still the cells of consciousness within that being are not fully awaken, they still need that inner journey to bloom the unconsciousness cells within that being, in order for all the Cells to Blossom., this will happened when they continue their journey to reach the Oneness state..

The Merging which will happened after the flow of the Blue Pulse is: A Union and Not Oneness,,, this union happened in the Outer Realm to allow them to continue their journey to reach the Oneness in the Inner Realm..

I wish all a beautiful inner journey after the flow of the blue pulse … and here the Real Seekers have already started their inner journey before the flow of the pulse., because the “the unconscious cells & the conscious cells” are united..
With all my love and my wishes to the flowing of the Blue Pulse very soon..

Solara “ The Blue Flare “ 


The Truth... written by The Enlightened Master on April 6th,2015

The Truth...
The truth is not easy...
Realizing the truth needs a long spiritual journey...
In order to deal with the truth, you should exceed the Spiritual Mental Plane
Warning: if you are not ready for the truth, please don’t follow this Blog..
This Blog is a special request for those who are seeking the truth...
Watching this Blog; requires an extensive background of spiritual knowledge to absorb it...
If you were not as well, your journey in viewing this blog is finished here...
Please note:
This Blog was written in the form of points, because every one of these points needs a huge explanation & deep consciousness to understand..
The Truth...

talk about the truth needs long explanation, therefore I will shorten:

Part (1) the emergence of the Universes:

Before beginning, there was the Source...
The Source was in the inner world, in an inner journey of his cells of consciousness..
This journey has established “three internal universes” each of them is completion as Oneness..
This journey started evolving to discover the essence of Oneness in these universes..