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Quick report

With all blessings from our Source {one}, we have finished our inner journey at the inner realm, on Friday 14th of August 2015 .. This journey was based on “the healing of the anomaly” and it had lasted for around 73 days...

It was a rich trip, eventful with deep feelings, rather difficult on the spiritual and physical level..

This journey was characterized by unconditional love, unique level of consciousness and great sacrifices...

On 14th of August 2015, The fluctuations of the quantum anomaly are now stabled, not active and (idle state) and this region is waiting for the blue pulse to reset it based on the new infrastructure..

On 23rd of August 2015.. Removal stage of veil's technology is under active

Soon, we will communicate with you all through the new methods that we are preparing now, and we will try to open a space “live" for your questions to be answered directly..

We are now working hard for the formulation of these methods to be compatible with the new phase ...[ webinars , video conferences ...etc.]

Namaste to all

EM & Blue Flare

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  1. Thank you so much, EM & Blue Flare, your efforts are so honored!