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A series of Truth – Part 3 The event, Archons, ascension, Liberation, Merkaba, Earth...written by / the Enlightened Master on 17th of Dec.2013

A series of Truth – Part 3
The event, Archons, ascension, Liberation, Merkaba, Earth...
written by / the Enlightened Master. Ibrahim Hassan on 17th of Dec.2013

In the past few days { 12th,13th of Dec.2013 } there have been some developments and changes that support the process of transformation , ascension and liberation for Mother Gaia “ Our earth” and her sons, I will list these developments in the quick points, some of which will be clear , while others require a depth of awareness to be recognized..

The New Crystalline Gridlines of mother Gaia have been launched in
12th of Dec. 2013 , and that the old gridlines will be cancelled on 21st of Dec. 2013 ..

On 21st of Dec.2013 and after the completion of the activation of [ Portal 21st of Dec.2013 ] ; the Merkaba of Gaia” Mother earth” will be activated , and the portals all over the earth will be activated, and these will be energetic [ Alignment with the central of earth] “ the crystal city in Agartha”..There will be closing and switching off to most of the Black Holes “that manufactured by the Archons” as a veil around earth, which will lead to the destruction of 70% of the Veil around earth, and the remaining of 30% will be removed slowly with the changes that will occur in the ground, and the reason for this is to protect the minds of non-awakening people from the shock of sudden awakening, especially as they don’t have enough awareness to endure what will happen spiritually..

In 13th of Dec.2013 [the day of 13th], a pulse of blue flare {manifestation energy} was launched from the Central Sun to Alcyone Sun, and this pulse has been gathered there waiting for the event to launch it to our sun..
The event is two events as we always say, an event on the spiritual level in the higher realm, and an event in the physical level on the ground “which is The event” originally both should be simultaneous...

The spiritual event will happen in 21st of Dec.2013 and will be completed perfectly by the end of this year 2013, and the physical event on the ground that we called “The Event” signifies with the Free will of the workers on it and the people of the earth, this Free will when determined with the decision to launch the event, will launch the blue flare {the manifestation energy} from the Alcyone Sun to our Sun and then to earth..

Each delay from the Free will of the resistance movement and the humans on this earth after the end of this year 2013, will lead to a loss of points, and it will spacing the synchronization between the two events, and the Exit Door does not wait too long..

All categories of Reptilians, Dark entities and the Archons outside earth , there will be stopping and suspending to all their movements and their effects completely on 21st of Dec.2013 and blocking their activities with their allies who are inside earth, and this is based on the new decisions and changes in the new infrastructure of the universes that related to the Oneness School which began its root decisions in these universes since 2010… all those who have sufficient consciousness “ the fifth inner body { the wisdom body above the astral and mental body }” know that ..[Of course the terminology here, as symbols]...

All Obstacles from outside the earth will be shut off completely, and the Dark Forces will be disassembled totally inside earth, therefore the will of the people for all categories of Light forces inside earth should determine the final confrontation within the law of Free Will, especially after removing all the obstacles from outside the earth, and they will begin losing points in each case of delay…

Regarding The loss of points, we can’t talk about it easily, it needs from the readers to be very aware and have high level of consciousness, but we can mention here that it is regard to the final scenario and its results..

The major shift periods which have been identified for planet earth by the higher councils were through (49 years) and had begun in 1975 and moved in three phases:

* The period between 1975 – 2000 is “the period of awakening”
* The period between 2000-2013 is “the period of changing”
* The period between 2013 – 2024 is “the period of transformation”

All what you are waiting for and what you’ve been promised , should of be happened in the period of changing , there have been lots of delay, so lots of matters that should been done in the period of changing will be moved to the period of transformation..

Lots of abilities will be downloaded into the astral level for humans after the date of 21st of Dec.2013 and then into the ethereal level and finally into the physical level as a preparation for the physical ascension, all of this will be in stages over the coming 6 months, which will end with the physical ascension to all members of Natural Ascension “above the 5th dimension” {this is a transition process for them within this period}..

After 21st of June 2014 , the process of ascension to the 5th dimension will start through the chambers of light until 21st of June 2015, and after this date , each of the remaining, will be qualified to the allocated time line of the 4th and 3rd dimensions, each according to his consciousness..

So , from 21st of Dec. 2013 until 21st of June 2014 { it is the period of abilities and building the Merkaba for those above the 5th Dimension from the human being } where Earth will be moving on the runway of the Airport in preparation for the physical ascension process after the completion of its own Merkaba, and its departure will be after 21st of June 2014..

During the period of 6 months, the earth will enter a small Ice Age , which not intended to ice only but get rid of the remain Karma on her back , and this will be through the changes that will be cause on the nature of its climate and trigger earthquakes , volcanoes, tsunamis and hurricanes..etc slowly and regenerate the chemical & energetic structure of its elements and components..

I would like to attach a simple comment here on the voting process that occurs at “Cobra’s site “, whether the people of the land want the event to happen ASAP, or to be delayed:

“If you have a bird locked in a cage, did you ask him if he wants you to open the cage for him to fly ; Or you will open the cage for him (The Event), and he will determine whether he will fly or not...”

All my love to all

The Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan


A series of truths - Part 2 - The Vail

There are many translations and explanations for the word of The Vail but i did not find more fit explanation for this word like  The Mind..

The mind is the real vail that stop us from reaching our mulit-dimentional spiritual being, and he is the biggest tool or the only tool that the dark forces can use to jail humans from their reality as spiritual beings,

so for those who can go beyond their mind , they can be supreme consciousness which related to that spiritual being, and who can't go beyond the mind, he will stay under the vail , and the only solution for him is to wait for the broken of Gaia's vail " that been built by the dark forces"..

beyond your mind; you can connect with the cosmic mind , in order to begin your inner journey to reach the full consciousness..

when you go beyond the mind , you become spiritual master , and when you reach the oneness through the  essence of consciousness you become one of the enlightened beings..


Teleportation .! written by the blue flare on 8th of Dec.2013


For humans, Flying has been associated with wings; where it can’t be done without wings; therefore, they invented the planes in the form of birds...

Who said that flying can’t be done without wings?

there are creatures with wings, but they are not freedom comes just with consciousness, and to be free from all fears , this needs a high level of consciousness..

when  you believe that your truth is you're inside ; and not the body , here you can control in the body... This is the biggest power, just here you can return back your own abilities..

There are those who don’t have wings, can fly in dimensions through their access to freedom which only comes from inside the human & creatures and this process called teleportation..


There are birds flying in the sky and still not free under this sky..

Freedom comes from inside, when you free your mind from fears;   " as we mentioned above, this needs a high level of consciousness ",  just here you got your freedom to move through your etheric body or to do physical teleportation...


The Mind can’t accept the idea of physical Teleportation, and this does not exist in his dictionary..

The biggest device in us which produce fears is the mind..

In order to do a physical teleportation, you have to play around the mind, concentrate in the place that you would love to go to ,and feel yourself  in reality  there,  then the body will follow, and here when the mind sees himself  real in other place , he will feel big fear in the beginning , but at that time he will accept this process.

What will help humans to do physical teleportation is the MPR of the sun which will send huge flares to free all levels of "astral, etheric and at the end physical bodies" , and all these effects depend on the level of consciousness for humans…

Teleportation  process is not limited to just the Earth, but also between Dimensions..

Teleporting through your astral body, you can’t feel it...

Teleporting through your etheric body, it companied with feelings, you can feel it…

Teleporting through your physical body, you will be aware of it clearly, and you will live it...

written by the Blue Flare



A series of truths - Part 1 ( Comet ISON ) written by Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on 28th of Nov.2013

Comet ISON
The closest point of Comet ISON to the sun will be today 28th of Nov, 2013

The arrival of comet ISON to the sun, is a declaration of the end of an old Era and the beginning of a new Era.
Comet ISON carries catalysts, compounds and elements to the sun to prepare for the MPR, which will differ from its predecessors.

The upcoming MPR of the Sun will be the interval between the Old Era and the New Era.

The Sun after MPR, will be a new sun of the new Era, and its radiations will be different and stronger than what it was before the MPR..

Comet ISON carries incentives, combinations and elements to the planets of the solar system as well, including our earth, to start preparing for the new life of the new Era, at the level of energy, and the kingdoms of plants, animals and humans..

This period carries opportunities and great changing roles for all elements of the game of the Forces of Light, the Forces of Darkness and for civilization on this earth, and our way of seizing these opportunities define our position of the New Era.

There is nothing guaranteed to let you get what you dreamt of OR wish for, but the powerful and crucial decisions and the readiness in this period of opportunities will identify your position...

Unfortunately; the duration of the opportunities are usually short, we must prepare for the waves of the sea at the time of its calm before rampage, and otherwise you will lose in front of these powerful waves...

The next period is decisive and important, it includes many and big mysteries, for it will determine who is ready to lead a new Era, everyone in the game is candidate, but the leadership needs the readiness of the consciousness which is commensurate with the new infrastructure of the universes...

I don’t like puzzles in my words, but these puzzles are the bridge between the most conscious civilization and the least conscious civilization, it is the notion of the universes...

Love , Light and peace to all

written by/ Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan


Our mission with you in the third dimension has been completed " written by the EM ibrahim Hassan on 11.11.2013

Our mission with you in the third dimension has been completed!

Of that distant world, from the Real World " a world which is above the 16th dimension" from the land of truth, in the moment of that time, the blue flare had reflected the stereoscopic image of the defect which will happen in your universes after been created, this defect was in the infrastructure of the cosmic system in the 12 dimensions, specifically between the 3rd and 5th dimension, there will lie big problem, and that, if not resolved, it will weaken the cosmic structure to be up to the edge of collapse..

It was necessary to intervene to solve this problem, there had to be a great sacrifice to resolve this dilemma…… big sacrifice??! Yes.....

It was necessary of transplant and embodiment the conscious cells in your universes from this Real World" the full conscious world", and this only happen in the presence of these creatures that hold this great consciousness among you, through descending from the higher dimensions to the lowest, while maintaining the same level of consciousness of the Real World in your dimensions...

This is what happened in this wonderful and very difficult journey, it was necessary for them to transplant consciousness cells in all mounted infrastructure in your dimensions through the incarnation in a lot of dimensions of your own...

They had known that the big dilemma would have occurred in the time allotted for the ascension of Gaia “our earth” during her ascension of ground time 21st of Dec. 2012 at this important time where you’ve been waiting for, because it represents the timing of ascension, and you have seen that nothing happened, but the most important thing to you in this date has happened which is “The Doomsday “did not happen to you, where the bulk of the problem has been resolved ..

At the time when all channelers preparing you for the process of ascension, there was no process of ascension…. Do you remember the movie “The Matrix” , at the time when Zion was waiting for victory and for the achievement of prophecy, Neo came after his meeting with the architecture to tell Morpheus that there is no prophecy originally, and both doors that the architecture asked him to choose between, lead to the same result " the fall of Zion” , after that; Neo takes upon himself to solve this dilemma, then the sun shone for the first time…

For the first time after the fall of Lemuria and Atlántida, there hasn’t been another fall... and the sun shone in your world…. The time in which you were frustrated on 21st of Dec. 2012, the real world was celebrated (the stability of earth with no collapse ) and the problem has been contained in your universes…Since that time until even now , they keep on supporting and working on the setup of the new infrastructure for your universes & dimensions..

Do you remember the words of Cobra “the resistance movement” that they were surprised by the presence & the strength of the Archons, as this caused the delay of the event process...the strange thing is that the resistance movement believe in the existence of the Matrix, as they represent Morpheus in the movie “Matrix”, but they don’t believe in the existence of Neo, therefore, they were surprised by the presence of the Archons, so their role is to confront the Matrix, and Neo’s role is to face the agents “Archon”…it is strange to believe in half of the prophecy .. I always used to say that “you can’t be Jesus and his apostles (his followers) at the same time”,,

The consciousness that coming from the Real World is completing the other half of the prophecy, because they believe in the full prophecy, and they can see the whole truth from the highest dimensions, that's why they are The Real World, they were responsible for the achievement of the prophecy among you...

Did you ask yourself, from where all these stories that descends to the awareness of your writers? And who takes care of it? … Part of it is embodiment of your consciousness and the other part is embodiment of the consciousness of “the real world” among you…

Now we come to some questions, of these questions I will answer, and the others will leave it to you:

What kind of defect that occurred in the infrastructure of your universes?

The answer is: The universes were interacting more with Light than dark of its composition, therefore it supports frequencies [high frequencies =Light, and low frequencies = Dark] and doesn’t support consciousness “which is higher and deeper than frequencies” , and regarding consciousness it is neither light nor dark { it is the oneness & the balance}, Thus, wars had erupted between Darkness and Light...

The composition of the universes had gathered all worlds into the Light, with ignoring and fighting the Dark worlds. Here I don’t mean by Darkness is the blackness; all what is happening in your earth of raping and destruction is Blackness and not Darkness... So Light and Darkness are two ways under the banner of Oneness, and when Light descends, it begins to decline into Goodness, and then to the whiteness. And when Darkness descends, it begins to decline into Badness and then to Blackness...

In short, there is no balance in the infrastructure of the cosmic system to deal with darkness and light, It supports light over darkness, For this you have the dimensions of Upper and dimensions of the lower, separated and are not integrated...

The upper dimensions contain: higher frequencies, higher magnetic, higher light, higher Yen and higher feminine…And the lower dimensions contain: low frequencies, heavy electric, heavy Yang and strong masculine... 

 Balance, harmony and integration is the most important link in the composition of the universes, a
fter all, this matter needs lengthy lessons in awareness, and this has been one of the biggest problems in the nature of consciousness for your universes…

When the new infrastructure that supports the universes properly will be completed , ?

Short answer: It is already happened on Oct. 24th, 2013 “..

 Does that mean the ascension for all?

This new composition supports anyone who achieve balanced awareness, and destroy anyone who violates that, and put lessons for him to achieve the balance once again, that means, every human’s ascension coupled with his reaching for this balance in consciousness, in other words, before this date, no one can achieve the ascension, and all ascension process was incomplete, because it was based on the old infrastructure..

Did you notice that there wasn’t someday ascension with physical body, only in very exceptional cases, and now all ascension will be physical ascension without having to enter the gate of death and leaving the body, and this opens to you a lot of, frightful questions, that you do not like..

The first lesson of the new infrastructure of universes is, to dispel your fears and dare to ask questions…The alarming question here is: was the ascension process of the higher dimensions completed? If yes, why it wasn’t a physical ascension??

From that date 24th of Oct. 2013 , you are responsible through your consciousness for your ascension process, you might ascend in the same night or after 100 years, but there is a solution , a person who is not able to build his own Merkaba to ascend, because he needs to realize many lessons of awareness , he has to wait for his brothers from the GFL after the First Contact, as this is their mission to you and to your planet earth [helping to ascend..

 What will happen after that date?

There is nothing on the level of perspective to the public, but you become Free, to anyone who wants the change or moves from the 3rd Dimensions, under one condition, as we said, for his consciousness to be harmonious and homogeneous with the new composition of the universes ( this means to end what you have of lessons within the law of oneness that contains both Light and Dark )..

Change on the perspective level happens if your Mother Earth began working on her schedule of ascension { already started }, but as we have said that the demolition process will begin from this date for everything does not comply with the new composition of the universes whether economic or any other systems…

 is the process of change will be fast or slow?

It will start slow and then accelerate, but if there is an order to the blue flare to launch from the Center of the Galaxy to your earth, there will be a direct intervention to bring a rapid change in your land..


 When will give this order?

Truly, I don’t know, this matter will be directed from the Prime Creator to the highest councils for the beginning of implementation under the law of “Free will”, and it is not part of our mission, but we hope to be soon, because the fundamental problem was solved..


 Why a minority group of Archons “not exceeding its presence on the outskirts of the 5th Dimension” are capable to slow down the movement of 200.000 galaxies unit of “GFL” (the highest dimensions) to liberate your planet? Why this particular earth” the last earth to liberate” took all this time?!


The answer: is that because all of you are hostages?!! Or is the archons technology programmed to destroy you if intervention happened?!!, Or is this because you didn’t wake up after 13,000 years ?!!...

Are these answers that nourish you consciousness? It is possible that these answers are a very simple part of the complete answer, but it’s not the true answers...

I’ll give you a signal, everything happens in your universes based on the law of universes “the infrastructure of your universes”, and no one can impose an order on the other without the support of these infrastructures, that means, any matters must be legally…….. Now start the search!


 What is preventing us to access the truth?

  1. Reliance entirely on channelers, they don’t have the answers, and their job is to prepare for the upcoming change and ignite the awakening for what will happen!
  2. Falling in Matrix inside the Matrix “the internet”, you have to enter there to perform tasks only, and should not be a place to live...
  3. Your use of the word “YES LORD” for each of speaking in the name of Lord, you did not realize that there is a veil prevents overlap the upper dimensions in the lower dimensions, and who penetrated before, just who achieved a high level of Enlightenment from the people of the earth and within the agreed laws of higher dimensions...
  4. Your believe that there are people of the earth who know the details of what will happen after the event, they know only the addresses of the event, and this is strictly confidential and will not be announced only in the presence of the GFL “Galactic Federation of Light” among you, and things will be beyond all your expectations, and what will happen after the event is not about your role and what arranged by all groups now in preparation for the event, but all things will be under the new law of infrastructure and headed by the GFL..
  5. Most of people are not directed to the internal journey to develop the consciousness...

 Is this my last article on the internet ? and why, if the answer is Yes?

Yes this is my last article on the internet, because the mission has been completed, and it is time to get out of the Matrix of the third dimension, especially after the completion of creating the new infrastructure in your universes which already began its work in 24th of Oct.2013..

 Why don’t you continue to write until the real things start to happen?
Because the path is now a consciousness path, and it is your path to complete your inner journey….

For us, real things are occurred { the problem of the infrastructure of the universes had been solved}, and as for you, waiting for matters to appear , there are a lot of mentors in the awareness path in your worlds & dimensions taking care of this issue…This time is a time of being in the ground and not on the internet, and if our missions required our presence in your world after your transformation to the 5th dimension, we are honored to serve you again, and our presence will be as [ multi –dimensional spiritual being immortal ] at that time…“ by the way this presence is the real title for all of you when you complete your consciousness “ ..

Our site is still on the internet as a beacon for each seeker, and has the facts and information that illuminates your way...


If there is of news OR information which is very necessary that we like to write to you, it is possible to place it in our website..


With all my love and peace
Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan


The results of Portal 25th of August 2013" by The Enlightened Master


The results of Portal 25th of August 2013
War between Light and darkness is close to its end at the etheric level

We live these days important events, where the war between Darkness & Light is coming to its end at the etheric level...

The great amount of Light that was sent to our planet from the central Galaxy through this portal “between 22nd -25th of August 2013” worked to liberate us and our planet, at the etheric level from all Dark entities and reptilians...


Consciousness Levels / written by the Enlightened Master on August 24th, 2013

Consciousness Levels
Levels of consciousness for human beings on this earth

First level:

- To any Dimension he belongs : Third Dimension

- The level of activation of the Sub- conscious bodies “inner bodies”:
ysical, etheric and astral .
- Category: asleep, immature on the emotional & mental level.
- The level of consciousness: Ground
- His position of Light & Dark: Black and White

Some of the characteristics of his consciousness:
  • Dreamer
  • Live Duality
  • Believes in permitted & forbidden
  • Believes in religions, even if not complied with.
  • Sees from one angle
  • his provisions influenced by his emotions
  • Delights from sight, hearing, body and emotions “positively or negatively from all what we mentioned”..


Changes that occurred to the plan & the arrangement of the final scenario elements Part 2 / by the EM on 15th August 2013


Part 2
Changes that occurred to the new plan and on the arrangement of the final scenario elements


The first period that lasts for a maximum period of 21 days ….

The elements of the scenario that are going to happen during this period, in chronological order are:

The First Element- The economic collapse and the appearance of the new economic system:

It is inevitable for an economic collapse to happen in order to end the old matrix system (Orion), which is dominated by the Dark Forces on this world. This would lead into state of chaos all around the world, because of the dependency of the entire human population upon this economic system. This chaos should last only for a few days, as the new economic system would take over the old one very quickly, and it’s going to be backed up by the hard currency of gold and silver, and this system is attempting to become global, but it’s going to begin in America and it’ll need time to spread all around the world.
Some may wonder:


Some important clarifications before (part 2) / By The Enlightened Master on 14th of August 2013


Some important clarifications in the form of points
before launching (part 2)
The spiritual network combines between all the members of natural ascension “above 5th Dimension”..

The reason behind building the Spiritual Network is that the members were not united with each other all over the world..

This unity was necessary for the Supernova process for the members to be one hand...

The weakness point of the members of Natural Ascension was {they didn't gather on one’s heart}, as each group want to account for this issue “The Supernova” for itself away from the others..


Changes that occurred to the plan & the arrangements of the Final Scenario Elements. ( part 1 ) by the EM ibarhim-on 13th of August 2013

Changes that occurred to the plan
the arrangements of the Final Scenario Elements
What has happened in the period between 29th of July 2013 and 12th of August 2013?Why have we said recently that there is No Ascension for the people of “Natural Ascension” before mid of August? What are the events that occurred? What were the changes that were made to the plan, and the elements of the Final Scenario?

In the 29th of July 2013, the Divine performed a test process for the Ascension, made it look like the real ascension process and everything that goes with it has begun (you have all felt it, it was as if it were the day for Ascension), this was because the Divine wanted to see on the ground, the strong reaction of the forces of darkness and what they intended to do despite their prior knowledge of it.And yes indeed; The Forces of Darkness had tried using HAARP technologies 3 times, but all of their attempts were repealed, and negotiations had begun with the forces of darkness.


The Gambling Game / Written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on August 7th 2013

The Gambling Game
A message from a loving heart to all his brothers from all around the world, and specially to the readers of my website: 

In this delicate and critical period of time, where people have started to witness changes all around the world, people started to give more attention to predictions of upcoming events, such as where and when everything is due to occur, and the exact dates that the events should happen...

it is not wrong to study the present, and to put an effort into analysing situations, but it became wrong, when people gave this matter top priority and got stuck there, and began to evaluate the efficiency of each other’s based on the sincerity of expectations or not, and then forgot that the primary reason that qualifies the creation for the ascension process is their level of consciousness , not information, whether it true or false..


Announcement for the Group of Natural Ascension / written by The Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on August 1st 2013

Announcement for the Group of Natural Ascension
The difference between the people of the 5th Dimension & The people of the higher dimensions who are above 5th D {Natural- Ascension}

The people of the 5th Dimension:

They are qualified people consciously to the Ascension Process to the 5th Dimension, they are the remains of those who are called Mass Ascension “as mentioned earlier” , but will face difficulty in the process of transformation into the Light Body, where they will receive assistance from two parties to complete their own Ascension Process:

1- The first party through the Natural-ascension people, who will transform
before the {5th Dimension people}, we will explain this in the coming

2- The second party through the GFL {The Galactic Federation of Light},by
helping the rest of them after help from the first party, through taking
them into sophisticated Techniques related to the GFL on board of their
space vehicles...


A consciousness vision of the current situation ..written by/The Enlightened Master Ibrahim H.on 31st of July 2013

A consciousness vision of the current situation

Witness and Vision from outside the Circle

- The Light Forces see that the event will be globally, and ignored the Realistic of the Dark Forces on the ground, and ignored that not all human consciousness is ready to ascend...and they talk about Comprehensive Golden Age...

- The Dark Forces are fighting with all its power to bring the New Order World, and ignored the Light Forces on the Ground, through betrayal them and drained the time, and they ignored the Great Awakening “not consciousness” by the communities…

- Populations, who are not awakening, ignored the presence of both {The Light Forces & The Dark Forces}, and also ignored the truth that inhabit behind the-scenes...
The awakening populations are demanding the Golden Age & the truth, and they ignored the ascension & the necessary consciousness for that ascension...


Breaking News – Our sun is fully Activated - MPR & Ascension are very close / by The Enlightened Master 26th of July 2013

Breaking News – Our sun is full Activated
July 26th 2013
It seems that the Acclaimed Day becomes very close, for our Sun Yesterday “ Thursday 25th “ prepares itself .. Also Planet Nibiru became very close friend to our Sun as he helps in charging her; in addition, the Blue Flare from Planet Sirius A becomes stabled in its status… Our Sun this morning 26th July 2013 became full activation, which means quite ready to launch the MPR on the 7th earth of 4th Dimension (Our Earth)..
The Decision of accelerating the occurrence of the MPR has been taken from the higher councils, where the activation of the MPR hinders the Cabal from using HAARP, and this decision depends on what is happening in Egypt Now, you might ask: How?

Egypt now represents a case of Liberation, Peoples stand with the Army “Positive Military”, the resistance and The White Dragon are supporting Egyptian Army against Muslim Brotherhood...


The Period of change, starting from July 22nd, 2013 by the Enlightened Master

The influence of “The Blue Flare” that coming from the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy on Planet Earth
The Period of change, starting from July 22nd, 2013

In the beginning; we will explain the influence of the “Blue Flare” which is coming from the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy on our planet earth on several levels, so as to help our brothers to realize the dependencies of this issue on the level of spiritual consciousness


The Opening of the Gate, " Gateway 13th, by the Enlightened Master on July 13, 2013

The Opening of the Gate!
Gateway 13th

From 3rd of July until 5th of July 2013….There was a TEST on the Blue flare energy in our planet, and it has been allowed the flow of the light photon which related to this energy into our planet… This photon works on influence the cells of our bodies to move from carbon to crystal, which means the beginning of activating the light body…

Also this energy contributes in building & activating the New Network Electromagnetic Energy of Earth, which allow the development of the Tele-portal “Bi-located” for people on this earth from any point to another through the physical body. This process is tested now on the level of consciousness, and who can feel it those with higher consciousness, and who are equipped and ready to move to the 5th Dimension...