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The Period of change, starting from July 22nd, 2013 by the Enlightened Master

The influence of “The Blue Flare” that coming from the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy on Planet Earth
The Period of change, starting from July 22nd, 2013

In the beginning; we will explain the influence of the “Blue Flare” which is coming from the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy on our planet earth on several levels, so as to help our brothers to realize the dependencies of this issue on the level of spiritual consciousness

At the level of the Electromagnetic field that surrounding the Earth:

The earth as you know has an Electromagnetic field that surrounding by, and this field represents:
* The Spiritual Energy of Earth “Gaia” which is Magnetic , * The manifestation energy of the planet & its solid physical body is an Electric Energy..
The Origin of these energies Magnetic & Electric to be Equal " On the spiritual & physical level "..

And since this Earth has fought many Wars with the Forces of Darkness and these forces have established their civilization on her, which led to the weakness of this Electromagnetic Field, this is because The Dark Forces of their own civilization depend on the physical Powers, not Spiritual, it means they have exhausted the quota of Electric of this Field, not only that, but they subjected the magnetic share of the field to turn it into an electric energy, where this electromagnetic field of earth has become:
[ 85% Electric & 15% Magnetic ]…

This is what cause a great weakness of the spiritual powers on earth & its children, and helped the Matrix to implement all her desires, and impose the civilization of darkness on planet earth, and make its people asleep..

The Dark forces embrace all their civilization on The Electric Power only to empower the physical civilization, and weaken the spiritual civilization, also weaken any ascension process and any awakening for the children of earth, because the ascension needs the spiritual & physical powers together in order to be completed…Electric & Magnetic
together " Electromagnetci"

For this, nowadays you find that more civilized development of planet earth depends on Electrical technology, and the Dark Forces reject to deal with any technology that supports Free Energy, because this free energy re-balance the earth, and do not work on drain its resources, such as technology that depend on Electricity..
The energy that coming from the Central Sun , will enhance the Electromagnetic field of earth , and will restore its balance through the burning of the excess segment of the electric & compensate the missing segment of magnetic energy, and thus re-balance the Earth’s Electromagnetic Field..
This in turn, will affect all the structure of Dark Forces Civilization on earth, and weaken their entirely system, which leading to the collapse of Matrix of Orion, and thus there is a high probability of the collapse of the Global Economy, which required intervention of the Light forces to:
  • Save the situation through the “Great event”
  • Modify the restructuring of Governments…
  • Announce the New Economic System “Nesara”

So the Dark Forces become too weak as a result of energy imbalance of their own, and the inability of their bodies to withstand this great energy flowing from the Central Sun, which allowing the Light forces to full control on them, therefor, the Light forces are waiting for the [Green Light] from the sky, and this means the great flow of Blue Flare energy from the Central Sun of the Galaxy into our planet earth

At the level of Climate & Geophysical Changes:

When the Re-Balance of the earth’s Electromagnetic field, this will help in building the network of “ The New Grid Lines “ for this planet, and this calls to restore the energy balance for each of its components, and the issue begins with converting the polarity at the level of the Electromagnetic field, of earth, which called { MPR Magnetic Pole Reversal } and then re-set for all the Chemical composition of the components of the Earth, which cause: changing on“ Air streams lines of the Planet”, and this help to start the Climatic Fluctuations ( which we started seeing a lot in the recent period), that lead to Floods, earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions,, in order to restore the chemistry of the Earth’s components to fit with the Fifth Dimension Energy [Transformation process]…
Of course, these effects result only from Polar Re-versing of the Electromagnetic field, as for the physical transformation of the Earth’s crust will be slow and take years to paint a new Geophysical Map for earth, this means the movements of continents and sinking parts of the continents, also the emergence of New Continents “Lemuria, Atlantis and Shri-Lanka”, that does not mean there is no pangs in the beginning, but not on a Global Level, in addition, the GFL will be here to help the humanity through this transformation process [shifting to the Golden Age]..
At the level of the effect of Planet x Nibiru on the process:
As we said in the previous article that “ Planet Nibiru will help Earth in this change “shift” through its proximity to the Earth’s Orbit, and maybe it will be visible to Earthlings to be a witness on a shift of the ages, as always, but this time , it will not cause the [Doomsday] for this planet, but will work to help rid the negative karma for the Earth by helping her to burn the electric located in abundance in the Electromagnetic field of the earth through the power of its Magnetic fields, this will also help in the Ascension Process to Gaia and her children..

Also Nibiru’s destructive power has become activated in the Timelines of the Lower level Planets of the 4th Dimension, to complete the destiny allocated to it , however, Nibiru’s existence on this earth is just to help,, but here don’t forget that change is a Process of Building & Demolition…there must be pangs before birth..

At the level of the forces of Light & Darkness

The energy that emitted from the Central Sun of the Galaxy “ The Blue Flare" as we said , will work on the balance of the Earth’s Electromagnetic field, and this leads to weaken the forces of darkness and forcing them to defend themselves , and this will cause their appearance to the public and show their intentions, and revealing a lot of facts..

The attempt of the Dark Forces to defend themselves by imposing their direct and clear control [there is a big possibility that it will be through the Collapse of the Global Economy] and this will force the Light Forces to get out direct, clear and practical to repel this rebellion, and imposing their new programs which will lead to the New Era..

With this, the energy has shown the Forces of Light & Darkness on the surface to prepare for the big step, which is removing the forces of darkness completely, and the beginning of the Light Age...

At the level of Ascension:
The real & completion of the Ascension process needs the Balance of the spiritual and physical energy, also increasing of their vibration, and ascending with each other which means:
1- Balance, Completeness and Integration of Electric & Magnetic
to become Electromagnetic...

2- Balance, completeness and integration of Yen & Yang to
complete the circle of energy..

3- Balance, Completeness and Integration of the code of
Merkaba and the code of the flower of life to become the Mother

4- Balance, Completeness and Integration of the Light & the Dark
(not black) to become Oneness...

Note: The Dark Forces (The Cabal & The Archons) are not in real the forces
of Darkens, BUT they are the Forces of Blackness (The forces of
destruction and slavery) because the Darkness means Unconscious
cells, and the Light means the conscious cells... So The Light is
The known & The Dark is the Unknown...

The basic arrangements for the descending of energy from the Central Sun of the Galaxy as follows:

Lightness then Goodness then Whiteness…
Darkness then Badness then Blackness…

Whatever the case, back to the Ascension Process, this balance which will happen to the Earth’s Electromagnetic field & the reverse polarity , it will happen to electromagnetic field of Human’s aura, as there will be changes to the planet’s surface to complete the Process of transformation and ascension , the same will happen to the human body to complete the process of transformation and ascension..
So, The human condition of this matter will be on 3 groups:

* For people of the 5th Dimension and above: The transformation of the Electromagnetic field and the reverse of the polarity of their auras will be easy and quick, because their auras based in its strength and stability on “ the consciousness “ which is the spiritual consciousness to balance between the Light & Dark , which means they entered into the Circle of Oneness , therefore their physical bodies will transform into light bodies related to the 5th Dimension and above, and means [ Complete Ascension ]..
* For people of the 4th Dimension “the seventh level of the 4 dimension (our earth): The transformation of the Electromagnetic field and the reverse of the polarity of their auras will not be that easy and quick, because their auras was dependent in its strength and stability on the Power of Light only and denial of the power of Darkness (to interpret the meaning of the power of darkness, please refer to the above}, therefore they will wait for the help of their brothers from GFL “ Galactic Federation of Light “ to transform them through the Light Chambers, This situation considered the ascension process incomplete “ not completed, only 90% “ , because after that, they should complete their path of consciousness and reach The Oneness.., these are the lessons of the Light Age for them “ to complete the ascension process completely “ ..

For people of the 4th Dimension [ “ the rest of the planets in the 4th D, which are 6 planets of 4th D”] & and people of the 3rd Dimension:
The transformation of the Electromagnetic field and the reverse of the polarity of their auras will be very difficult, because their auras were dependent in its strength and stability on the power of Darkness “The 4th dimension” and on the power of Blackness “The 3rd dimension”... Therefore their bodies will not be able to afford this transformation, so they will move through the Gate of Death to another Timelines allocated to them and to their own planets...

In other words:
  • People of the 5th dimension and above, their ascension is completed without the help of anybody, “natural ascension “..
  • People of the “seventh earth of the 4 Dimension” their ascension is close to completion, and they need help, and this we call {evolution}...
  • People of “The remain 6 planets of the 4th Dimension” & people of the 3rd Dimension” will live the cycle of Life &Death again for re-habilitation and Education..

I wish you a successful journey...

All for One & One for All

Written by/Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan

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