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( Ref. 1 ) : A reference to some comments as Q & A on the blog of [ the blue pulse interview with EM 5.5.2015 ]

Dear Precious brothers and sisters:

This Blog is a Reference of all useful & strong questions that been asked  on the comments area in the Blog of 
[the blue pulse-interview with EM 5.5.2015] by the members of the world of truth .org , and answered by the EM.. for the benefit of all..

 Kinnar Pandya
Q: Dear Brother, yesterday whilst doing the transcript, few questions (borne out of confusion and conflict) have arisen inside me:
1) in this interview you say "The biggest strong power that the dark entities put to make the human beings slave is to put barriers between the Inner Realms. That means they separate Physicality from the Ethereal from the Astral from the Mental from the Wisdom from the Will and from the Enlightenment plane. So they separated all layers of plane related to you."
However I thought, from what I read in previous blogs, that the implants are ONLY UNTIL the Mental Plane. And the cosmic anomaly, which is now healed, was between Physical & Ethereal and Mental & Wisdom Plane only - NOT beyond that.
So what I understood was once you reach beyond Mental plane and enter the Wisdom Plane and merge with your Higher Self, the dark cannot have any influence over you because you are out of their 'reach'.
If that's the case then how and what barriers can they put in the higher planes if they do NOT have control over those higher planes?
2) When we are in Dream Timelines, is it possible that we are 'fed' dreams by the dark? Is it possible that they can 'put' a dream in us when we are sleeping and that dream relates to what we would like to manifest in our physicality? So we might think we are given a positive sign by our HS or Guides whereas in reality its a 'fake sign'!?!
Would greatly appreciate some clarity. Many thanks!

Answer :
regarding your questions:
Q1: in the beginning , the inner planes were connected all together with no separation.. and the soul   through her inner journey was exploring herself through these planes, and no matter her exploring in which plane but still connecting with the other planes, and the barriers " that the dark entities put through manipulating the souls consciousness from physical to mental plane" had effected the conscious of the self... and the conscious of the self had affected the conscious of the higher self, but the great influence was on the self consciousness from physical to mental...
The dark forces didn't reach the higher self from [ wisdom plane to enlightenment plane], but the influence that happened on the self is which effect the higher planes.. 
and one of the reasons why there is a separation between self & higher self is to protect the higher self from this influence ..
 as for the Archons who came from the Unknowable Darkness Universes ; they have  their own influence on the higher planes,, on some of the higher Light beings.,, and contributed in creating the separation  in the higher planes between the light beings.. and their strengthen was originated from their attendance from the unknowable darkness universes...

Q2: Regarding the Dream Timeliness, the dark forces can affect our dream timelines , because they controlled [ the physical , ethereal and astral planes..]
but now their influence became weak , because of the series of liberation that happening in the ethereal & astral planes.. and the Dark Forces can influence our dream timeline through simulating Full scenes and adding fake memory and send fake messages ....etc.. and this happened because of the weakness of consciousness and the fear that lies within... so as much as we increase our consciousness, we go beyond the subconscious where they " the dark " implant their bombs within it..
The  increasing of consciousness is doing cleansing for our sub-consciousness , and we can go beyond the ethereal and the lower astral planes through our dream timeline ( far from the bombs area) to go to the higher level of the astral and beyond sometimes to receive the real messages, connection and presence from there...
everything my dear is depending on the developing of the consciousness , and on people's inner journey to get rid of the effect of the dark forces..
if you are presence there is no dark forces or any negative influence ..

 Thank you so much Enlightened Master and Blue Flare for such hard work making the video's and for all of your support.
      Life here on earth is such a reflection of our consciousness on earth.  We are taught separation at every level. I can see why the dark did this to keep us controlled and dominated.  This way our inner selves would be separated as well.
     Do we really need more Trauma with the pole change to move out of third dimensional, the old patterns ways to make us want to move into unity consciousness, the new pattern.
    It seems like we all have been through so much trauma being in 3 D of the old pattern.  People really need healing on many levels that is for sure.  Are there going to be schools set up to help people with their own integration into other dimensions. This subject of integrating your self on other dimensions is spoken about in such small circles on earth.  It would be good to set up schools for higher consciousness to help people understand the process.
also I would like to know the difference between the blue ray and blue pulse.  Is the blue ray the light that we bring in our meditation to the earth and the blue pulse the pulse that will emanate when the event happens. When the event happens will the blue pulse emanate all the time after the event.
Again thank you, 
Sending Love and Light,

A : Dear Dr. Linda, Sometimes; in the case of the later birth or difficult labor, the Doctors choose a Caesarean process to save the baby, and this is not a trauma…...But our survival under the controlling system is the real trauma..
The plan that I mentioned is to speed the process, it is as giving an artificial incentives to complete the process, I hope that we don’t get to the Caesarean section..
And as for what you said: “It would be good to set up schools for higher consciousness to help people understand the process”..  That’s exactly was our intention and still when we established this social network TWOT , as through this site with its articles and movies , we tried to do that to help people in the path of consciousness,, and we will expand this issue & ideas on this matter in the near future..

As for the difference between the Blue Ray & The Blue Pulse
The Blue Ray: is one of the seven rays and it is from the higher vibration; which is very important in our communication process with the higher self & the higher vibrations, and in sometimes when the person reach a higher vibration during meditation he can deal with the blue ray, and also for healers they can use this Ray..

The Blue Pulse: is an electro-magnetic pulse, it is a range of energies, that varies in the composition of its energetic atoms, compared with the 7 rays.... and sometimes; “according to the degree of this pulse” it goes beyond  the idea of the physical atom OR frequencies to the essence of the higher dimension which the  Spiritual & Cosmic Fabric of existence is constituted from it..
* The blue pulse is like the breath for the Central Sun, and in the higher dimensions, there are a specific beings whom can deal with this blue pulse, and in the higher secret knowledge there are a higher beings whom their essence is created from that blue pulse ...
The Blue Dark Merkaba is related to the pure essence of the unknowable darkness universes , and to the pure essence of the blue pulse which related to the Central Point..

Brother, would you say that the Blue Avian beings that recently people are talking about carry the essence of the Blue Pulse?
Also, I've recently come across this website where the Blue beings have given messages since 2008. Would you be happy and able to comment anything on them?  Namaste'

brother kinnar,
the blue Avian beings are one of the races whom exist around the Central Sun, these races can deal with the blue pulse, but their essence of creation is not created from the blue pulse..

the beings whom their essence of creation is created from the blue pulse exist beyond the Central Sun, and not in this universe... this universe considered as a New One in the spiritual journey comparing with other universes , although their experience now and just now became great ..
There are many races which their job is to carry , save and guard the Blue Ray " not the blue pulse"..

Hi thank you Enlightened master for your explanation of the consciousness school and the Blue Ray and Blue Pulse.  It feels to me like the Golden Ray is enlightenment and the Blue Ray is full of love and peace.
My question is would not the light pulse during the event wake people up to move them out of 3D.  A polar shift would take people backwards into survival because they would only think and work only towards survival and would not have time to understand consciousness.  Can you explain what a polar shift would be like for us and how would it wake people up?
 When the light pulse comes who is going to help the people in 3D even understand what they are going through?  Is the light pulse going to continue pulsing forever once it starts?
I know you are helping us with our consciousness which holds in my heart more gratitude than you can possibly imagine and i am full of appreciation.


A: Dear Dr. Linda, I appreciate your concern to the people of earth at the time of the event.. I will answer your questions in points:
  •  The MPR [ magnetic Pole Reversal ] will be after the event, unless there is an unexpected big circumstances that comes out ..
  •  The MPR  will happened on the Electro- Magnetic field of planet earth, but not physically , and what follows on the physical level will be around 13% of [ climate changing, Natural disasters ..etc
  • The MPR is not something that happened in a Day ,, it is  getting over a hundred year , but at a certain point it will reach the peak,,,,,it is already started since 1913, and the GFL & the Confederation are doing their best to delay the peak of it ,in order for us to reach the event, and they are already decreasing the side- effect as a result of the MPR on the physical level  10 years ago..
  • The accelerator in the plan that we talked about , it is not increasing the peak  of the MPR to happened , but on the climate changes ...etc.. and this will not put people in the state of surviving , more than it will awaken lots of people whom don't know that earth is reaching the end of its circle.. and with their awakening , they will support the Collective consciousness..
  • The GFL& Confederation , their plan is for the event to happened prior the MPR in order to support people of earth in many levels while they are here..   
  • at  a certain point of the MPR there will be Migration for the people of earth to the inner earth " Agarthia' ..
  • MPR is very important for planet earth and human being,  ..for planet earth is to return it to its origin and raise it to the higher vibration at the physical level.. for people is to have an MPR on their auras in order to comply with the earth , which will help them to build their Light Body and have a higher Vibration , and activating their DNA, and connecting them with the frequencies of the Galaxy [ this is the meaning of the Re-Birth]..
  • During the blue pulse and during the event , there are lots of plans from the Light Forces to support the human being to the fullest..
  • There will be a big roll for the ascended masters to catch the understanding and the consciousness of human beings at the time of the event..
  • The pulsing of blue pulse will be in batches and specific stages, and not continuous.. but the higher vibration will continue to flow and increase..
I hope through this explanation , the picture became clearer to you..

love & light to all
The Blue Flare 

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  1. Thank You For
    These Explanations...
    I Have Not Been Able To Understand
    Cameron Day...And Cobra...Before About
    Fake Light Beings...And Such..It All Sounded So Complex
    But, Its Starting To Make Sense Now...
    I Can See People Are Probably Able To Mess With Us...When We Are Not Present In The Moment Of Now...
    I Am Very Greatful For These Explanations...
    So I Can Explain Better To People
    About What Is Going On..And The Earth And The Situations Like That..
    I Would Like To Help People During The Event What Is Happening...
    Allah Hu Akbar
    Tara Grace