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The new Group [ the world of truth on the ground] in our main website


Dearest brothers and sisters “the seekers of truth”

Due to the entry of the transformation period & the approaching of the Event & Big Events; which will lead us to the Freedom age “the Golden Age” … and of our contribution in preparation for this period and the dissemination of the spiritual consciousness, and prepare people for the event, we decided to open this New Group... [The World Of Truth on the ground] through which we will address a lot of ideas and topics  that will contribute to the embodiment for the seekers of truth on the ground, to be beacons to guide their brothers in this critical & important period in the history of mankind..

We liked to share with you our individual experiences & expertise that we have collected over the years, during our journey in spreading awareness on the ground...

And even have the members of TWOT Site ,and all the truth seekers fully prepared to be beacons for their brothers , there must be open communicating with each other to the extreme, to strengthen their orientations and spiritual development on the real basis of conscious under the Flag of Oneness School “13th  , and gather them with the management of this site [EM &BF] on the ground,, to move to the new level of practical communicating and effective guidance,, after we lived the first level through their great interaction in this social network  “”..

Our purpose of the establishment of this Group is to gather all the seekers of truth, to be the luminous Sun that will send its rays to help all needy in the changing period...

So, to achieve this, it is necessary to collect our ideas & our inimitable plans which would remove all the obstacles that may face us during the access to our mission...

There will be a lot of activities for us on the ground when obtaining practical ideas from this group…. and some of these activities include:

• Preparation for the Event through the work on conferences in many countries of the world...
• Connect with the higher self and soul family..
• Removing the chips” the implants”
• Connect with the light beings & other worlds
• Support [the light body process]
• Prepare for the ascension, whether Natural ascension or through Chambers of Light..
• Vital energy healing
• Spiritual development
• Spiritual retreat...
• Meditation in the nature on the basis of sacred geometry...
• Prepping to manifest the Cities of Light

This Group is allocated in its items to put ideas & plans to achieve the presence on the ground...

For those who are serious to join this group of the seekers of truth, please click here (join here) to know more about the ideas that we provided...


  1. Okay,
    Canada, Will Be Included
    For The Conferences..
    And Spiritual Retreats..
    As, Well...
    For The Benefits Of All Beings
    Tara Grace

  2. Here,
    Cobra And His Interviewer Are
    Getting Angry About The Amount
    Of Questions He Is Getting About The
    World Being Flat...Really?
    This Is Funny Too Me...
    How The Spiritual Communities..Feel They
    Know ...Everything There Is To Know...
    Tara Grace...

  3. So much pressure. So much sadness. I guess there is something going on right now.

  4. next information post will be only about event announcement right ?

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