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What is Beyond 12.12.12 & 12.21.2012.. written by the enlightened master Ibrahim Hassan on Dec.9th 2012

What is Beyond 12.12.12 & 12.21.2012..

12.12 is the sacred day of Ascension for Mother Gaia.

On that day, the network of energy is completed, which when completed , allows the flow of the energy of the Violet flare, and this energy was available on earth before, but not in its complete flow, it was in the Form of “Flame “, and now it shall start pouring in the Form of a ” Flare”

And the reason in increasing this flow of energy, { is the direct transformation in the nature of the Solar Interactions }, which in turn will begin preparing itself for the biggest transformation in the nature of the frequencies which will be sent from the Sun on the day of the alignment 21-12, where the Central Sun is going to work on supporting our sun through the energies it’s going to send to it on that day.

The work of the Violet Flare on earth starting 12.12.12

1. Cleansing karma
The personal karma of the earth and how the Violet Flare is going to deal with it.
The energy of the Violet Flare is responsible in the first degree for : cleansing the personal karma of the earth {Mother Gaia} and her suns {it’s residents} together, which will causes an escalation in the earth’s movements through realigning and moving its continents and seas in terms of their energy networks, electromagnetic and energy currents as well as their chemical makeup in order to return them back to their original state.

This is going to occur in stages. Previously, all of these changes would occur in three days only, which is why they were accompanied by plenty of natural disasters, and this was how a new era was entered. However, these events are now going to occur in stages, and they are not to usher us into a new era but into another dimension.
These stages are going to take several years until the shift in polarity is complete; as well as a complete change in the nature of mountains, rivers, oceans, trees and plant forms into their new shapes.
The purpose of prolonging this period is to transform us to a new state of evolution and not to punish us, and so that there is no negative impact on the people as a result of this change…

So the first stage will be the lightest one in 2013; and this will continue on to the second stage which is the most difficult in 2015. From then on, the third stage is lighter and starts from 2016 until 2020... The stages afterwards get lighter and lighter until the earth reaches its prime state after the year 2032.

The results of this difficult stage in 2015 will be { the emergence of two continents: Lumoria and Atlantis. In later stages, the continent of Shirlanka shall appear as well as two other continents: one from under Australia and the other from the left of the northern American continent.
The changes are going to take place in two phases:
  • The phase of the fourth dimension from 2013 to 2020
  • The phase of purely fifth dimension from 2020 to 2032

How the Violet is going to affect the average human and how it’s going to cleanse his karma?
The presence of this energy shall work on gathering the forces of good and Evil , in thesame platform:
  • Previously, the forces of evil were dominant and working in the shadows, while the forces of good were neither dominant nor apparent.
  • However, in the year 2013 the Violet Flare is going to force the powers of evil to come out, and that is by weakening it from the inside and breaking off its limbs {The Shadow Government}.
  • The Violet Flare is going to support the forces of light to have a real and solid presence on the ground, just like the prosecutor and the defendant are forced to stand on the same platform by the judge.
  • Here, the battles for change are going to be fair... and this would entail more claims to approve new constitutions and laws through peoples, as well as demands to bringing justice, peace and love.
  • And this will lead to a conflict which will result in a series of { disclosures of conspiracies, secrets and facts that will amazed everybody } , and it will also going to lead to unveiling and announcing the new financial system and easing the download of new technologies. All of this is going to happen in the year 2013!

As for the individuals on their personal level, this energy is going to show and release all the confined feelings, rights and inner confessions of every person until he becomes completely naked in front of himself; and is unable to hide anything or deny his true nature. This is a kind of tough reconciliation between a person and himself.

2. Decoding our DNA

As you all know, the human being on this earth has gone through several stages of evolution, one of those stages was working on coding his DNA into 2DNA which has led to limiting many of his abilities and realizations as well as separating him from the Divine.

In 12.12.2012 the Violet flare shall start decoding the DNA and establishing its connection to the 12 DNA; also, the 7 chakras shall transform into 12 chakras. This does not necessarily mean that you would be able to gain the full abilities of the 12 DNA...
The purpose of this is as follows:
Previously, you were limited in your abilities to the 2DNA, and if you were to complete their advancement of consciousness and wanted to advance to the Third DNA and above, you wouldn’t have been to do that in a direct and physical manner.
However, you are able to achieve this at the level of developing your inner bodies, by raising the level of your consciousness until you reach full enlightenment; and your natural physical powers remain limited to the consciousness of 2DNA …
However, after the decoding process, everyone is going to gain his/her supply of consciousness to be activated physically through DNA. Meaning, if you were not evolved consciously above 2DNA; your DNA would decode and only two would be activated while the rest would be on standby pending on your future development.
So whenever your consciousness advances in accordance to the Third DNA, you would gain its abilities, and if you carry within you the consciousness of the 6th DNA, the 6th DNA would be activated immediately in its physical form for you, all in the span of a year, in order for you to gain all the powers that come along with it.

For your information, all true activation of the level of DNA and whatever consciousness it carries automatically elevates you to a different dimension, as the dimensions are linked to DNA, up until 12 DNA and 12 dimensions.

The year 2013 is going to be the year of awakening that, in turn, is going to work on decoding your DNA

21st of Dec. 2012

ON that day, the Blue Flare and the Violet Flare are going to combine with the golden energy sent from the heart of the galaxy in order to open up the gateway...

  1. This means removing the quarantine from earth that has been in place for the last (13.000 years)13 thousand years..
  2. This will occur in around 8 minutes only, which is enough to open the gateway on 12.21.2012
  3. This spectacular energy is going to penetrate the earth to its center, to the holy spirit of our mother Gaia, which will in turn announce :
The beginning of its birth in the fifth dimension (in terms of energy)

The beginning of the immediate activation of the fourth
dimension of its surface.

The Warriors of the Rainbow

On that day, “The Warriors of the Rainbow” would have completed their mission in building the new bridge which will link between earth and sky to allow the flow, graduation and ascension of the new class of spiritual masters from the earth into the fifth or seventh dimension. And the other way around: to allow those from the skies such as all the ascended spiritual masters, higher councils and The Galactic Federation of Light to have a presence here on earth.

Of course, this does not mean that “First Contact” would be established, but i mean that the doors would be fully opened and the atmosphere on earth is ready for the fifth dimension and for their presence here on earth.

As for the First “apparent and official” Contact , preliminary steps are needed before it occurs such as:
{ The new economic system, new technologies, disclosure.}.. And these steps would be completed between 6 to 9 months from the beginning of the New Year.

On this day; every person would have his own world according to his level of awareness:
  1. There are those who feel love and peace...
  2. Those who connect with The Conscious of the Divine
  3. Those who connect with the higher self
  4. Those who would be able to see the Ascended Masters
  5. Those who would see their brothers from the stars
  6. Those who would deal with the Hierarchies.... etc

{ Everyone would be categorised in accordance with his or her level of awareness, level of ascension, and the dimension that supports his or hers consciousness credit.}
The arrangements scheduled to occur in year 2013 “ that we’d previously talked about” before first contact, are going to help all of those who find difficulty in ascension up until The First Contact comes to call, which in turn will prepare our presence in the Inner Earth with our brothers [The Agarthians], and then support us through Biotechnology that would activate the powers of those who were not able to do so on their own before “The First Contact” , so as to be on the First Step of full consciousness.

From 21st of Dec. until the 23rd Dec. 2012:

Three days for the Gate to be completed, accompanied by three kinds of Eclipse, those 3 days are very valuable, for they have come to you with love and absolute light after a wait that lasted 26.000 years {26 thousand years}...

So don’t let those days pass you by, without establishing direct connection between you and your higher self, by entering deep into yourself through
{ Meditation and inner communication with the higher councils of Angels, and asking them to prepare you for Ascension. You must have dialogue with the Divine; this is not just something that comes implicitly from within you. You must explicitly ask for it and clarify your choices. Try to assign to these holy days a special celebration that symbolises your reception to the new era}.

All in all, the year 2013 is going to be filled with surprises and events...

I would like to point out a very important point: the right way of doing this is for the human being to prepare himself to receive his full consciousness within the first three months of opening the doorway, without waiting for anything else, and for himself to help others who were unable to complete ascension on their own, and thus ensuring himself a place among those who are in the top lines in joining with the forces of light to help the people of earth.

The right way is to not sit down and wait for help from the forces of light when they restore order in the fourth dimension on earth. What I mean is, starting from the 21st of December 2012 the connection between you and the sky would have been opened, and you would not need anyone’s help in that, because you could ask from the Divine who would materialize by activating your powers of creativity through returning these abilities to you.

An example of this:
Why to wait for new technology such as anti-gravity cars (that are really arriving) but need time, when you could teleport through your Mind. Why wait for The Funds to build a new modern house when you could create it by yourself. Why wait for new technology to cure you from difficult diseases when you could heal yourself and others...

My dear brothers, you have not yet realized that you are among the most precious, skilful and advanced life forms created by God... stop this waiting and be among the first class of ascenders to regain their full consciousness... be among those who descended from the Divine to watch over and help others who could ascend.

Your brother the Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan

Ascension part 9 - How to prepare the inner bodies to receive the light body - the fourth body - the Mental body by/ The Enlightened Master

How to prepare the inner bodies to receive the light body - the fourth body "The Mental body " by/ The Enlightened Master.Ibrahim H.

The Mental body
is one of the most important inner bodies that we have as it connects the self with the higher self, and by overcoming it and understanding it thoroughly; we become connected with the first spiritual body of the higher self which is the Wisdom Body. When a person accomplishes this, he gets named “Spiritual Master”, and the process of realizing this inner body and acquiring its sciences is not an easy task, as by passing it you accomplish spiritual awakening.

There are plenty of sciences and methods and tactical exercises that help in passing this conscious body and learning its sciences which are taught by many spiritual schools, but these methods take a long time, which is why I liked to show you a short and reasonable method to accomplish this, especially now that we are fast approaching the real global changes.
Before discussing these methods I would like to briefly explain some things about this spiritual body:
The Mental conscious body has nothing to do with your head, for the brain is what’s in your head and not the mind. The brain is an analyzer of thoughts and not the creator of them, as it receives the ideas generated by the mental body Via the heart chakra.

The mental conscious body is directly connected to the heart chakra which is the fourth chakra from the bottom if you count the seven main chakras; That is why we always say that love is not a feeling but a law, “the Law of Love”, because we receive love energy and send it from the heart chakra that is connected to the mental body.

Furthermore, true belief is also not a feeling but a conscious realization of the issues around you which starts by questioning.

Love energy has nothing to do with the Feeling body (the Astral body) but we must call it the “sentimental love” which becomes real only after we reach true love in the mental body and this is accomplished when we start using the heart chakra well in sending and receiving.

The mental conscious body " is what generates ideas and then sends them to the heart chakra which then sends them to the brain where they are analyzed and put in use. "

Realizing the mental conscious body and dealing with it:

Plenty of spiritual schools recite The Mantra { There Is No Mind }, and many people translate it in the wrong way, that you must not use your mind as you try to reach the spiritual state. The true interpretation of this phrase is that you must not use your brain " mind " in dealing with all the events around you.

The brain is merely a calculator that houses all the equations that govern your virtual reality on this earth, and it rules through them.

The original configuration is to use your mental inner body to understand issues,and let your brain handle its areas of specialty, such as analyzing information and mathematical calculations, not for realizations and acquiring knowledge,, I know that this not an easy concept to understand but I shall try to simplify it.
The brain " mind" is the warehouse of all the information that we’d acquired since birth; this information could have come from our parents, society, customs and traditions or our religions {and by religions I mean the state that religions are in right now, because what religions originally “came with” are completely different from what exists now in the name of these religions}.

We judge plenty of the occurrences in our lives right now based on the information that we acquired as I previously mentioned, as if this information that we’d received is true and right and whole, to the extent that we do not even bother to analyze issues, but we compare and measure them to what we already know from previously stored information in our brains.
What is so dangerous in this is that we do not realize that all the information we’d gathered from the society and its customs and traditions and religions was collected and implanted and programmed into our brains by those with more advanced brains than our coded ones. We are ruled by our programmed brains and we are not as free as we believe.
You may disagree with me, yes you are right, which is why you are still sleeping, and when you wake up by using your mental conscious body, and by abandoning the information in your brain, you’ll start to understand what I am talking about.
Here are some examples:
When you speak about the earth, you recite the information that was given to you in school or from television programs which states that the earth has seven solid layers, and in its core there is molten magma; What you do not know is that there is a nation of people similar to you who reside in the inner layers of the earth who are your cousins {The Agartheans} , and that they have an inner sun in the bowels of the same earth that you reside on its surface.
They also told you that: there is no life on Mars, and whoever came up with this; is one of the native creatures from Mars. I do not tell you this to shock you but there are many essential facts that you do not know.
All the things that you base your life and actions upon, are not from you, but from your brain; and all the information previously stored within it.
  • Using your mental conscious body starts with searching for sciences from within you and around you with total freedom, without misconceptions and without reverting back to the information already existed in your brain. Make an inventory of your life of how many realizations you came up with on your own without reverting to previously stored information in your brain or anything opposing to what is in your brain.
  • Using your mental conscious body means that you must not be anyone except for your true self. Haven’t you ever noticed that you are the sum of what your society, religion, traditions, family and friends say? They all compose a large portion of you, and you end up with only 1% of your true self.
  • Using your mental conscious body means that you must enjoy doing your own personal experiences and gain from them new information, and realizations to leas your life. It means that you must not adhere to what others say, unless you check it and study it from all possible angles.
If the sky wanted to teach you through advice , it will do that without
the need for you to come down to earth “ as incarnation “, but you
were given the mission of teaching yourself through undergoing
experiences that lead to realizations instead of judging matters.

  • Using your mental conscious body means you know that you do not need to be programmed from those who are around you; instead, everything you need is originally stored within you, and all it takes is experience to bring it to the surface.
- They convinced you that you come as an empty cup into this life,
and they are responsible for filling it, is that not so?

- They convinced you that you are small and must mature, but they
did not tell you that you were mature from the moment you were
created, but you must unlock that for yourself.

  • Using your mental conscious body means that you must rid yourself of all the obstacles in your brain and reign free instead of being tied up by fanaticism to a doctrine or feelings, however, you alone are responsible for creating your ideas and feelings.
  • Using your mental conscious body means that you say, “this is how I see it” and not have this influenced by what your society prefers, but by your own experiences. You’ll never reach complete freedom unless you are able to communicate with your mental body, which in turn prepares you to connect with your own higher self.

What is the connection between the mental conscious body and the element of air?
In reality, you do not breathe only air, as air nourishes your physical body while prana nourishes your spiritual body. Prana is the energy of life and it exists all around you. The higher the elevation from sea level (such as in mountains), the thinner the air but the more concentrated the prana. Prana is more in natural locations especially in higher elevations that have less gravity.
As gravity decreases: the less you are attached to lower frequencies and breath, and when you start elevating to higher frequencies you then start connecting with the higher self. The mental body is in the middle of the inner conscious bodies in order to facilitate your connection with your higher self and it needs plenty of prana (its personal air) to start doing its job.
Activating your air element:

I will not ask you to travel to the mountains to achieve this, for you could do this in your room through deep breathing and meditation.

When you begin, your breathing is deep and oxygen increases while prana decreases. As you enter into deep meditation, your breaths become short and oxygen lessens while prana increases, to prepare you for astral projection.
At a certain point in your meditation, you reach the zero point (which requires practice) and you notice that your breathing has stopped as if you exist from one breath, when you reach this point release all your love energies to the earth and universes and all that is within them. Send them a message of your gratitude.
By doing this, you activate the air element within you.

Enlightened Master,
Ibrahim Hassan


Ascension part 8: astral body... {The Fire element ... how to activate it within you} written by the Enlightened Master 22-12-2012

Astral Body

The Astral body presents the reality of our existence on earth, for it inhabits our bodies and represents our personalities, and if it leaves the body and the silver rope that connects it to the body gets cut; we would no longer live on this earth (we would die). it is the body that gets repeated every time you get reincarnated through different physical bodies, in order to continue the circle of life and complete our experiences on this earth.

The astral body is responsible for our personal feelings, which is why it is also called “The Emotions Body” and it is the projection point of our higher self on this earth. Through this body we are able to perform astral projection that enables us to travel all around the earth and through galaxies. It also receives all the messages sent to us by the higher self.

Factors that affect the Astral Body:
Anything associated with emotional interactions is directly associated with the “Emotional Body”. The Astral body represents your current presence in your reality on earth, in others words “from within the circle”, which is why we only rarely find ourselves fully aware of all the different aspects of the truth.

From this perspective; emotional interactions, realizations and judgments would start becoming irrational and reactions become direct, and this is an indication of a lack of emotional maturity, because we only use our senses in judging matters, where usually those senses are unread messages and we must not interact with them until we understand their contents.

This is why emotional maturity is important in order to elevate the misunderstood feelings which we are not aware of their content, into feelings where knowledge and true meaning work on its presence within us...and when emotional maturity is reached, the higher self starts opening communication channels between our Emotional Astral body and the mental body in order to start supporting these feelings until they become consciousness knowledge and ready for practical and useful implementation.

The feelings we get are like the phone ringtone for you, to inform you of a new message, but you remain unaware of the contents of this message until you open and read it; so, don’t rush passing judgments on issues, and try to have patience until you begin to realize the purpose behind the interactions of these feelings, and the reasons they came to you.

Not being wise and sensible in dealing with your incoming feelings weakens your Astral Body.

What you must do in order to achieve maturity in your Astral body:
Reach inner and emotional balance; for it is not wise to not interact with your emotions, and it is also not wise to deal with them without awareness or knowledge.

  • It is not wise to use anger as the tool of your interactions with your surroundings; it is also not wise to not be angry at all. This is how we always are; we either fully release the feeling or we inhibit it, and both of those options are wrong and immature.

    The right thing to do is to know why you get angry. From which part of you did that energy get generated? It is then that you work on removing its roots from the inside. In reality, it is not what’s going on around you that is responsible for your anger, but it is the anger energy within you that is trying to exit and own you, and this energy interacts with any issue on the outside as a doorway for it, to be released and take control.

Anger energy is used when it is in its proper setting in defending what is right, and when it is in your hands not coming from within you, and when you control it instead of it controlling you. The old proverb says, “Beware the evil of the wise man when he gets angry” and I say, “beware the power of the wise man’s light when he gets angry” because the wise man has the power the of light instead of evil but he also has anger that he knows how to properly use. Why do we always try to change ourselves from the state that God has created us in: we either abuse the energies within us, or we inhibit them as if they are not in the nature of our creation, as if God was mistaken in placing them within us and we try to have them removed? Everything you feel, everything that was created within you, was placed there to teach you an important issue to experience..
  • Love energy: we either forbid it from ourselves or others, or we overuse it without knowing how to guide it. Isn’t it time to step out of this duality?

    Try to deal with love energy as if it is a flowing river, when it passes through an area, it always takes the path etched out for it instead of filling the entire area and causing floods; it also does not prevent itself from passing and causing dehydration. Love is not just a feeling; love is a law, the law of interacting with the universes!

Try to use the above examples as a gauge in dealing with all your feelings in order to achieve emotional maturity and advance to mental maturity.

[ Nervous system in the human body represents the fire element in nature]...
The element of Fire, and how to activate it within you??

The Fire element is directly linked to your Astral body, and your Astral body is directly linked to your nervous system which is in turn directly linked to your emotional and psychological interactions, and to activate this Fire element, you have to reach a balance and emotional maturity, internally and externally / intellectually and practically…
After you achieve that, sit on the beach under the sun’s warm rays (fire element). As soon as those rays touch your body and a feeling of warmth (safety) settles within you, you’ll notice that your breaths start to shorten and you’ll start hearing your heartbeat clearly.

Unleash your “Mature feelings” and allow them to flow into everything around you and interact with nature and everything else... Doing this works on activating the fire element within you after the emotional maturation of your Astral Body.

love & Peace
The Enlightened Master


The 11.11.2012 Gate / written by the Enlightened master Ibrahim Hassan on 11.11.2012


What do we mean by “The Gateway of 11.11.2012” and what is its importance?
The Gate starts on 11-11 and shall continue until 21-12-2012 {it is the major preparation period before the date of alignment and receiving of fifth dimension energies straight from the heart of the galaxy}.

During this period of 40 days the nuclear reactions in the sun shall start increasing to levels much higher than their normal rates, which causes the emissions of the first special radiations regarding the preparation period for the planet earth; and all its creatures including us humans.
This radiation is called “The Blue Flare” as well as a small portion of “The Violet Flare” that starts arriving on the planet earth on 11-11 and continues until 21-12-2012.

The effect of these radiations on us:
The increase of radiation emissions from the sun to the earth is very important in our advancement and elevation to the new platform of our evolutionary path, for it shall elevate us from “the astral level” of our third dimensional reality to “the mental level” of the fourth dimensional reality of the evolutionary process.

This Blue Flare and a portion of the Violet Flare work on:
Helping us connect with our higher self...
• Easing the process of our receiving of plenty of information that we shall
feel inhabit our subconscious and help us surpass many obstacles

Helping us in the process of ascension
through: cleansing our auras,
stimulating and advancing our chakras as
well as stimulating our DNA and preparing
it for the ascension process....

The Blue Flare " is specialized in stimulating us for dealing with the “higher vibrations” and disengaging us step by step from the realities of the “low vibrations”, this is done by connecting us with the higher inner conscious bodies."

This Blue Flare shall continue until 12-12-2012 by which time the new radiation emissions (The Violet Flare) shall start to fully pour into the planet earth in huge amounts from 12-12-2012 until 21-12-2012 and they will work on:
1. Wiping and cleansing our personal Karmas
2. Healing and combining our conscious bodies.
3. Directly connecting us with our higher selves in order to complete the
ascension process.

In 21-12-2012 after the alignment, the Golden Energies shall start pouring in the earth to begin preparing it for the Golden Age.

And so, The Blue Flare and The Violet Flare and then the Golden Flare are the main factors in helping us elevate to the new level of our unique and special evolution.

love & peace
The Enlightened Master


Ascension part 7 - How to prepare the inner bodies to achieve the light body - Second - the ethereal body 25-10-2012

Ascension part 7 - How to prepare the inner bodies to receive the light body - Second - the ethereal body/ written by the Enlightened Master. Ibrahim Hassan on 25th Of Oct. 2012

The ethereal body contains our personal Aura which is a magnetic field that surrounds our bodies. The aura contains the seven main chakras, which work on attracting and absorbing Prana, and here the aura works on distributing this Prana through the energy pathways to all the body and its organs. Therefore, the more the Chakras being healthy and get the Prana properly; the healthier the aura is, thus all organs of the body are in very good health and excellent condition... On the other hand; the less the body’s organs are supplied by Prana; the more illnesses start to appear.

The ethereal body is considered one of the most important tools in dealing and interacting with the surroundings through its unique vibrations; and it is an important tool in the art of communication with others as well as connecting us with our surroundings.

The factors that affect the ethereal body:

Nutrition and exercise:

The healthier your diet is, in combination with spiritual exercises; the stronger your ethereal body will be. (Please refer to part 5 of ascension for more information on this matter).

Communication with others:

Communication with others, starting group projects and discussions based on love, and staying away from isolation; strengthens your ethereal body.

Psychological state:

The psychological state has a direct affect on the aura. The better the psychological state, the stronger the ethereal body and vice verse, the worse off the psychological state, the more the ethereal body is affected and weakened.

Recommended things to do, to improve the psychological state:

Joy, laughter, happiness, delight, achievements, work, learning new things, to be a witness, playing, going on adventures, healthy competition, helping others and all the good qualities in general!

Recommended things to avoid, in order to improve the psychological state:

Anger, depression, nervousness, hatred, impatience, laziness, inflicting harm, pessimism... these qualities are like poison to the aura and therefore weaken the ethereal body which in turn causes mental illnesses to appear.


Positive thoughts increase the frequencies of vibrations of the ethereal body and interact with the cosmic law of attraction (karma) and therefore attract positive events for us.

Negative thoughts decrease and weaken the frequencies of vibration of the ethereal body, and interact with the cosmic law of attraction (karma), therefore attract negative events for us.

Intentions and speech:

Intentions are the source of the seeds of lights and higher vibrations of the ethereal body, if those intentions turn to actions, the ethereal body is elevated to its best states, and in order for that to happen, our speech must first be in tune with them and not against them. After that we must work on committing to our talks and applying them through actions.

Negative intentions that are reinforced with negative words and actions, work on weakening the energies of the ethereal body, and direct those energies into becoming low frequency energies.

Positive visualization:

One of the most beautiful gifts bestowed upon from God is imagination, because it simulates the vibrational world around us, and charges us with positive energy from our surroundings. It is like you are creating a polarization point for attracting positive energy through your beautiful visualizations and thus start charging the ethereal body through it.

In some cases visualization reaches such intensity and purity fueled by the imaginer’s strong faith, that he creates beautiful ethereal beings, that remain by his side to aid him in all aspects of his life ,and these ethereal beings feed from the imaginer’s faith, and the strength of vibration supplied by him. If those beautiful beings reach a certain level of consciousness, they become new friends for the imaginer in the fifth dimension, in order to complete their awareness pathway through you.


Meditation in all its forms works on cleansing the ethereal body from all its weak points and strengthens it. One of the forms of meditation that is useful for cleansing and strengthening the aura is the “Waterfalls Meditation”:

  • { After sitting down to meditate, imagine that you are in a very beautiful area, and a golden light from the sky comes towards you and enters the crown chakra in your head, and from there flow through all your body. As this light leaves from your feet; it will through black dots on your side, which will represent all the negative vibrations contained by your physical and ethereal bodies, and imagine them being thrown away. Then imagine this light wrapping around your body, creating a very beautiful golden aura, as it is complete try to feel happy and safe}.

The subconscious Mind:

Don’t allow your subconscious mind to become a warehouse for pain, misery and negative ideas & habits. This is because those are time bombs that could blow and cause serious harm to your ethereal body with energies, that even you cannot comprehend since these energies appear as involuntary actions done by you without your conscious permission.

Organize, rearrange, revise and archive all that is contained within your subconscious mind, just like a library in your house; throw away all that is not necessary to you, and try to advance and develop all aspects that you keep!

Activating the element of water within you:

The ethereal body is connected directly with the water element, and the water element is in turn related to your blood circulation as your body contains 71% blood, just as the earth contains 71% water.

You could activate your water element by : swimming, preferably in the sea: relax and try to synchronize with the movement of the waves, and until you feel as one with the waves, you will know you reached that point, when you feel a slight dizziness which is a sign of the “zero point”, then start emptying and sending all the love and light within you through the waves of sea and into all areas of the earth. Wherever the water reaches, it holds your energy that you have sent to the last spot arrive...

This is just a small drop from the flow, and until we meet again in the next part, we shall see you with the eyes of our hearts.

Love and peace,

Your brother the enlightened master/ Ibrahim Hassan


Ascension part 6 - How to prepare the inner bodies to achieve the light body – First - the Physical body/ written by the Enlightened Master 21/10/2012

How to prepare the inner bodies to achieve the light body

First - the Physical body

The preparation and maturity of the inner bodies is considered one of the important factors to complete the process of ascension. To achieve that, you must rid yourself of the lower frequencies that reside within, and are dealt with, the inner bodes (first to fourth) and you must encourage your inner bodies to deal with and contain only higher frequencies.

This is to enable the inner bodies to harmonize with the higher self and merger with it, as well as adapt to the worlds and dimensions of the higher frequencies.

We shall work here on explaining the methods of doing this one inner body at a time.

The physical body ( Earth Element )

Despite the physical body not considered as one of the inner bodies, improving it is an important matter, because it contains those physical bodies and is considered a temple or a home for that self which resides within it. Therefore, this home must be maintained to remain in its best condition.

To increase the efficiency of this body; you must take care of the following aspects:

Food and drink:

What is meant here is the process of balancing the Yin and Yang forces within the body. This comes through the foods we eat and the liquids we drink (please search this on the internet). These are some pieces of advice for those who cannot do that (I mean balance Yin and Yang).

  • Body weight to be balanced according to height.
  • Getting rid of extra fats.
  • To be a vegetarian and not eat red meats, and eat only a little white meats, try to have a fresh food.
  • Not over eat salty or sugary foods, cheeses, yogurt, and sweets (only eat a little if you crave them).
  • To seek medical attention to illnesses immediately, and not allow them to get worse.


In all its forms:

1- Normal exercise in gyms

2- Spiritual exercise, such as yoga, breathing
exercises and meditation” one of the best
meditation in this stage is the following, "
starting with 7 minutes meditation" :

{Sit relax , inhale the golden energy, just
feel that you are absorbing the
golden energy from the atmosphere and
heal your inner body with it (in
a circulation of changing the inner energy to a golden energy ) and take a moment silent , then exhale the golden energy from inside to clean the atmosphere of mother earth. This is a very important meditation in this stage for you and mother earth... And try to expand its time more and more to make it at least twice a day and sit as long as you can}...

3- Therapeutic body massage



Periods of sleep:

The normal period of sleep is between 7 and 8 hours every day, except this differs when the person is undergoing ascension and starts having lapses in sleeping (sleeping period in the new age is 1 - 2 hours only every day). Here I tell you to watch your body for it is your guide. Sleep only when you are feeling sleepy, and when you open your eyes in the early morning get out of bed immediately and don’t linger on it.

Taking care of the skin:

The earth has the sand element and it is an important element in your body; and must be activated in the process of ascension. What is equivalent and is comparable to this sand element of our mother earth is your body. This is because the earth needs its sand to be plowed, aerated and irrigated, it needs the toxic materials and weeds to be removed from it and it also needs to be provided with fertilizer in order for the sand element to be effective.

This is the same in your body
. You need to “plow” it by exfoliating the skin at least once a week (by rubbing it with a loaf). It also needs to be “irrigated” with water by showering every other day. It needs its toxins to be removed by sweating during exercise. It also needs to be “fertilized” by rubbing it with oils and creams. By doing these, your sand element becomes clean and strong.


Now, to activate this element and combine its energy with our mother earth:

You must walk barefoot and without restrictions in order for your sand element (your skin) to feel the sand element of our mother earth. This is done by walking barefoot on beaches or natural places. When you feel the grains of sand caress and tickle your feet, it is the time to combine this sand element that you have with the sand element of our mother Gaia by projecting the love and light generated within you through the caressing of sand with your feet into the layers of earth to Gaia.

Strengthening the body’s connection to the aura:

This is done by dynamic motion meditation. Try to close your eyes and do any physical activity that you prefer, but do it very slowly and feel the energy that moves around your body. The more you connect with this energy and synchronize with it, the more you charge your personal aura and your organs with prana energy.

Important Note : The physical body ( Earth element ),

{ There is always earth line to release the inflation of negative energy … and your body is the earth line for the karma to release your debt, and even the physical body shows the side effect of the ascension “through Symptoms of the diseases “ , So as much as there is more Karma debt as much as more side effect will appear. }

With these simple and light methods your physical body becomes ready for the process of ascension.

In the second part, we shall discuss activating your ethereal body.

written by / Enlightened Master. Ibrahim Hassan

love & peace


Ascension part 5: " The ascension of Gaia" by the enlightened master. Ibrahim Hassan on 10/10/2012

The ascension of Gaia "mother earth"

For sure, discussing the ascension of Gaia " mother earth" differs from discussing the ascension of the human race on this earth. The difference here is in the manner in which Gaia shall ascend.

What do we mean by the ascension of Gaia (our mother earth) in short?

It is the period during which Gaia shall undergo transformation; from the third dimension to the fifth dimension on the energy level and on the physical level; until it becomes as a complete entity a land where everything within it is belongs to the fifth dimension, from all the different races residing on it from the world of solids to the Plants and animal kingdom and then finally to the Humans kingdom.

I am not talking here about all the things people are waiting; for which are going to happen in the near future; but I want to go a few years further and explore what’s going to happen. (I am not taking back anything I had previously discussed; I am only going to expand on it).

Now, we are going to summaries the stages the earth is going to go through until it completes its ascension:

Before discussing Gaia’s ascension process; we must first discuss two very important terms:

1- Energy Ascension: it is when the light energy that the
earth is going to receive from the heart of the galaxy arrives. This energy is going to work on transforming consciousness on earth and on everything within it.

2- Physical Ascension: it is the physical program that is going to be implemented on earth that fits with its new circumstances, and I mean all the physical changes that could be seen with the naked eye. This will be the new system that is unique to the fifth dimension and it is what the fifth dimension is going to be working through.


[Usually, the energy influence begins during the ascension process and when it finishes, the visible physical change occurs.]

From the 21st of June 2012 until the 21st of December 2012

During this period in the third dimension, the earth is going to be subjected to the energies of the fourth dimension that work on preparing the earth and all its inhabitants; for the changes in conscious pathways; and thus enabling them to receive the special awareness of the fifth dimension.

That’s why many conflicts occur all around the world during this period; they appear to be negative but the real reason behind them is the beginning of the fundamental change that is going to occur afterwards.
The period between the 21st of December 2012 until the year 2020.

[ The distribution of energies and systems for the ascension of Gaia occur during this period.]

In 21st of Dec.2012 { the energies of the fourth dimension end; and so complete their role in the ascension of Gaia.}

In 21st of Dec.2012 { the energies of the fifth dimension begin their descent upon the earth until they complete in 2020 }

From 21st of Dec.2012 until the year 2020 { is the period when the beginning and completion of the setup for the new system occurs for the fourth dimension and all that is in it }.

Go back to the details of the period between 21.Dec. 2012 until 2020

From 21st of Dec.2012 until the beginning of the year 2015:

  • It is the beginning of the end for everything that is known as the third dimension.
  • All the events that we previously discussed; shall occur during this period (economic collapse and the beginning of the new financial system, disclosure, first contact, the end of the forces of evil); most of these events shall occur during the entirely of the year 2013.
  • Cleanup of all that is left from the things we previously mentioned; as well as distribution of the setup system for the physical program of the fourth dimension.
  • The separation and distribution of the 7 billion humans into the following areas:

  1. The third dimension (on other planets)..
  2. The fifth dimension (this planet)...
  3. The seventh dimension (with different dimension hierarchies or with the galactic federation of light)...
  4. Homeland (for souls that are going to journey back to their homes; because they have nothing to do with the ascension process, or what is going on with the earth, since they hadn't signed on to this, when they descended and got stuck on this earth due to the quarantine imposed on the earth.)...

From the year 2015 until 2020:

This is the period when the distribution, enhancement and completion of the setup program occurs for the fourth dimension; which contains all the new systems, among them:

{ health, technology, environment, information systems, our origins,
who are we, where do we come from, the elevation of our chakras
to 13 chakras and the modification of our DNA until this earth
becomes “ a new earth like we have never seen before” !!!.}

In the year 2020 ; { the energies of the fifth dimension shall be complete for the ascension of Gaia; and the setup for the new physical system shall also be complete for the fourth dimension, and this allows for the start of the setup of the new physical system for the fifth dimension.}

From the year 2020 until 2032:

What do we mean by the setup for the new physical system of the fifth dimension?

It is a different change on all aspects of our lives:

  • Technological aspect: we shall use the bio-technologies related to the systems of the galactic federation of light, as our old technologies belong to the fourth dimension, and the preparation period for the fifth dimension.
  • New bodies: those belong to the peoples of the fifth dimension and are compatible with space travel, communication with the higher hierarchies, extremely powerful telepathy and larger figures that are compatible with the new earth ( and these new bodies will be completed for all people on earth in 2018 .. so the process of changing bodies will be completed on three stages ( based on the completion of consciousness and ascension) :
    -In 2013 { very little number of people} - by 2015 { more people} until 2018 {all people remain on this earth will be received the new body}
  • Information systems: these shall be the setup for getting acquainted with other species and mingling with them. This does not mean that we hadn't met peoples from different star nations before, but here I am talking about the mature contemplation that spans levels of economics, information and transport back and forth between us.
  • Galactic sciences, like you have never imagined...
  • The new image for the earth in its fifth dimension from rivers and mountains and planets and the Wisdom kingdom (not called animals). Those are compatible with the new era that shall last an eternity under the flag of love and peace...

The eight years from 2012 until 2020 are likened to obtaining a green card to the United States.

The next 12 years from 2020 until 2032 begin with obtaining a membership to the Galactic Federation of Light (a passport) and then adapting to the fifth dimension in all its aspects.

In 2032 we become Galactic beings in every sense of the word, nothing less than any other galactic civilization in aspects of science and experience.

What is going to happen; " is that in 20 years only we are going to be in the heart of the golden age instead of its beginning, and this has never happened before.

Civilizations in the previous golden ages (such as Atlantis and Lemuria) needed 432 years to reach the heart of the golden age, and this is the new and surprising development that happened…. as we shall tell you perhaps in the near future..

Note that the above mentioned points are but drops from the flood that you shall discover yourselves in the near future..and work to reduce the time that we mentioned is in everything is subjected to permanent changes to be for the benefit of mankind.. and it is also possible that there would be positive surprises related the issue of time..

Kindly read this article with the utmost of concentration.

Your Brother

The Enlightened Master/Ibrahim Hassan

love & peace