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Ascension part 5: " The ascension of Gaia" by the enlightened master. Ibrahim Hassan on 10/10/2012

The ascension of Gaia "mother earth"

For sure, discussing the ascension of Gaia " mother earth" differs from discussing the ascension of the human race on this earth. The difference here is in the manner in which Gaia shall ascend.

What do we mean by the ascension of Gaia (our mother earth) in short?

It is the period during which Gaia shall undergo transformation; from the third dimension to the fifth dimension on the energy level and on the physical level; until it becomes as a complete entity a land where everything within it is belongs to the fifth dimension, from all the different races residing on it from the world of solids to the Plants and animal kingdom and then finally to the Humans kingdom.

I am not talking here about all the things people are waiting; for which are going to happen in the near future; but I want to go a few years further and explore what’s going to happen. (I am not taking back anything I had previously discussed; I am only going to expand on it).

Now, we are going to summaries the stages the earth is going to go through until it completes its ascension:

Before discussing Gaia’s ascension process; we must first discuss two very important terms:

1- Energy Ascension: it is when the light energy that the
earth is going to receive from the heart of the galaxy arrives. This energy is going to work on transforming consciousness on earth and on everything within it.

2- Physical Ascension: it is the physical program that is going to be implemented on earth that fits with its new circumstances, and I mean all the physical changes that could be seen with the naked eye. This will be the new system that is unique to the fifth dimension and it is what the fifth dimension is going to be working through.


[Usually, the energy influence begins during the ascension process and when it finishes, the visible physical change occurs.]

From the 21st of June 2012 until the 21st of December 2012

During this period in the third dimension, the earth is going to be subjected to the energies of the fourth dimension that work on preparing the earth and all its inhabitants; for the changes in conscious pathways; and thus enabling them to receive the special awareness of the fifth dimension.

That’s why many conflicts occur all around the world during this period; they appear to be negative but the real reason behind them is the beginning of the fundamental change that is going to occur afterwards.
The period between the 21st of December 2012 until the year 2020.

[ The distribution of energies and systems for the ascension of Gaia occur during this period.]

In 21st of Dec.2012 { the energies of the fourth dimension end; and so complete their role in the ascension of Gaia.}

In 21st of Dec.2012 { the energies of the fifth dimension begin their descent upon the earth until they complete in 2020 }

From 21st of Dec.2012 until the year 2020 { is the period when the beginning and completion of the setup for the new system occurs for the fourth dimension and all that is in it }.

Go back to the details of the period between 21.Dec. 2012 until 2020

From 21st of Dec.2012 until the beginning of the year 2015:

  • It is the beginning of the end for everything that is known as the third dimension.
  • All the events that we previously discussed; shall occur during this period (economic collapse and the beginning of the new financial system, disclosure, first contact, the end of the forces of evil); most of these events shall occur during the entirely of the year 2013.
  • Cleanup of all that is left from the things we previously mentioned; as well as distribution of the setup system for the physical program of the fourth dimension.
  • The separation and distribution of the 7 billion humans into the following areas:

  1. The third dimension (on other planets)..
  2. The fifth dimension (this planet)...
  3. The seventh dimension (with different dimension hierarchies or with the galactic federation of light)...
  4. Homeland (for souls that are going to journey back to their homes; because they have nothing to do with the ascension process, or what is going on with the earth, since they hadn't signed on to this, when they descended and got stuck on this earth due to the quarantine imposed on the earth.)...

From the year 2015 until 2020:

This is the period when the distribution, enhancement and completion of the setup program occurs for the fourth dimension; which contains all the new systems, among them:

{ health, technology, environment, information systems, our origins,
who are we, where do we come from, the elevation of our chakras
to 13 chakras and the modification of our DNA until this earth
becomes “ a new earth like we have never seen before” !!!.}

In the year 2020 ; { the energies of the fifth dimension shall be complete for the ascension of Gaia; and the setup for the new physical system shall also be complete for the fourth dimension, and this allows for the start of the setup of the new physical system for the fifth dimension.}

From the year 2020 until 2032:

What do we mean by the setup for the new physical system of the fifth dimension?

It is a different change on all aspects of our lives:

  • Technological aspect: we shall use the bio-technologies related to the systems of the galactic federation of light, as our old technologies belong to the fourth dimension, and the preparation period for the fifth dimension.
  • New bodies: those belong to the peoples of the fifth dimension and are compatible with space travel, communication with the higher hierarchies, extremely powerful telepathy and larger figures that are compatible with the new earth ( and these new bodies will be completed for all people on earth in 2018 .. so the process of changing bodies will be completed on three stages ( based on the completion of consciousness and ascension) :
    -In 2013 { very little number of people} - by 2015 { more people} until 2018 {all people remain on this earth will be received the new body}
  • Information systems: these shall be the setup for getting acquainted with other species and mingling with them. This does not mean that we hadn't met peoples from different star nations before, but here I am talking about the mature contemplation that spans levels of economics, information and transport back and forth between us.
  • Galactic sciences, like you have never imagined...
  • The new image for the earth in its fifth dimension from rivers and mountains and planets and the Wisdom kingdom (not called animals). Those are compatible with the new era that shall last an eternity under the flag of love and peace...

The eight years from 2012 until 2020 are likened to obtaining a green card to the United States.

The next 12 years from 2020 until 2032 begin with obtaining a membership to the Galactic Federation of Light (a passport) and then adapting to the fifth dimension in all its aspects.

In 2032 we become Galactic beings in every sense of the word, nothing less than any other galactic civilization in aspects of science and experience.

What is going to happen; " is that in 20 years only we are going to be in the heart of the golden age instead of its beginning, and this has never happened before.

Civilizations in the previous golden ages (such as Atlantis and Lemuria) needed 432 years to reach the heart of the golden age, and this is the new and surprising development that happened…. as we shall tell you perhaps in the near future..

Note that the above mentioned points are but drops from the flood that you shall discover yourselves in the near future..and work to reduce the time that we mentioned is in everything is subjected to permanent changes to be for the benefit of mankind.. and it is also possible that there would be positive surprises related the issue of time..

Kindly read this article with the utmost of concentration.

Your Brother

The Enlightened Master/Ibrahim Hassan

love & peace

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