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The results of Portal 25th of August 2013" by The Enlightened Master


The results of Portal 25th of August 2013
War between Light and darkness is close to its end at the etheric level

We live these days important events, where the war between Darkness & Light is coming to its end at the etheric level...

The great amount of Light that was sent to our planet from the central Galaxy through this portal “between 22nd -25th of August 2013” worked to liberate us and our planet, at the etheric level from all Dark entities and reptilians...


Consciousness Levels / written by the Enlightened Master on August 24th, 2013

Consciousness Levels
Levels of consciousness for human beings on this earth

First level:

- To any Dimension he belongs : Third Dimension

- The level of activation of the Sub- conscious bodies “inner bodies”:
ysical, etheric and astral .
- Category: asleep, immature on the emotional & mental level.
- The level of consciousness: Ground
- His position of Light & Dark: Black and White

Some of the characteristics of his consciousness:
  • Dreamer
  • Live Duality
  • Believes in permitted & forbidden
  • Believes in religions, even if not complied with.
  • Sees from one angle
  • his provisions influenced by his emotions
  • Delights from sight, hearing, body and emotions “positively or negatively from all what we mentioned”..


Changes that occurred to the plan & the arrangement of the final scenario elements Part 2 / by the EM on 15th August 2013


Part 2
Changes that occurred to the new plan and on the arrangement of the final scenario elements


The first period that lasts for a maximum period of 21 days ….

The elements of the scenario that are going to happen during this period, in chronological order are:

The First Element- The economic collapse and the appearance of the new economic system:

It is inevitable for an economic collapse to happen in order to end the old matrix system (Orion), which is dominated by the Dark Forces on this world. This would lead into state of chaos all around the world, because of the dependency of the entire human population upon this economic system. This chaos should last only for a few days, as the new economic system would take over the old one very quickly, and it’s going to be backed up by the hard currency of gold and silver, and this system is attempting to become global, but it’s going to begin in America and it’ll need time to spread all around the world.
Some may wonder:


Some important clarifications before (part 2) / By The Enlightened Master on 14th of August 2013


Some important clarifications in the form of points
before launching (part 2)
The spiritual network combines between all the members of natural ascension “above 5th Dimension”..

The reason behind building the Spiritual Network is that the members were not united with each other all over the world..

This unity was necessary for the Supernova process for the members to be one hand...

The weakness point of the members of Natural Ascension was {they didn't gather on one’s heart}, as each group want to account for this issue “The Supernova” for itself away from the others..


Changes that occurred to the plan & the arrangements of the Final Scenario Elements. ( part 1 ) by the EM ibarhim-on 13th of August 2013

Changes that occurred to the plan
the arrangements of the Final Scenario Elements
What has happened in the period between 29th of July 2013 and 12th of August 2013?Why have we said recently that there is No Ascension for the people of “Natural Ascension” before mid of August? What are the events that occurred? What were the changes that were made to the plan, and the elements of the Final Scenario?

In the 29th of July 2013, the Divine performed a test process for the Ascension, made it look like the real ascension process and everything that goes with it has begun (you have all felt it, it was as if it were the day for Ascension), this was because the Divine wanted to see on the ground, the strong reaction of the forces of darkness and what they intended to do despite their prior knowledge of it.And yes indeed; The Forces of Darkness had tried using HAARP technologies 3 times, but all of their attempts were repealed, and negotiations had begun with the forces of darkness.


The Gambling Game / Written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on August 7th 2013

The Gambling Game
A message from a loving heart to all his brothers from all around the world, and specially to the readers of my website: 

In this delicate and critical period of time, where people have started to witness changes all around the world, people started to give more attention to predictions of upcoming events, such as where and when everything is due to occur, and the exact dates that the events should happen...

it is not wrong to study the present, and to put an effort into analysing situations, but it became wrong, when people gave this matter top priority and got stuck there, and began to evaluate the efficiency of each other’s based on the sincerity of expectations or not, and then forgot that the primary reason that qualifies the creation for the ascension process is their level of consciousness , not information, whether it true or false..


Announcement for the Group of Natural Ascension / written by The Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on August 1st 2013

Announcement for the Group of Natural Ascension
The difference between the people of the 5th Dimension & The people of the higher dimensions who are above 5th D {Natural- Ascension}

The people of the 5th Dimension:

They are qualified people consciously to the Ascension Process to the 5th Dimension, they are the remains of those who are called Mass Ascension “as mentioned earlier” , but will face difficulty in the process of transformation into the Light Body, where they will receive assistance from two parties to complete their own Ascension Process:

1- The first party through the Natural-ascension people, who will transform
before the {5th Dimension people}, we will explain this in the coming

2- The second party through the GFL {The Galactic Federation of Light},by
helping the rest of them after help from the first party, through taking
them into sophisticated Techniques related to the GFL on board of their
space vehicles...


A consciousness vision of the current situation ..written by/The Enlightened Master Ibrahim H.on 31st of July 2013

A consciousness vision of the current situation

Witness and Vision from outside the Circle

- The Light Forces see that the event will be globally, and ignored the Realistic of the Dark Forces on the ground, and ignored that not all human consciousness is ready to ascend...and they talk about Comprehensive Golden Age...

- The Dark Forces are fighting with all its power to bring the New Order World, and ignored the Light Forces on the Ground, through betrayal them and drained the time, and they ignored the Great Awakening “not consciousness” by the communities…

- Populations, who are not awakening, ignored the presence of both {The Light Forces & The Dark Forces}, and also ignored the truth that inhabit behind the-scenes...
The awakening populations are demanding the Golden Age & the truth, and they ignored the ascension & the necessary consciousness for that ascension...