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The Portal of 25th May 2013 and The NOW Moment . written by /The Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

The Portal of 25th. May 2013 & The NOW Moment

From 24th until 26th of May 2013 is the time for The Opening Of The Portal, and the peak of it will be at the moment when the Partial Lunar Eclipse occurs, which will happen at 3:00 am on 25th May 2013 GMT, and the moon will be in “the Full Moon” phase...
What is the importance of opening this portal on us & on earth?


The Next Six Months of the Earth’s Life and the Acceleration of Events"..21st of May 2013 by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim H

We remain ever since the moment our hearts had volunteered on the path of keeping up with and supporting the developments of this critical stage, and in collaboration with the councils in the higher dimensions, we were able to reach great achievements in terms of the spiritual development of humans here on earth as well as keeping up with all the changes that accompany the Ascension process of Mother Gaia into the fifth dimension. We are here today to update you on these changes.