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The Next Six Months of the Earth’s Life and the Acceleration of Events"..21st of May 2013 by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim H

We remain ever since the moment our hearts had volunteered on the path of keeping up with and supporting the developments of this critical stage, and in collaboration with the councils in the higher dimensions, we were able to reach great achievements in terms of the spiritual development of humans here on earth as well as keeping up with all the changes that accompany the Ascension process of Mother Gaia into the fifth dimension. We are here today to update you on these changes.

Truth to the matter is; the period of time stretching between 2012 until mid 2015 was the time allotted and designated by the Higher Council under the patronage of Lord Brahma to support the Ascension process of Gaia and its children via gradual and comfortable stages:

  •   Gaia "The Earth " must lessen the effects of the events occurring on its surface in terms of its climate and the upheavals on its surface structure and topography, and it must let these changes occur in a gradual and slow manner, as well as complete what remains of these changes and the largest of them after mid 2015.

       The blue flare and all forms of higher frequencies coming to our earth from the central sun of our galaxy aid in increasing the pace of our awareness process by Decoding our DNA as well as raising the level of spiritual development specific to humans. All the Ascended Masters and Higher Consciousness creatures must work on directing all their special spiritual teachings to support the Ascension process of the human race.

       The negative Karma that has accumulated upon the human race was also to be decreased drastically so as not to be a hindrance upon their Ascension process, and to remove what remains of it during the final stages of transformation into the light body.
    This process was to be aided by “chambers of light” as soon as we join our Agarthian brothers in the Inner Earth.
The results of the primary stage:
However, after obtaining the results of the primary stage that lasted about a year and a half, and despite all the spiritual guidance and specific programs that were prepared to the highest standards by different levels of Ascended masters and higher consciousness creatures to the human race through connections via their Astral bodies and Telepathy channels, as well as journeys of teaching and guidance through their sleep, The results were not satisfactory even though there is a noticeable increase of awareness in the human race, and many have been awakened.
The end result is : that the human race have not produced the required level of awareness to fend off the forces of evil , despite all the progress they made in stopping major plans of the forces of evil.

And so, several decisions have been made in order to obtain the required results in two stages:

- The first during the months of June to September 2013...
- The second is from September till December 2013.

These decisions are as follows:


  Supporting the current developments of the Ascension process of Mother Gaia by her request and accelerating the effects of this change in terms of earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes step by step, in order to trap the forces of evil and damage them and their plans as well as fending off their karma, and cleansing many areas of the planet of negative energy...

this decision was in effect since mid April 2013, and the physical manifestation of this is steadily increasing.

  Increasing the turning pace of the Karma wheel of the human race, for it seems that karma is the most effective master for humans to awaken to the events around them, because it leads them to strengthen their connection with their inner and higher self, and this connection would become a channel that accelerates their personal Ascension process as well as their unity against the forces of evil.

  Accelerating some cosmic events as these have a profound effect on the human psyche, because they always connect them with the Divine, and stimulates their subconscious to believe that major events are about to happen. This should ease the process of building the collective awareness, and these cosmic events would not cause much damage as they would be more for show.

  Intensifying the blue flare energies in order for both the forces of good and evil to manifest completely and clearly by the end of June 2013. This causes the disclosure of a lot of incredible facts on all the different levels, as well make the faces of both the darkness and light as clear as day. This will contribute to moving the wheel of political decisions and confrontations, as well as make arrangements for some announcements that start as secretive and then become public.

It is predicted that : a series of announcements are going to be released from mid July until the beginning of September 2013, but that depends upon the evolution of events for this could happen sooner or later than this date.

  Lord Kalki
is going to work on supporting the new movements in a direct and physical manner in order to stop the forces of evil through direct intervention from the city of light “Shambala”.

He worked recently through his moving on the level of his astral body, in disabling a lot of plans for the forces of darkness that related to their connection with the Archons, , and he is now threatening them of the imminence of his actual physical move that should result in cornering and annihilating their plans completely..

It has not been decided when this would happen, but it could be anytime, as this requires the immediate support of the Mahavatara on the physical level in order for him to be able to physically manifest his movements on earth.

The period of the next six months is a critical and very important stage of the earth’s life. Therefore, I advise my brothers and sisters and sons to control their nerves and try to reach spiritual balance no matter what it takes by building an inner peace, especially now that karma is going to manifest all our positive and negative sides in order to relieve us of our personal karma and help us to ascend.

Love, light and peace
Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

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