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Webinar Record-Shed light on: The collective consciousness / The new timeline possibilities / The ascension process / The Event


  1. Greatful,
    Thank You
    For Shedding More
    Light On What Is Happening
    a lot Of Explanations in this
    Webinar May All Beings Be Happy...
    Tara Grace...

  2. Didn't get to express my gratitude until now, so.. Thank you thank you THANK YOU EM & Solara for this very powerful session! Have to listen again to digest. I get some funds in 10 days and can donate then.

    Yes, I have been feeling myself that the situation is getting more pressing on many levels. The general population (but also us light-workers) need more visible signs of what's going on invisibly. THAT will elevate mass consciousness beyond anything else. I don't think projections of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and the peace sign into the sky all over the planet would trigger the plasma bombs to go off. My kind but urgent request: would you please relais this request to anybody in the spiritual hirarchy you can access now?

    I'll also send you via email to make sure you get this.

    Oh, and who are the other two beings on earth Gaia speaks to directly?

    Shanti to both of you,

    1. Dear brother Lee Binder,
      Thank you for your presence and participating in the webinar. And we thank all who attended the webinar and participating in comments and questions..
      The visible signs that you asked for, need the collective consciousness and not vice versa,, any event in order to reach the physical plane needs to be exist in the ethereal and astral planes,, Such as seeds begin their journey in the growth of the ground, and when the seed absorbs all elements that makes her grown like: water, Fertilizer and salts..etc. , it starts to go out on the surface to be visible,, you can’t ask the proof from the seed before its internal completeness inside earth..
      As for the projection of Spiritual and religious symbols (signs in the sky ) this issue is not related to the light forces ,, this is related to the [Blue Beam Project] which was one of the Cabals plan to do the New Order World,,, and this project is from the old timeline (means old plan) they can’t do it anymore ,, and of course you can read about the Blue Beam Project..
      And finally concerning the two other beings that Gaia mentioned in the webinar, they are not known for people (means; they did not have any activities in the internet or in the ground)..


  3. Thank you EM for your very insightful message (and email). Yes, I have been aware of project blue beam, and even of the considered projections. There was a channeling on recently about the possibilities of such projections, not originating from PBB (which supposedly is meaning- and powerless anyway, I heard).

    So then, ramping up collective consciuosness!