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New update on April 2016

New update..

  • Reconnect our universe with the tree of life of universes..
  • The third part which is the final part of healing the anomaly is completed “healing the corrupted code within the anomaly [the virus]...
  • The unknowable cells (the extra dark matters) in this universe had been withdrawn and absorbed...
  • The nightmare that was reflected by the Primary anomaly as a result of exposing some archangels to this anomaly has finished and contained...
  • The access to the unconditional love from the creatures that exist under quarantine has begun...
  • The second part of the scenario of creation has started to renew the infrastructure of universes & to renew the fabric of time and space for the holographic universes..
  • The process of healing and awakening the leaders of the dark forces in its peak..
  • The last barrier of launching the blue pulse which is “the unknowable cells - the extra dark matters “has removed...
  • The blue pulse is ready now to interact with the collective consciousness..
  • All the human beings on planet earth are under process to reconnect them with the manifestation law, to take them to their final destination, each group will go to its sub-timeline depends on its level of consciousness..
  •  The war in the ethereal level is about to end,, and the sign of ending is about to appear in our sky..

Namaste' to all


  1. Thank you EM & BS! Manifesting the Blue Beauty this summer!

  2. With much love and gratitude to everyone working to our liberation and that of Gaia... divine love to each and every one of you.

  3. Hi! I thought March 2016 was the deadline from the Council of Light to trigger the Event.
    Did I miss this????????????????????

    1. Please read the following link specially the part of clarification Q4

    2. Yes, thank you. Praying for no more "big preventive circumstances".

  4. Looking forward to the next update. Thank-you.

  5. Well, look like Enlightened Master got "lost" in all coming changes and he can't figure out by himself what is going on! Since April 25th no any update!!! Something wrong Ibrahim, right?

  6. we want update !!

  7. Here's the update:

    "The Galactic Central Sun is about to »sneeze«"

    Cobra knows that we all know what that means ;)

  8. What a circus! Cobra is explaining ! Another disinfo agent for Reptilians and Illuminati. Listening to him is like listening to Illuminati CNN, Fox and others. This guy is a CLOWN. LOL.