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Ascension part 2: Why do we need to Ascend? by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan August 18th 2012

Why do we need to Ascend?

written by. Enlightened Master / Ibrahim Hassan

Ascension is the will to grow and develop; We need to ascend in order to mature and gain an independent intellect and consciousness, and not to remain followers of others’ ideas, like a child who always needs his decisions to be made for him by his parents and others around him. As soon as this child grows and becomes an individual with his own free will, his parents settle for only giving him advice, and he starts to benefit from their experiences.

We need to ascend in order to gain an inner operations unit that stimulates our unique consciousness that is able to simulate all that is around us and benefit from it. That is because moving into the fifth dimension after the Ascension process enables us to act with more freedom to experience our dormant consciousness, with help from the higher civilizations and Councils who guide without inhibiting our freedom.

As for the third dimension, the point was to experience all the roles that enable us to face every weak point, and at the same time develop the strong points; for Duality and the Karmic system work very strongly on pushing us through those experiences in order to refine and polish what is within us, and gain the true jewel that God has meant for us to have, and then work on developing it and evolving it in the fifth dimension.

The third dimension was never meant to be more than a mirror that simulates all that within us. It is the womb that we needed in order to complete our gestation period, so as to become balanced individuals on the intellectual, emotional and physical levels.

Ascension is the true birth that enables us to launch into the highest dimensions and meet with our brothers and family members in the galaxies. It enables us to use the space of creation in these worlds that was allotted to us by God to be the new associates in building those worlds and to someday become important fixtures in them.

We need to ascend, because we had completed one stage in our growth, and now we must move on to another, just like the fetus who is in his mother’s womb, and must now be born to launch into a new phase. Only the situation here is a bit different, for the 9 month pregnancy period is a time issue that must pass in its entirety, for decreasing it is unhealthy.

As for ascension, preparing for it does not particularly depend on time, for in the language of the universe, time is calculated based upon the maturity of your mental and emotional experiences. As our experiences mature, we become ready for delivery (Ascension), and if we do not reach this level of growth, we would remain moving from womb to womb of the “wombs of universes and planets “until we complete it..

As time is calculated after birth (Ascension) by the number of our experiences not by physical age, for after we are born, we are close in age (youth age), and time becomes one of the factors that aid us in widening the scope of our experiences, strengthening them and supplying our unique consciousness with more maturity and purer awareness.

The need to ascend is the need of our inner consciousness to mature; it is not a string of words rolling on our tongues, nor is it a pursuit of interests or a request of sentiments. It is the accumulation of experiences that keep increasing little by little over time, pushing the awareness of our being into birth (Ascension).

Start by asking questions, pursuing experiences, moving, and participating, evolving, unifying, gaining knowledge, loving, cooperating and knowing ourselves, also activate all the functions of our chakras and create harmony in our “inner voices”, in order for the light in our inner white kingdom to start shining and powering our need to launch, unite and harmonize with the universe, as well as get acquainted with all that is within it.

Nevertheless, delivery cannot occur without contraction, for all that I had previously mentioned is exactly contraction for your birth. Contractions cannot be induced; they have to be natural, and in harmony with the nature of our consciousness maturity. The womb was created to know the science of embryos, and when this embryo is ready to be delivered and announce with these contractions his time of birth.

Your womb is your Mother Gaya (earth), and the time of Parturition has begun.



  1. Hello Ibrahim,
    I have returned to visit your site again & have enjoyed reading this posting as well as others above & below. This one in particular holds stronger meaning for me as not just your words, but these 2 images ...the holding of sacred spiral energy & the star of david which I have seen the inner meaning & the image of the divine Mother is very special to me & has been my symbolic avatar at my site for a long time !....I am very devoted to Mother-Earth & her her BEloved creatures of the wild. Thank you for all your contributions in enlightening humanity & I'm sorry you do not have more people reading your words & leaving you a nice comment.

    Have a wonderful heart filled day !.....Bev~

  2. I've just shared this message with my friends on Aisha North's site....hope this is acceptable to you !.....Love, Bev~