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Our Ascension & Freedom require our Unity together on one heart

This video is written & read by Enlightened Master / Ibrahim Hassan

Our Ascension & Freedom require our Unity together on one heart

Love has overflowed my heart in the form of delicate and tender words rushed out to run with every river on this earth until it reached her center and caressed her holy spirit. It calls to all the warriors of light and peace, it calls for the Light Workers, it calls for the Starseeds who were kept safe in her soil.

It calls for all of those whose memories were stolen by the darkness to wake up and remember their glorious past and ancient origins, and so awaken the flame of love within them, for now is the time to launch…

Now is the time to move. Now is the time for rebirth. Now is the time for freedom. Now is the time to spread the energy of love and now is the time to connect with the Divine.

In order to achieve that; there must be Unity:

Unity in the working hands, unity of hearts and unity of equipment and resources.

So in order to be able to meet with our brothers from different worlds and dimensions, we must first achieve this unity between us, so as to become the heart of one man. For Love is not a language of individuals, it is the language of the community.

Break this ice that is surrounding your hearts, and warm them with the faith and the truth, for the Divine shall not let you down.

Divinity is waiting for their sons and daughters to move, in order to work for their support and their victory...

I call for all my brothers and sisters who are in the front lines, in the march to liberate our glorious planet.

I call for our people in the Resistance and channels, and those who are supporting the Awakening in all the internet web pages, to open up their hearts more and more.
I call for anyone who has announced himself capable of participating in this awakening, to start moving, working and supporting this mission.

For the mission of liberating earth is not restricted to certain individuals, none of us can hope to win the heart of this mission alone, for this earth belongs to all of us ,and we will all participate in the mission to liberate it.

Before you remove the boundaries between countries, remove them from your hearts in order to have one heart.

Before you ask yourself why the water has dried, ask your eyes why they stopped shedding tears.

And before you ask why the Divine is late in granting the earth victory,
ask yourself:

[ why are you late in helping the earth first in order for the divine to deem you worthy in granting you this victory? ]

I do not ask much of you, what we require is for you to connect with each other, because it is not being strong or conscious that is going to liberate earth. However, what is going to liberate earth is when we become " a loving brothers with one heart ". There must be meetings between yourselves and lines of communication and dialogue, for you to be viewed by other creatures as one entity.

This is how Divinity works, there are many creatures and civilizations and different opinions, but they have one word and one heart and fly under one banner which is “love!!”

And now after I had relieved my soul by releasing those words that rushed forth from the bottom of my heart to all my brothers and sons, I ask you to support this flowing river of delicate words and love to reach all corners of the earth and to quench the thirst of all our brothers; and enlighten their hearts.

You could support these words by receiving them in your hearts with love ; and by sending them with love.

Your brother/Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

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