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12th of Oct.2015 (New wave of energy) / quick report...

12th of Oct.2015  (New wave of energy) / quick report...
12th of Oct. 2015 is the accelerating point of the following:
  • Galactic wave for this region
  • Gaia Sofia ascension / first level
  • MPR {Magnetic Pole Reversal} has launched the first peak...
  • Launch of the first ascension wave for the Natural Ascension [higher consciousness and beyond 5th Dimension “including star Seeds]
  • Period of the preparation for the first ascension wave [4-6 months] starting from this date 12th of Oct.2015
  • Blue pulse “Special batch has launched for the first level of Gaia ascension & the natural ascension beings “
  • Blue pulse for all categories of human beings on earth is pending until the event happened
  • The collective consciousness under scanning from the law of universes & the law of activation for sorting the categories
  • The result of the first phase for the collective consciousness has appeared...
for Further explanation will be very soon in the next webinar..


Enlightened Master / Ibrahim Hassan
Blue Solara


  1. Would you please stop saying "happened" when discribing future tense. The word is "happens".
    i.e. - When it happens. Until it happens. Will it happen?

    1. YES honored brother, The Blue Pulse Event WILL happen, so you'll experience it :)

    2. Oi, don't you realise that English is NOT his mother tongue?!?! Idiots like you will pick up minute errors instead of focusing on the bigger message!

    3. Instead of being grateful for the update and the message, you like a moron school teacher is here to improve other's English aren't you? twat

  2. Big THANK YOU, EM Ibrahim Hassan & Blue Solara, for the update!

  3. Beautiful,
    Thank You For The Update...
    Beautiful Message...
    Looking Forward To ..
    The New Webinar...Coming Up...
    Tara Grace

  4. Like always Dear Ibrahim is accurate. If I can, I would like to add that Blue Pulse is 19th dimension and will stay at least with me till October 23rd. Thank you Ibrahim for informing people about what is going on around them.
    Only sad part is that people are not knowing that "Blue Pulse" is not for everyone. Its only for very small ascending group.

  5. I do have question to you dear Ibrahim. Well, I don't know where to start but to me seems like something serious is going on or I just misunderstanding things. Blue Pulse arrived to me sometime between 16th and 17th of October claiming is 19th dimension. It left me like he said exactly week later, night between October 22 and October 23. Night of October 24th to October 25th another energy came which it claim is "God" energy from 75th dimension. When I ask about reason for coming it said "for an execution of the event". Is this really true? Is this event really so close? Is our God in 75th dimension??
    I'm just wondering what is really going on. Thank you Ibrahim.

  6. I am ready to change! My name is Jonas Sousa, from Brazil. Thank you very much!