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The consciousness beyond the religions’ borders,, written by Enlightened Master

The consciousness beyond the religions’ borders

Most people in the religion communities believe in the one who will appear at the end of time, like: The Christian Community believes in the return of Christ……. The Buddhist Community believes in the appearance of Maitreya as the one who will complete the teachings of Buddha….. The Hindu community believes in the appearance of Krishna… the Jewish community who believes in the emergence of Messiah, and the Muslim community believes in the appearance of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi...

All the above appearances are related to the old prophecy of the Old Timelines...
The names of those appearances in the new Timeline become under the title of “the return of Ascended Masters “...

The ascended Masters will not come under the above names, but as a Light Wisdom Beings, and this will be after the event...

Lord Kalki;

Lord Kalki is not any of the names that were mentioned above, and he does not represent the return of any one of them...

The mission of Lord Kalki is to merge all people and take them to the consciousness that beyond the Borders of Religions, in order to purify their consciousness and to make them One Nation,,, So in order to do that, he must to achieve a major task [which is cleansing the dark from planet earth] with his assistance of light beings,

Lord Kalki was incarnated in planet earth in 1912 in China,, and he was brought up within the confines of his father “who was a wise man “until he reached the age of 12, and through these years and based on what he saw of the conscious of people of earth “using his abilities”, at that time he realized the difficulty of this issue which is “cleansing the dark from earth” , and he realized as well the weak awareness among people of earth ..

And after the incident of the killing of his father in 1924, Lorld kalki as a boy had left his body and move to the Shambala to continue his work & his training from there,, and his work became intensify from the astral plane on cleaning up the Planet earth from the dark in 70’s ..

After the manifestation of the New Timeline in the  mid of 2015, he intensified his work on the ethereal plane, and his energy became exist in the physical plane after September 1st , 2015

His physical appearance will coincide with the physical appearance of Maha-Avatara in order to move the flag to him...

The physical appearance of Lord Kalki in the new timeline still an option and it will be decided based on many circumstances that will happen, but the transfer process of the flag to Maha Avatara is certain..


His role on the physical plane is to manifest all the sub-timelines to all nations, and he will appear in different names in each nation, but has the same consciousness..
Lord Kalki & Maha Avatara souls are working under the Spirit of Avatara..


Avatara is the embodiment of the Ultimate Free Will of the Central Sun of the ONE..

He is the representative of the consciousness of [Para-Brahman & Mola-Brahman together], he will appear in the sky when Maha-Avatara finished his work on manifesting all the sub-timelines.

He will say his word to all people of earth “Light, Dark and Oneness...” and he will reset all the timelines to all creations for the new beginning “..

p.s   Some of what we mentioned above are still symbols, so when it manifests on the ground it will take another form  but the same meaning.. Just at that time all people will realize the true meaning of those symbols..
EM 13th


More clarifications about Lord Kalki & Avatara by EM Jan 26 -2016

after the last webinar that placed on 14th of Jan 2016, and under the desire of many for  more clarifications about Lord Kalki & Avatara, we post this blog; 
The spirit can reflect many souls , and each soul can  handle the same essence of conscious of that Spirit..

that Spirit; has two parts [ Vishnu & Shiva]  [ masculine & feminine] of the Para-Brahman.. means Para-Brahman is the source of that Spirit..

As for Lord kalki; { he is one of the souls from that Spirit},  he is the embodiment of Vishnu, and he is one of the greatest being who is supporting to end the darkness on the planet earth .. and after completing his work , the last embodiment after him will be Maha-Avatara ..

Maha-Avatara { he is also one of the souls from that Spirit}, he is the last embodiment of Lord Para-brahman " light universes - manifested universes" , BUT  because of the merge that happened lately between the Para-Brahman & Mola-Brahman as One , the One will send the highest conscious spirit that represent both " Para-brahman & Mola -brahman" under the name of AVATARA..

This  means:
Lord Kalki: he is representing the being before the  last embodiment [of Para-Brahman] means before Maha-Avatara ..

Maha-Avata is representing the last embodiment of Para-Brahman after the lord kalki finished his work on earth..

Lord Kalki & Maha Avatara are two souls of the same Spirit from just Para-Brahman.

But Avatara: is the spirit not a soul , and the embodiment of BOTH Para-Brahman & Mola-Brahman after merging as One..

because of that ; we said that the Avatara is the embodiment of the ultimate free will of the One ..

by the way; Lord Kalki is here on earth since Sept.1st,  2015 , and he is doing his work , and he will appear physically when the Avatara embodies physically, to give him the flag..{they will meet together before the lord kalki leave earth}..

we will reveal more explanation and details about this issue at the right time..


Transcript of Webinar Q&A : An Overview of 2016 ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara ..

This Webinar's transcript is done by/ beloved Grace

Thank you precious friend Grace for this beautiful transcript..  

**Updated 24  January ~ Notes added (comments in ochre  are mine)
  • Light Beings and Oneness Beings present for the webinar; as with previous  time, Golden Eagle sets the stage and energy bandwidth to facilitate their presence; Beings include Andromedans, Lyrans, Ascended Masters
  • General message ~ acknowledging and appreciation for the work we've done,  sending Love, giving support and healing
  • Specific message from  Arcturians: they are closely supporting our Ascension process  and assisting us in preparation for Golden Age; 2012 – September 2017 considered  as one phase of preparation for Gaia Mom's ascension to 4D, then 5D; 2016 and  2017 ~ time of manifestation to enable smooth transformation; much has occurred  on astral and etheric level which will manifest in/after March; all cards from  both Light and Dark beings will be shown on the table; much is occurring behind  the scenes pertaining to Disclosure and currency Reset (cannot be revealed at  the moment); Global as well as individual changes; Natural Ascension and 5D  groups will regain abilities, connect with Higher Self and leylines of Earth;  increased appearances of ships; situation has reached peak and now time for  movement; RM and Positive Military putting together qualified plan and getting  those in charge to be in agreement, and this has been cause of delays; we need  to connect with Higher Self and have higher perspective.
  • Specific message from Ashtar  Command: "when" is not dependent on Time but rather on what  processes need to be completed; critical situation now, new cycle  after March  that will continue until September 2017, then next major peak end-2017; at the moment higher vibration particles that enable manifestation is being directed  and regulated (for optimum “dosage”) by Central Civilisation and Confederation & Federation of Light ships onto Planet to prevent chaos as well as keeping  MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal) in abeyance; however, after March filters on these  energies will start to be removed, do not be in fear ~ this increased intensity  will expose all that's hidden, activate DNA and therefore our abilities and  enable MPR to reach its peak; harsh time for those not prepared but those who  are will  connect with leylines and gain Merkaba; many windows of opportunity  for The Event because deadline would have been reached
  • Specific message from Pleiadians (our main genetic ancestors): they will be First Contact  race
  • Zeus: Anunnaki created “fake” Zeus; Guardian Council has played a role in  evolution since 4 billion y.a.
  • Ashtar, Warrior/Guardian:  many claim to channel Ashtar, but he declines to verify authenticity; instead he challenges us to be in our own authenticity,  and awaken sacred fire of Warrior within.


The Cintamani stone: interact with the stone & take advantage of its features to the extreme, written by EM

The Cintamani stone: interact with the stone & take advantage of its features to the extreme

At the request of many of you who asked for The Cintamani Stone, I explained this before through the comment area on April 16, 2015, here
And I answered via email for one of our member on how to activate The Cintamani Stone on June 12, 2015 ,, and here I share this with you now for the benefit of everyone...
My answer Via comment area about the Cintamani Stone  on April 16, 2015

Regarding your question about the Chintamani Stone, what I can NOW disclose about this stone is the following:

The stone is a symbol; which represents a mission that agreed upon by both Sirian & Pleiades… it represents the Union of the feminine & masculine [the Sun & The Moon]   and this matter was between the highest conscious beings (two great beings):  the first is the Keeper of the Galaxies’ {the mother Goddess of Star seeds} which represents the Goddess energy & the second one is the Great Leader “Warrior “who represents the Gods Energy..

The connection of the people of earth with the astral plane {on all the difference of their levels of consciousness}by EM

The connection of the people of earth with the astral plane {on all the difference of their levels of consciousness}...

we have received this question  from Dr.Linda as a comment on the last webinar [ The recorded Webinar of " Questions and Answers - An Overview of ... and we decided to post the answer as a blog , because this issue is everyone's concern..
Q: Dr.Linda
EM in your webinar talking about the lady who passed on and you could go at will to the realm that she was on.  When you travel on the inside how do you do it so you know where your going and to what dimension that your at.  Some people travel on the inside and they are just sent to a dimension maybe to do some work but they do not go to these places with focused intent.  These people take on different density of bodies depending on where they are at.  How would one travel on the inside at will and be able to direct where you are going.

Dear Dr. Linda,
Yes it’s true; people when they feel the astral plane through vision, they can’t direct themselves or move within the astral levels...
This issue depends on the level of consciousness, as follows:
Here; we will talk about the connection of people of earth with the astral plane { on all the difference of their levels of consciousness}  ..

The level of consciousness [ Connecting & Merging with the astral self] / this when you reach The Astral level through your inner journey...

Connecting means: you have a consciousness of 4th D – 5th Dimension... Just picking up some of the vibration of The Ethereal & Astral planes ...
Merging means: you have here a consciousness of 5th -6th dimension…and you are opened to the vibration of the astral within your aura...