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The consciousness beyond the religions’ borders,, written by EM

The consciousness beyond the religions’ borders

Most people in the religion communities believe in the one who will appear at the end of time, like: The Christian Community believes in the return of Christ……. The Buddhist Community believes in the appearance of Maitreya as the one who will complete the teachings of Buddha….. The Hindu community believes in the appearance of Krishna… the Jewish community who believes in the emergence of Messiah, and the Muslim community believes in the appearance of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi...
All the above appearances are related to the old prophecy of the Old Timelines...
The names of those appearances in the new Timeline become under the title of “the return of Ascended Masters “...
The ascended Masters will not come under the above names, but as a Light Wisdom Beings, and this will be after the event...
Lord Kalki;
Lord Kalki is not any of the names that were mentioned above, and he does not represent the return of any one of them...
The mission of Lord Kalki is to merge all people and take them to the consciousness that beyond the Borders of Religions, in order to purify their consciousness and to make them One Nation,,, So in order to do that, he must to achieve a major task [which is cleansing the dark from planet earth] with his assistance of light beings,
Lord Kalki was incarnated in planet earth in 1912 in China,, and he was brought up within the confines of his father “who was a wise man “until he reached the age of 12, and through these years and based on what he saw of the conscious of people of earth “using his abilities”, at that time he realized the difficulty of this issue which is “cleansing the dark from earth” , and he realized as well the weak awareness among people of earth ..

And after the incident of the killing of his father in 1924, Lorld kalki as a boy had left his body and move to the Shambala to continue his work & his training from there,, and his work became intensify from the astral plane on cleaning up the Planet earth from the dark in 70’s ..

After the manifestation of the New Timeline in the  mid of 2015, he intensified his work on the ethereal plane, and his energy became exist in the physical plane after September 1st , 2015

His physical appearance will coincide with the physical appearance of Maha-Avatara in order to move the flag to him...

The physical appearance of Lord Kalki in the new timeline still an option and it will be decided based on many circumstances that will happen, but the transfer process of the flag to Maha Avatara is certain..


His role on the physical plane is to manifest all the sub-timelines to all nations, and he will appear in different names in each nation, but has the same consciousness..
Lord Kalki & Maha Avatara souls are working under the Spirit of Avatara..


Avatara is the embodiment of the Ultimate Free Will of the Central Sun of the ONE..

He is the representative of the consciousness of [Para-Brahman & Mola-Brahman together], he will appear in the sky when Maha-Avatara finished his work on manifesting all the sub-timelines.

He will say his word to all people of earth “Light, Dark and Oneness...” and he will reset all the timelines to all creations for the new beginning “..

p.s   Some of what we mentioned above are still symbols, so when it manifests on the ground it will take another form  but the same meaning.. Just at that time all people will realize the true meaning of those symbols..
EM 13th


  1. The concepts written here are meaningful. But destiny is a law of nature. Nobody can change it, not even God. Destiny theory is inconsistent with God. When an Avatar will come can only be precisely predicted by a high level yogi. Take a look at the blog site on Soul Theory at

  2. Yes.I Am Sure this Is An
    Avatar that Will Come...
    Something that will speak light
    Will Be Like Joan Of Ark..
    Tara Grace...I AM SURE THIS iS all In Gods Plan...