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Transcript of Webinar Q&A : An Overview of 2016 ~ EM and BS

This Webinar's transcript is done by/ beloved Grace

Thank you precious friend Grace for this beautiful transcript..  

**Updated 24  January ~ Notes added (comments in ochre  are mine)
  • Light Beings and Oneness Beings present for the webinar; as with previous  time, Golden Eagle sets the stage and energy bandwidth to facilitate their presence; Beings include Andromedans, Lyrans, Ascended Masters
  • General message ~ acknowledging and appreciation for the work we've done,  sending Love, giving support and healing
  • Specific message from  Arcturians: they are closely supporting our Ascension process  and assisting us in preparation for Golden Age; 2012 – September 2017 considered  as one phase of preparation for Gaia Mom's ascension to 4D, then 5D; 2016 and  2017 ~ time of manifestation to enable smooth transformation; much has occurred  on astral and etheric level which will manifest in/after March; all cards from  both Light and Dark beings will be shown on the table; much is occurring behind  the scenes pertaining to Disclosure and currency Reset (cannot be revealed at  the moment); Global as well as individual changes; Natural Ascension and 5D  groups will regain abilities, connect with Higher Self and leylines of Earth;  increased appearances of ships; situation has reached peak and now time for  movement; RM and Positive Military putting together qualified plan and getting  those in charge to be in agreement, and this has been cause of delays; we need  to connect with Higher Self and have higher perspective.
  • Specific message from Ashtar  Command: "when" is not dependent on Time but rather on what  processes need to be completed; critical situation now, new cycle  after March  that will continue until September 2017, then next major peak end-2017; at the moment higher vibration particles that enable manifestation is being directed  and regulated (for optimum “dosage”) by Central Civilisation and Confederation & Federation of Light ships onto Planet to prevent chaos as well as keeping  MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal) in abeyance; however, after March filters on these  energies will start to be removed, do not be in fear ~ this increased intensity  will expose all that's hidden, activate DNA and therefore our abilities and  enable MPR to reach its peak; harsh time for those not prepared but those who  are will  connect with leylines and gain Merkaba; many windows of opportunity  for The Event because deadline would have been reached
  • Specific message from Pleiadians (our main genetic ancestors): they will be First Contact  race
  • Zeus: Anunnaki created “fake” Zeus; Guardian Council has played a role in  evolution since 4 billion y.a.
  • Ashtar, Warrior/Guardian:  many claim to channel Ashtar, but he declines to verify authenticity; instead he challenges us to be in our own authenticity,  and awaken sacred fire of Warrior within.
@26-minute Special message from TWOT member,  Diana Elfso, who passed on a week before, describing her after-life  process (body was weak and unable to continue with transformation); I  will just outline the message because it's very detailed, so please watch the  video to hear the full description.
  • She went through a gate, there were many lights, saw several people who  appeared to be fighting over her, she felt a sense of beauty within her heart initially, but this was short-lived; she then noticed that many of the beings  were dark beings ~ they wanted to capture and take her to the “waiting area”  (pre-reincarnation) because she had uncompleted contracts with them. She began  to once again feel the beauty within and asked to be aligned with her Heart, and  she dispelled her fear. She then saw pillars of Light which she recognised as  her Elf Kingdom Beings from her home Planet. A love- and  light-filled being looking like Gandalf from LOTR materialised from swirl of Blue and Violet  flames,  separating the two groups, and she relaxed completely.  This Being  procured her release and took her to Shamballah. She eventually intuited that he  was EM in his astral body. She also wishes us to know that there are many like  him on the Planet now, we are in the right hands, and that we should not fear  the dark beings.
  • EM informed that Diana now in 6-7D, no more incarnations for her, released  from dark contract completely and she is safe.
@ 36-minute ~ Sub-timeline  manifestation
  • Sub-timelines refer to nations on the Planet, they each have sub-timeline  (such as Western Europe, the East, Middle East etc) They are becoming clearer  and in the process of manifesting. Although these sub-timelines are specific to  the nations and dependent on consciousness and belief systems, they are still  related to Main Timeline. Much development after March; Gaia-Sophia will  accelerate her Acension process, sightings will increase and Cosmic signs in the  sky will appear to catalyse mass awakening. Much will occur in China  post-Chinese New Year, “dragons are awakening” and merging, we will see many  events in the East and together with the West, push for liberation, more so after March
  • Middle East ~ strong beliefs from domination, religion and tradition  systems, will face challenging times as awakening still limited; Law of Universe dictates that if level of awakening is low, then conditions will be more severe  to precipitate further awakening
  • Pressures in daily life ~ dark forces had previously disconnected us from  all the inner planes to sabotage our awakening, but with current intense  liberation efforts, portals and vortices have opened to facilitate our re-connection (awakening and ascension) and merging (Light Body process). Now  is the time for us to complete our lessons while connecting with the astral  (emotion) and etheric (mental) planes. For astral, we need to be in alignment  with emotional maturity ~ events may happen in our daily lives to trigger  emotional responses, these are opportunities for us to gain this wisdom, much  like a cleansing, breaking away from 3D domination and control belief systems  and releasing of old “battles”. The more we battle, the more harsh the  conditions.
  • Which factor played a role in  stabilising latest 4D scenario? (4D Group now staying on Planet Earth, as detailed in previous webinar) There are 4 major  possibilities:

The above last point is the main factor that enabled  the latest 4D  scenario. These are the NA Souls who collectively influenced the  scenario for 4D group through their high level of consciousness. The  next  descending factor that affected the outcome are the repeated group  meditations,  with the Light Forces coming in third, bearing in mind that they are not allowed  to interfere with the collective consciousness'  Free Will. The level of  consciousness (the last point) hasn't increased  sufficiently to contribute to  this latest 4D scenario.


Purpose of attack is to siphon energy and usurp our  spiritual credit for their  own immortality since they are disconnected from  Source. Generally, two  reasons that allow attacks to occur:

  • Implants related to off-world station as well as on-Planet, which allow  access to your energy and lead to attacks
  • Devices that produce specific frequencies that weaken auras and  lower  vibration;  if our energy level is high, they can't attack .
Mental: Release old belief  systems that were borne out of domination and control and raise our  consciousness Psychological and  Emotional: The power of our emotions can be like a tsunami. As  creator beings, we  are able to create or unmanifest things, especially as a  group. If we  don't possess emotional maturity, the dark forces can use our  creation  abilities to their advantage by manipulation us to "create" for them.  If we allow ourselves to be continually distracted by their agenda and  therefore weaken our energies, it will leave us vulnerable to their  attack. Sexual: This is  the base source power for activating Kundalini; they can impact this and disrupt  the Light Wisdom codes and DNA activation by etherically  impregnating women and  living off their auric energy. Physical: Sometimes this takes  place during sleep; when this occurs, the body is unable to move (sleep  paralysis?). We should not view attacks as validation that we are doing  Lightwork (and therefore wear it as a  badge of "honour"). Instead, we must strengthen ourselves so that we  don't come under attack.
What  should be done if attacked?
Prana breathing to raise frequencies;  break their control by fighting off  fear through our inner will. Running away  doesn't work; face them and  awaken power within.

How  to protect ourselves? Raising vibration, meditation and increasing  our spiritual account ~ these all stave off potential attacks.
Clarifications  for some definitions ~ vital to have accurate interpretations of  certain terms to facilitate awakening: The Source, One, Prime Creator..

  • Source ~ the first point of energy, first point of all  creation, of everything that's ever happened, related to Unknowable/Un-manifested  Universes,  prior to physical manifestation.
  • Para Brahman and Mula  Brahman (two parts of The Source) are akin to Central Sun and its  accompanying  star, moving in concert with each other. When they unite/merge,  they  become One (more later)
  • One is "the beginning";  Source is "before the beginning"; the point between Unmanifested Universes and  Manifested Universes
  • Prime Creator (for  Manifested Universes) is the first "projection", or creation, from One; known as  "Mental Cosmic", i.e.beginning of Creation; Prime Creator also responsible for  all Mental Cosmics in all Manifested Universes
  • Source ------->  One ---------> Prime Creator;  all are  still known as "Source"
  • Para Brahman and Mula Brahman are spiritual energies of Source; Para Brahman  related to Manifested or Light Universes, Mula Brahman related  to Unmanifested  or Unknowable/Dark Universes
Lord Kalki:
mighty Light Being  under Avatara flag; Avatara is physical embodiment  of ultimate Free Will of  Central Sun ; Lord Kalki supporting  Planetary liberation and removing  dark forces (it is said that he will  remove darkness of Kali Yuga), paving the way for Avatara to come to  Planet Earth. Spiritually known as No.39 while Avatara is No.40 (from the same  Spirit).

All Universes are  vertical, no Universe is horizontal (more  details in previous webinar); each Universe has its horizontal  planes/dimensions; density of these  Universes increases as we go from  Enlightenment ("heaven") Universe  towards Physical Universe (where we are).
From previous  webinar

Difference between Oneness teachings and  Oneness 13th?

13th is ultimate Free Will of Central Sun; each  Central Sun  holds the point of existence for the One to connect with that  galaxy. Oneness teachings exist for all dimensions, but Oneness 13th is the  highest perspective  or level of the Oneness teachings. 
(Read  more about Oneness here)
Differing interpretations of  these terms exist because there are several levels  of perspective and  consciousness, and also different dimensions. For  example ~ 9D understanding of  such terms would be more expansive than 5D  (Truth  has many "layers"), but all are aligned with authenticity. EM likened it  to a funnel, where the understanding is less on the lower levels but increases  as it gets  into higher dimensions.

  • One is a Being who is the "first step" from Source. Oneness is the  School  of teachings of The One ~ beyond Light and Dark, in the beginning
  • Oneness University in India isn't related to Oneness 13th. EM  reminds us  that Oneness teachings existed before the Quarantine, more  than 25,000 y.a. (he  mentioned this in his message to Lightworkers in  China) but has since vanished.  However, the teaching surfaced few years  ago and is with an individual (not in  China or India), the launching of  which has commenced. Oneness teachings for  5th, 6th, 7th etc still  existed throughout these time, but not Oneness  13th.

How the Light  sees  the following terms: 
[ The
Light ] ;
There is nothing before  Light; the Light comes from One, and One is Light, and there is nothing before  that; it is the origin ..

[The Dark ];
A corruption, disconnected  from Source, chose the Dark way using Free  Will (as opposed to being forced or  manipulated) and therefore not  acceptable to the Light Kingdom ..

[ The Anomaly]; A sudden event, corruption; existed since the creation of Universes; no one  responsible (just "is") and no question has ever been asked. Some  Light Beings  decided to explore the Anomaly 7-8 million y.a. but they  were "infected" and  there began the story of Fallen Angels..[The Archons ]; 
A g
roup of Dark Beings  originally from Andromeda, who chose to disconnect from Source.
How the Dark  sees  the following terms:
[ The Light ] ; They see Light as the  beginning, but they believe that there is something  else even before the  beginning. So they aspired to seek their own Source or Prime Creator in anyway  they can, whether through Light or Dark  means.
*Important note from EM* "Dark" in this  context does not refer to Dark Forces; Dark descends  into Badness, which then  descends into Blackness. It's this Blackness  that's the source of negativity  (killing, raping etc) on Earth, so the  more appropriate term to use is Black  Forces instead of Dark Forces  
[The Dark ]; The Dark sees this as the unknown, and therefore to be explored
[ The Anomaly]; A corruption, but they also seek to determine why and how it  happened;  they use their knowledge and technology manipulate it in order to  benefit from it. Initially, there was no abuse of this Anomaly but  eventually  through dissension into Badness and Blackness, the Dark  Forces now use this  against the Light Beings..

[The Archons ]; 
They see this more  of an energy source that infects, rather than a  specific Race by itself; much  like energy entities living within the  Races.
How the Oneness  sees  the following terms:

[ The Light ] ;
One part of the process of  Creation in the beginning; it's the manifestation of the Un-manifested/Unknowable  Universe ..

[The Dark ];
Unconsciousness cells; there are Conscious cells (Light) as well as  Unconscious  cells (Dark) within all of us;

[The Archons ]; sees the archons as created  from power of  Unconscious cells that were expelled (please see previously suggested article for  more details). These Archon energy-entities then return to their own  creator races ("owners") to infect  and control them, and in turn disconnect them from Source  (since they  themselves were disconnected by their own source "owners")

[ The Anomaly];
The One knows how the Anomaly happened. Light Beings are aware of  what they consider as two anomalies ~ between Mental and Wisdom plane, and in  the Plasma plane between Physical and Etheric plane (they believe this is  the  "beginning", that there isn't anything before this). However, there  is third  Anomaly (the "first" Anomaly) that occurred before this ~  between 
Unknowable/Dark/Un-manifested Universes and  Manifested/Light/Unknown Universes  (this is the Cosmic Anomaly that was  healed in August 2015, as reported by EM and BS in earlier messages).  This mid-point, which is the result of a "shaking", is between the two Mental  Cosmic of the Prime Creator.
(Read this for more details). Even the Unknowable is  preceded by something else! The first Big Bang  (even before our own Big Bang)  is preceded by the Spirit World, which is preceded by the Avatara's World, which  is preceded by another, and  another.....without limit.

Question:  Is the Anomaly necessary for Creation?  From Oneness  perspective ~ Yes. This is like a vaccine to create Universes  with unlimited  immunity (but sometimes the vaccine can kill...). When  our Universes were  created and the "shaking" occurred that resulted in  the Anomaly, the purpose was to experience the greatest challenges while having the most  support ~ this will create the 8th plane within us, a new plane (the 7  planes  are from Physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental, Wisdom, Will,  Enlightenment). None  of the 17 Universes have this, our Universe is the  first to create this 8th  plane ~ this is related to Oneness 13th. and is the result of the healing of the  Anomaly (in August 2015).  "....something magnificent, ....for your  benefit".

Difference  between Advaita non-duality teachings and Oneness teachings:

Non-duality is to return you to One, cleansed from old beliefs and released  from  old battles, to return to original state. It's an awakening, an exiting  of the dream. It's a returning to your Higher Self, to Who You Really  Are.  Oneness teachings is to return to Who You Really Are, inside the  dream. It's  like you know you are in a dream, without exiting from the  dream. It's the  embodiment of your original Truth and Wisdom within the  dream. Why?  So that you can affect the Matrix from within the illusion, while in  the dream;  as opposed to waking up and then exiting the dream, which  means the dream is  still existing. It's coming from the  Oneness in your purity,  retaining that purity and affecting the Matrix  (and making a difference),  " if you are Zeus on Planet Earth."  It's the embodiment of Truth within  the dream, instead of exiting the  dream to reach the Truth.

@1:36-hour Q&A Session

  • EM and Blue Solara have been working with Oneness Light Beings to  activate  and stabilize vortices in Latin America since webinar began
  • "I love my brother, Cobra"; all information from EM are based on his own  inner journey and experiences; he knows his True Self and purpose,  has full  memory of previous incarnations; as part of group of 8  Enlightened Masters,  he's imparting Oneness 13th teachings in its  unchanged original form and works  to assist in the liberation and  Ascension of Humanity as well as the  Planet.
What did we do as  a species to fall from Grace and have only 10% DNA  functioning, why have we  been punished for so long....26,000 years?
  • We have only 2-strands(3D) active now, but we'll have 77,000 strands when we  reach 13D; in 5D it's 12 strands activated; in 9D we have  21,000 strands.  Activation level depends on our spiritual account as  well as which dimension  we're in, for example in 5D usually 80-90% of  12-strands, in rare cases  95-97%.
  • Over the eons, our DNA has been manipulated by Dark Forces and Illuminati 
  • We are neither being punished nor did Prime Creator allow this to  happen.  This is 100% Free Will Zone, so we have chosen our reality,  whether to be  slaves or Masters (directly or indirectly,  consciously or unconsciously, even if manipulated in some way....we are choosing  every moment) especially if we have exercised our Free Will 100%.  However, in extreme circumstances Prime Creator has stepped in several times to  avert  potential outcomes. In 2013, under Galactic Code, Oneness Beings found a  delicate and sensitive way to circumvent this Free Will Law; as a  result, Prime  Creator expelled our Council of Light who had committed  several errors  throughout the various Solar Systems, exacerbated by the  Anomaly and Archons.  Although Archons are not allowed to control  Humanity, we gave them "permission"  to do so by surrendering our Free  Will to them; we did not step into our own  Sovereignty (therefore we enabled them to  control us and our reality) and reject what they are doing to  us.
@ 1:49-hour
Are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva the Prime  Creator? In which Universe do they live, and in which dimension?

  • Vishnu and Shiva are embodiments of Para Brahma. They take turns to embody  as  Para Brahma to come to Planet Earth at each Golden Age; they represent  the  Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine for Para Brahma. They reside in the 7th  Universe (Havana, "Heaven"), embodiment of the 13th, between  12D-13D  vertically
  • Mula Brahma is of the Unknowable/Un-manifested Universes, and therefore has  never been here before. However, the time  is now for the merging between Mula  Brahma and Para Brahma, which is a  "graduation". This merging is the Avatara  13th; it is the first time  ever that Unknowable/Un-manifested Universes and  Unknown/Manifested  Universe are merging to become One, thereby stabilizing the  Central  Point. 
  • This sets the stage for the Grand  Reset for all of Creation and all the  Cycles since the beginning, by Source,  who has reached the ultimate  consciousness. (W.O.W...) Source will now  embark on a new journey.
The  Cintamani Stone
  • Secret to activating Cintamani is to connect through Heart Chakra and align  with Who You Really Are, failing which the stone would not affect you  but only  the environment around you. Unique Sirian energy in the stone  assists in  cleansing and aligning with energetic systems; it should be  treated as a Being,  like a mother. How successful the "relationship" is  depends upon the level of  consciousness of our reality. Cintamani works  in two ways ~ activating  Planetary leylines and facilitating individual  liberation and awakening. It  guides on an intuitive level; each stone is connected with a group of Light  Beings and is related to the 144,000  Masters of Sanat Kumara from Venus. (Read more details here.)
Can  family members with different Ascension paths (such as NA and 4D) meet each  other after The Event?
  • After The Event and removal of Veil, after Council of Light restores  immigration status (between Planets) and Humanity goes through  moderation to  become Galactic Humans ~ may take few years in total ~  then this is possible.  Also possible if 4D raises consciousness to  enable connection with NA.  Eventually also able to connect with those  who have passed  on.
It is predicted that  a sage will appear in China, is this the Avatara?
  • Not able to disclose full answer at the moment. However, in general, each  nation has equal opportunity ~ it depends which ones will be able to  handle  the energy of the embodiment of The One in the physical reality  as Avatara;  these nations will be visited first. At the moment, there is strong opportunity  for China to be the first but this is not a  confirmation.
Earth Changes ~ MPR, floods; are there safe  regions to relocate?
  • Earth changes are occurring now, including MPR. Light Beings and Oneness  Beings are helping to temper the energies so that geological impact is  lessened in order to allow a smoother transition. However, after March  MPR  will enter new phase, but still at 12-13% geological impact "risk".  Much also  dependent upon Collective Consciousness
  • MPR will reach main peak end-2017 because Planet Earth will ascend to 5D;  that's why  The Event needs to happen within 2016 so that the masses can be  adequately supported and assisted.
Could  you please elaborate on energy work in Latin America?
  • EM and Blue Solara worked on vortices to enable manifestation of Pillars  of  Light, three of which will be visible ~ two in Columbia and one in  Cuba. There  are nine others but they will not be visible to the human  eye
  • Will manifest in next days or weeks, much change ahead for these regions  (cleansing).
How can we  tell which Higher Self we are connecting to, and from which  dimension?
  • If we are in a state of emotional maturity, then we are connecting with  Astral Higher Self; if we are having insights or A-ha moments, then we  are  connected to our 9D Higher Self (original HS); if we are feeling  immense  blessings from within or having specific memory recall, then we  are connected  with HS even beyond 9D
  • When we use our  psychological, we connect with Ethereal, when we use our  emotion, we  connect with Astral, using our mental (not brain) connects us with  Mental Plane, when we use our wisdom (unaffected by belief system of  domination and control, based only on our own experiences) then we are  connecting with 9D HS
  • We are constantly connecting with the  various realms as we go about our  daily lives ~ this is different from  "merging", which will mean leaving 3D  plane
  • Merging is Light Body process ~ if we merge at Astral, we will be in Astral  realm etc.
Are all  Star seeds in NA Group?
  • Yes, but many are still unawake therefore their "membership" to NA not  activated yet and therefore "away" from NA. Do two things to align with  NA: 1.  Awaken   2. Activate your mission
  • Thirdly: activating group mission, aligning with highest perspective,  connecting with our Inner Core ~ NA beyond 5D.
What  is difference between Higher Self and I Am Presence?
  • Higher Self ~ next higher "perspective" of Who You Really Are at the moment,  in 3D; so that would be Astral HS
  • I Am Presence ~ Who You Really Are as a Soul, the ultimate Free Will of  the  Central Sun, the end of 12D Holographic Reality; that is, reaching  vertical 13D  after we end our inner journey ~ the Ultimate You in 13D
  • It's good to invoke I Am Presence as this does connect you in some  degree.
When Timelines  merge ~ how does this work? Does this result in confused  memories?
  • We are in midst of merging many timelines now because of the Cosmic Reset.  (EM likens it to nervous systems with many nerves criss-crossing at  central  point, with "gates"; all timelines moving towards centre and  converging). Once  gates closed, The Event will be triggered. We have  many opportunities to  connect with our various Selves in the Now moment  as a single point of  existence.
Webinar  ends @2:14-hour. With many thanks and Gratitude to EM  and Blue Solara for their guidance, support and Love...

Namaste ..


  1. Dear Grace;
    As usual you are here, you have a strong presence, and you know your role..
    Every activation we are doing towards our mission is purifying our consciousness, and is a completion of our vision,, all what the One needs from us is to be presence, to be us , and our presence has many levels , the physical, emotional , mental , wisdom, enlightened presences, and all those layers of presence should be align with I AM PRESENCE..
    The wisdom of the presence is to be at the right time and space,, in order to be align with the presence of the One , always the presence of the One is here , and here means Now, all what people need is not to be delayed from the Now , to feel his presence..
    Of course those words from me to you, not because you have transcript the webinars, but because you are always here..

    EM & BS

    1. Namaste EM & Blue Solara,

      I have taken what you wrote into my Heart....the meaning is deep, and I acknowledge and accept the Divine energies and connection with much Love and Gratitude to you both.

      Hand to Heart, thank you....