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Changes that occurred to the plan & the arrangement of the final scenario elements Part 2 / by the EM on 15th August 2013


Part 2
Changes that occurred to the new plan and on the arrangement of the final scenario elements


The first period that lasts for a maximum period of 21 days ….

The elements of the scenario that are going to happen during this period, in chronological order are:

The First Element- The economic collapse and the appearance of the new economic system:

It is inevitable for an economic collapse to happen in order to end the old matrix system (Orion), which is dominated by the Dark Forces on this world. This would lead into state of chaos all around the world, because of the dependency of the entire human population upon this economic system. This chaos should last only for a few days, as the new economic system would take over the old one very quickly, and it’s going to be backed up by the hard currency of gold and silver, and this system is attempting to become global, but it’s going to begin in America and it’ll need time to spread all around the world.
Some may wonder:

Are the Dark Forces who’s working on creating this economic collapse?

Yes, as their final card, as you know they don’t like to give in easily. However, the forces of light are also supporting this collapse by planting their new financial systems in the current economic structure to aid in its destruction and quickly scale it into the new system.

Would the Scenario wait until the new economic system spreads throughout the world?

Of course not, the Scenario should continue its motion right after the collapse of the current financial system.

There are those who believe that there would not be a new economic system, and that the usage of money would not be appropriate with the new stage of spiritual transformation!

This point of view is correct but to whom? Not all the peoples of the earth are in the same stage of spiritual development, and each one of them must complete his steps of development and must not skip any of them. Therefore, the advanced spiritual levels must not be applied to those who are less consciousness, and vice versa….

things are measured as follows:

1. Those who remain on this earth (The 7TH level of 4th Dimension) after the splitting:

They shall have a new economic system that is backed up by hard currency of gold and silver, as well as a new technological system that is dependent on free energy,in order to continue their own stage of spiritual development that is in accordance with their level of consciousness.”

2. Those who will ascend to the (5th Dimension) after the splitting:

They shall have an economic system that does not depend on money, but on what is called “economic service” as well as a technological system that depends on “Bio-technology.”

3. Those who will ascend to “ above the 5th Dimension” after the splitting:

They shall have an economic system that depends upon creativity, innovation and evolution on the levels of consciousness in accordance to spiritual laws. Their only technology is you, because you will discover that the greatest device created by God and advanced to the extreme is you {your spiritual consciousness} because you are a Co-Creator.

The Second Element- the last war between the forces of light and darkness:

After the economic collapse, ensuing chaos, and the beginning of the launch of the new economic system, there is going to be a clash between the forces of light and darkness (the final battle) but it would not be on a huge and global scale as you might expected. Rather, this clash would be confined in a conflict and specific locations; this clash will be the reason behind ending the last tails of the forces of darkness on this planet, and sending them to their low dimensions which are the lowest levels of 4th & 3rd Dimensions.

The Third Element: Disclosure & Di-Lock for the GFL spaceships, and the presence of our brothers “the Agarthans “from the undergrounds of the earth:

After finishing from removing the Dark Forces from the field, and of course all people become aware of everything that has been going on around them, the Disclosure will be announced and a few days separate it from the Di-Lock, where it would be the largest shocking sign for all humanity when entering in the major changes of the new age.

The Fourth Element: Ascension for the peoples of above the 5th dimension (the people of natural Ascension):

Why has this element of the Scenario been shifted from being the First to becoming the Fourth element of the Scenario? And why is it occurring after the appearance of the GFL?

This is because the purpose of causing Supernova to the peoples of natural ascension as the first element of the scenario was Helping Gaia and “her sons of the fifth dimension” to ascend through the huge energies produced from the Supernova.

Disabling any attempts by the Dark Forces from preventing the ascension process for Gaia and her sons, for there must be a huge spiritual force that overwhelm the scene, where the Dark Forces trying to fabricate through using HAARP where those spiritual forces work on stabilizing and strengthening the ascension process for Gaia and her sons.

But, after removing the reason which is “the usage of HAARP or any similar technology on a global scale by the Dark Forces” , there is no need to rush in bringing this matter, because the energy coming from the center of the galaxy which increase in stages, as well as the roles of the Ascended Masters, are enough to prepare for the entire Ascension process, also there is now a greater time and opportunity to give all the different parties who have worked on this mission their rights (The Light Forces , Disclosure…etc. )

As to why this is going to happen after the appearance of the GFL?, the reason is:
  • Because the appearance of GFL is accompanied by a large amount of energy flowing from the center of the galaxy to prepare and aid this apparition; therefore, it becomes a suitable environment for the Ascension process for the people of natural ascension (above 5th Dimension)
  • in addition, the supernova that associated with the ascension will occur naturally in order for people of natural ascension to achieve their ascension effectively, this is because those distinctive souls , will not over taking large amount of energy for transformation after having passed the need of it..
Important note:
{ There will be a ascension and transformation for some members of the natural ascension, before or with the beginning of the scenario “I mean here the general scenario and not the ascension scenario , this is for a small numbers “ only hundreds “ and this matter is an exceptional just for the elite from people of natural ascension, so as to run things from the above and to join the New Council of Light to Gaia, under the patronage of the council of Shambhala.}

The Fifth Element- the MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal):

As we had mentioned in (Part 1) , the MPR was postponed to become the last element of the Scenario, after having passed the need to be activated in the first part of the Scenario, and that was to prevent the Dark Forces from using HAARP or any other similar technologies…

The effect of the MPR:

The MPR ,will not be as many expect it” fires burn the planet”, and we mentioned earlier that the MPR would be only at the level of the earth’s "magnetic polar reversal” just at the energy level”, and this will lead to significant impacts and noticeable on the climate on this earth, which would allow the earth to “reset” to a state that suits its transformation process, in order to complete her ascension, and we said that the Geophysical effects on the continents are going to take place over a number of years (of course after the separation), and the reversal of polarity is also will occur on our own auras, just like it happened to mother earth, and that is to aid us in our own ascension and transformation processes.

Important note:
{ These elements of the scenario are limited on a period of time, and these elements should complete their mission in the time period of (maximum 21 days from the beginning of the general scenario), otherwise they will lose their role, and they will be excluded from the scenario...and the scenario will continue}…

The second period, after the MPR and lasts 40 days:

This is a preliminary period to help the people of 5th dimension complete their remaining requirements for ascension, especially after the reversal of polarity to their auras, and after the earth’s atmosphere becomes saturated with 5th dimension energies, as well, they will gain during this period complementary information for their certainty, faith , conscious as well as their lessons, especially after be a lot of facts have unfolded, and everything became visible, in addition, there are a lot of assistances from the GFL and also from the Ascended Masters ..

The third period: lasts for 7 days after the second period is complete and what will happen in it:

Ascension for the people of 5th Dimension (The remaining of Mass Ascension):
This will be after they have fulfilled all the necessary rights to the ascension process through the second period.

The Separation (splitting):

This will separate between the seventh level of the 4th Dimension and the 5th Dimension and above 5th Dimension completely... where every level is going to take its own course as well as its own timeline.

Fourth period “ ie.The first period after the separation per- dimensional “

  • Where the work starts in building the Golden Age “ at the 7th level of the 4th Dimension” , and the ascension will be their ultimate goal in the coming years.
  • As for the peoples of the 5th dimension, they would have already achieved the Golden Age and be enjoying it..
  • As for the peoples of Natural ascension (above the 5th Dimension), they have reached the heart of the Golden Age, which is called The Freedom Age.

The scenario is ended!!

Remains the last question here: when will the scenario begin?!!

Wish you have a safe journey.

Love and peace
Written by The Enlightened Master / Ibrahim Hassan


  1. Thank you Ibrahim. It is just wonderdful how All this information is given in so detail and yet not a date as to when it is to begin. Tomorrow or next year or longer. I ask myself why do they keep doing this to us?
    Perhaps this Scenairo will change also.
    One does has to admit it is the thing all the does get disheartning and makes it so difficult to accept.
    Could you please tell me what Di-Lock means.

    1. Applies to #1 Comment

      So sorry I did not edit this comment.....meant to say..information given in such detail and... One has to admit it is the same thing all the time.

  2. I'm soooooooo tired........

    How does one know if s/he is one of the "elite" members of natural ascension?

    Could possible indicators be that the elite natural ascensionists are not interested in seeing the GFL and never have been? That we could not give a crap about being around for Disclosure? That we are not even interested in seeing the initial collapse of the economic system?

    Is it those of us who have left our egos behind and won't stop asking questions, constantly seeking higher knowledge than this planet can provide, with no let up...those of us who don't identify with any particular group on this planet but are always carefully observing what level each group/or individual is at?

    Is it those of us who have integrated and balanced our masculine/feminine energies in the one body/one soul, and who now fully embody both male and female divine complements?
    Those of us who also deliberately set out to balance and embody the greatest extremes of both Negative & Positive in this realm of duality?

    Are the "elite" those of us whose Higher Selves have built stargates -- but we don't have a clue what to do with them now?

    And yes, please...what does Di-Lock mean?

    1. Dear friend,

      Do not rush to judge the elite, it has gone through a lot of spiritual and physical experiences, and their consciousness is able to absorb a lot, and we'll talk about this, in the upcoming blogs.

      For your questions about the time, please read the blog under the Title (The Gambling Game)

      Di-Lock Means: the removal of technology that hide space ships, (Nano-Technology) to become visible

      Peace and Love

  3. My question contained no judgement, as an enlightened being no longer judges anything in creation...I truly want to know, what classifies a person as being one of the "elite".
    Trust me, my consciousness is able to absorb a LOT.

    What are their characteristics in detail, what level of awareness have they reached? Please hold back no information..let her rip.

    And I'm finding something rather curious is going on concerning the black, triangular "Stargate" I unknowingly built (that I was triggered by Higher Self to build) last year during the Lion's Gate. What I do recall coming out of the sleep state is that I used 3 vesica piscis to build it, which means 3 zero point torsion fields at the corners.

    I've tossed my Stargate question to the universe for the past year, and I sense my HS has been blocking me from receiving information.
    It did send me the information to activate my Stargate a few months ago, simply through intention. And I was allowed to see the spinning/radiating energy fields emerge.

    Now I'm being sent the information that as I am a balanced Male/Female entity, this could mean I have here a balanced gate of male AND female energies and so two gates will merge, one masculine, one feminine, to form a 6-pointed star. A star tetrahedron, a Merkaba.
    Up until now, I thought it was only a huge black triangle. And that the Merkaba only applied to the personal Light Body Vehicle of the individual.

    And I still want to know how to use this thing, and if it will be used for Mass Ascension of humanity.

    I want to know if it is the "elite" group that have built these interdimensional Stargates, because there is sparse to no information out there regarding this, and so far no one is answering me.

    1. My name is PAULA. Read at the site "STANKOV'S UNIVERSAL LAW PRESS". All answers are there.

  4. P.S. You may have confused me with the first Anonymous person who posted, as unlike them I did not have questions about the time.
    But we both wanted to know what Di-Lock meant -- thank you for that.

    I am the second Anonymous poster. Think of me as "Stargate Anonymous".

    1. Dear friend: "Stargate Anonymous".

      Please follow us on our main website

      I'm in that website (My website) where there are many topics Useful and we'll talk in the next blogs about everything you asked.

      Love and Peace