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The Gambling Game / Written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on August 7th 2013

The Gambling Game
A message from a loving heart to all his brothers from all around the world, and specially to the readers of my website: 

In this delicate and critical period of time, where people have started to witness changes all around the world, people started to give more attention to predictions of upcoming events, such as where and when everything is due to occur, and the exact dates that the events should happen...

it is not wrong to study the present, and to put an effort into analysing situations, but it became wrong, when people gave this matter top priority and got stuck there, and began to evaluate the efficiency of each other’s based on the sincerity of expectations or not, and then forgot that the primary reason that qualifies the creation for the ascension process is their level of consciousness , not information, whether it true or false..

If someone had told you the exact day and hour that the ascension is scheduled to occur, and it turned out to be true, that does not mean that he himself is guaranteed to ascend, and it also does not mean that believing in him would guarantee your ascension. On the other hand, if someone had told you the exact date and hour that ascension is due to occur and it turns out that he was wrong; it does not mean that he wouldn’t ascend, OR for you will not ascend because you believed in him and trust in him..

The basis which the person is evaluated if he was qualified to ascend is “the level of consciousness that contained in his inner spiritual bodies, and the extent of his practical applying for this consciousness, and not upon the extent of his proficiency in reading events from around, or whether his expectations are true or not, for we are in the era of ascension and not in a predictions competition...

Predictions are like a Gambling Game, as they only have two sides: either winning or losing, and even if you win the first time you could lose the next time and vice versa, for it is a painting with only two colours: black and white.

As for awareness, it is a painting with millions of contrasting colours, it is a painting of spring that shows the brightness of its owner’s consciousness, the abundance of his intellectual patterns, his flexibility in accepting the intellectual patterns of others, and then his entrance into the multi-dimensional sciences that could not suit with the black and white painting, for it needs several layers of conscious levels and understanding of the most complex and deep issues...

The other issue is that the purpose behind ascension is “qualifies us to advanced levels of realization and understanding and harmony with the universes and the other levels of consciousness of cosmic beings.” It is not to be a winner or a loser...

Winning and losing is a special system of duality in the third dimension, but in the fifth dimension and above, there is no duality ,and there is no place for a winner or a loser. Rather, it is a network of layers of consciousness that spread and connects with everything, and its main goal is to harmonize and connect with the most difficult points that do not harmonize with...

The purpose of ascension is not in its time period, but for you to be ready for this time. If you spend your energy in trying to find out when it’s going to happen, you will have lost the readiness, and then the time for ascension comes and leaves you behind without you ascending.

Only the Master is able to combine the two “Time and readiness” and not everyone, because the Master holds the readiness before, and is only waiting for the time to ascend. However, most people try to get the time to ascend but they did not hold the readiness, which is why you find that the master is the only one who teaches readiness for the ascension, because it is a part of his being…

From this standpoint, and after witnessing the turnout of people and their desire to know the time to ascend and enter in expectations, as well as evaluating each other through the truthfulness of those expectations, and thus taking time away from actually getting ready for ascension, I have hereby decided not to support those predictions, especially now that they have become the goal of many instead of ascension.


I shall not speak of any conclusions or analyses that centre on a specific Time for ascension, but I’ll continue in my efforts to guide people so they could get ready for this ascension. I shall also analyse situations of some of the factors of the scenarios, based upon my own interpretations to what’s happening on the ground, as well as what I receive from the Higher Councils.

Which is why I tell you that every day in these critical and delicate days, you see the Divine seeking to achieve what is best for you, and there are many changes happening in short periods of time, so you must trust and believe in your Divine and in your selves, and be aware that Ascension is a process that comes in stages.

[ The latest news is that there have been some changes to the plan, to its branches and not to the main part, in other words a New Plan, and that the scenario for ascensions is going to happen but not within the next few days as we’d previously mentioned (before mid-August 2013) and that the arrangement and the time for the Scenarios has changed, and the time and arrangement for the Ascension scenario among these scenarios has also changed.will get back to you with an explanation for these developments if I saw a “meaning” for displaying these explanations to you.]

what we mean with Scenarios is: [the roles of Light forces & Dark forces, GFL, MPR, Economic Collapse, Ascension… etc].


I have already written 9 parts about getting ready to ascend in my website as well as many lessons in consciousness, and I shall continue with you in my offering of guidance to the road of consciousness.

To anyone who would like to be prepared for ascension, you could browse this website, or any other website that specialises in this issue, and to anyone who seeks expectations and predictions, I say: my friends, this is not the website for these matters.

For the truth will not be shown in the end ON internet websites, but rather ON the ground , when we meet you in the world of reality, and I hope that this website becomes a womb that prepares all the eager embryos to step out into the Golden Age.

Note: my blog does not contain all the articles that I had written on the main website. Please visit our main website

My greetings and love to all my brothers from all corners of the earth..

Written by/ the Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan


  1. You have to be KIDDING!
    You and Whom Ever.

  2. Shame on you and on those who give you your information.

    We have been played with long enough. It is time for us to awaken and see this game for what it is. We are being played like Puppets.

    It is not that I myself trusted in the words you presented...but I must admit I did have HOPE that it would finally transpire Now.

    You are doing more HARM than Good. Is this what it is all about?????? Offer the Dog a bone and then pull it away before he can take it. Oh! You did not see the sadness in his beautiful eyes? The disappointment. The Why??????????

    I am sure many of us had tears in our eyes when we read your so called latest news.
    Will these tears be collected in old Roman Tear Bottles?
    Do others feed off this energy????????

    Why do I read these Sites? So I can learn about Deception!

    1. That’s exactly what I meant, that the Dates and Expectations puts you in the case of frustration as a result of waiting...

      It is unfortunate that any of you gets frustrated; this is not our goal...

      We now live in the most beautiful stages of changes on this earth, and I convey to you what I received of latest developments from the higher councils which always strive to achieve the best to all of us...

      I am one of the few, who mentioned to you before 12 days of Dec.21st 2012, that it will last from 3-9months after this date, in order to avoid any of frustrations...

      This is the link to my article before 21st of Dec.2012

      And this link to my article after Dec.21st 2012

      Peace and love to all of you.

    2. My dear Ibrahim, I am indeed disappointed as I am sure so many are.
      The fact can not be denied that specific dates were give by the Higher Council. Why give the dates to begin with if they are aware of possible change at THIS Present Time. Especially concerning such Urgent Content Matter as given concerning those dates.

      They have to know the human reaction to this and the harm it causes and still they do it?????

      I am distressed more so by what you have written:

      "Will get back to you with an explanation for these developments if I saw a “meaning” for displaying these explanations to you."

      If you see a “meaning” for displaying these explanations to us." I am not clearly understanding this.

      If the Higher Council can change things which is really nothing NEW..
      I myself feel an explanation should be the first thing to have been given by them so as to Avoid Frustration and lessen the so called disappointment.

      I do hope that explanation will be forth coming SOON.
      I know they like the word Soon.

      Many Blessings to you Dear Ibrahim.

    3. Dear friend, thank you for following-up

      First: for dates we mentioned before, it wasn’t limited to a certain time, we’ve said:
      excerpt from the previous blog:

      [ we meant by time” several levels”: from now until August 12th 2013, or until August 22nd 2013, and finally to September 21st 2013...[The ratio of the strongest to occur is the closest ratio...] with an emphasis that the critical period is between Now until August 12th 2013, but the time which sets by the Divine to terminate the matters of this earth will be maximum in September 21st 2013 ..] end

      So the divine did not cancel anything, but it’s a change in the branches of the plan, based on the ongoing events, within the period mentioned above, and one of the main reason for this new changing and extending the time is because they achieved a beneficial solutions to limit the dark forces from using their technology globally, and even to prevent difficult and sudden changes on humanity , because the dark forces were planning a dramatic end for people of earth by using HAARP technology and others, and to suspend the ascension process..

      so {All this for all our interests} , so the Divine prefer to let the changes enter in an easy way and in stages., and this matter needs time, that’s why we told you that things will not move before mid of August, because this last change in the plan happened already in this period { between 29th of July and now } , so they didn’t limit the time , because the process is always changing..

      So I did not provide the reason behind this extent of time because the negotiations are still persist, and the results are not yet complete, and I will provide you with all new updates when I receive it , and all what I mentioned above here is part of these developments..

      As for the sentence that displeasure you,
      "I will get back to you with an explanation for these developments if I saw a “meaning” for displaying these explanations to you."

      Here i did not mean any negative intentions for readers, but I meant after the completion of its meaning to be understood, and in order to avoid expectations...

      love & peace

    4. Thank you Ibrahim for taking the time to write your reply. It is most appreciated.
      It would be a blessing if HAARP could be taken down completely. There may even be several of them responsiable for the extensive Earth Changes going on.
      Or at least making them far more worse.
      Perhaps this would give man kind a chance to reflect more on our inner Spiritual Being.
      Too many people at the moment are in Servival Mode with the Flooding etc. all over the World. We here have gone through this with the Hurricane Sandy. Myself included. Massive home destruction. Water in the streets like a River flowing into our homes. Destroying so much. Salt water killing our trees etc. Cars and home items just flowing down City Strees. I asked my neighbors did this event turn you more towards The Creator? Have you changed
      spiritual within yourself? No! Was the answer but we thank God we are alive. Then all consciousness was turned towards Repairs where and how to live meanwhile. No Electric etc. We had 4-5 feet of water in the homes.
      Look at those who are suffering the Tornado destruction. We are told it is a learning lesson. If such a thing as reincarnation does exist...I am sure we have allllll gone through geophysical changes as a learning lession before now.
      As I mentioned before...if there is not an Ascension very soon there will be very little left to Ascend unless the Geophysical Changes can be held back for awhile. May the Higher Councils and Mother Earth be merciful.
      Again...thank you. In Light and Love.

  3. Thanks for the credibility and honesty in your updates

  4. Thank you for this very important distinction that you have made between being fixated on a date versus concentrating on those things that increase our consciousness and its activation on the ground - which are the main ingredients of our ascension.Not the knowledge or the prediction of its time.

    Of course it is natural to try to analyze and try to make educated or inspired predictions and as readers to want to follow such analysis but not at the expense of the very thing we are trying to achieve.

    The point of where we are all aiming to go is a stance of embrace not separation. It is a stance of faith and trust in the loving hands of the Divine. Being too concerned by time frames and dates results in disappointments that create further separation from each other and undermines our faith in the Divine.

    When what we are all trying to achieve is a Oneness with ourselves and each other and with The All That Is through the spiritual ladder we call Ascension.

    As you say :it is never about the when,where and how- it is about our spiritual progress - the "when " "where" and "how" are intricately tied to so many dynamic variables to accurately predict- even if we do know at any one a point in time- but our progressive ascension through the dimensions is the point of why we are all here.

  5. Thank you for your efforts in keeping us informed to the latest development... I trust in Divine, and always the changes are for getting better results to the benefit of peoples to collecting & preparing them for the coming events.

    I have a question: Does the spiritual Network that you mentioned in your previous update have any relation to change the Plan, due to incompleteness joining of members of Natural Ascension"as you call them"?

    1. Yes, there is a direct relationship to the spiritual network in what happened to change the plan … And It is a wonderful change in the interest of everyone, and I will share with you these changes in the coming updates.


  6. these are difficult not let negativity discourage or sway is normal to develop doubt when caught into the mind soup of others...stay true to your faith & belief...keep going !
    Love & Light ~ Bev

  7. A Question?
    Dear brother / sister, friend / a, just do me the favor of answering this question from your heart, you want to return to God, at HOME, LOVE, to FREEDOM? ...
    Thanks ...Is done!

    Note: Please forward to all your contacts and / or publish on your Sites or Web.

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