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We are ready to change-Add your voice to our voice

Are you ready for change?
Are you ready for the evolution?
Are you willing to freedom?
Are you ready for the transition from the third dimension to the fifth dimension?
Are you ready to elevate from planetary human to galactic human?
Are you ready for the reception of our galactic parents and brothers?

Are you ready for the reception of the Galactic Federation of Light?
Are you ready to be a member of the
family of light?
Do you still remember that you still exist; you have the right to choose and your voice affects the fate of humanity?

If you answer YES, so please convey to us you voice with the words “I’m ready to change”!! And say your name in order to transfer these names to our brothers in the Galactic Federation of Light, in which we express our desire for change and meet with them , under the name of “Seeds of the Fifth Dimension “

We aim through this movie to reach the largest possible number “ a million” of people who have a desire for change..

Please register your name with “the words “I’m ready to change” 
as a comment , on this blog