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Ascension part 3: The allotted time for Ascension, written by the enlightened master Ibrahim H, on 29th of August 2012

The ascension process as a whole is not an easy process, and discussing it requires the usage of conscious phrases that are not easily realised by readers, except those who were diligent on the path of enlightenment and conscious advancement. However, I will use here a language that combines simplicity with mental awareness in order to present you with an inclusive summary that should explain the whole picture and remove the fog from before your eyes, for this important period of time that is just entering our lives.

Before talking about the allotted time for ascension, we must remember that there is a preparation period before ascension and that there is a period to lay down the foundations for ascension, and allow them to strengthen and settle.

We have noticed that for the past 50 years the circumstances on earth have drastically changed in all aspects of life especially the technological and architectural aspects. Then there was the industrial revolution, and for the past 25 years humanity has advanced drastically in the areas of Awakening and spiritual sciences.

The reason for all of this, is because we are fast approaching the Major Doorway that signals the end of the current galactic cycle (approximately 26000 years), and that is going to be on the 21st of December 2012. The closer we are to this date, the more the energies of the Awakening intercept our lives, and increase to complete our readiness for this great event (ascension) and free us from the third dimension to launch us in the fifth dimension.

These energies work on real change on our physical, emotional and mind bodies, little by little until we reach the gateway. Those energies also work on changing our DNA from its carbon base to a crystalline form in order for us to transform into “light bodies” to become the physical angels on earth.

If we work on ourselves by increasing our awareness, and by elevating ourselves to higher frequencies by ridding ourselves of the lower frequencies, along with the effect of the energies coming from the heart of our galaxy that work on preparing us to transform, we would then successfully achieve ascension.

The ascension process:

From 21st of August 2012 until the 21st of December 2012

During this period, energy that supports our ascension process will intensify and increase, and a very small portion of the population would reach ascension before the 21st of December 2012. This small group of people possess a very high level of inner reconciliation and their hearts are filled with enormous love; as they had also laid out the foundations for conscious awareness, which makes it easier for them to scale it much quicker than the rest of the population.

The 21st of December 2012

  • This is the allotted time for humanity to ascend, and it shall take place within 72 hours from the 20th until the 22nd of December 2012, in order for it to reach all countries of the earth regardless of their time differences.

  • As for the ascension process itself, it will take 24 hours for areas of similar time frame. As for individuals, it will take from a single moment to 24 hours depending upon the person’s susceptibility to dealing with the light and frequencies of the higher dimensions.

  • This day shall be the beginning of the ascension process and its center. At first, a group of people would complete the ascension process but not all of them. This means that not all the citizens of earth would be able to reach ascension, but only those who were ready to ascend.

  • It is those who were able to connect with the higher frequencies, and who rid themselves of the anchors of the third dimension, in other words those who achieved absolute love within them, and worked upon cleaning and elevating the emotional and mental bodies, as well as learning from most of their experiences in the third dimension, it is those who shall achieve ascension.

1st of January 2013

It is the time when all the forces of evil shall relinquish their hold as the leaders and dominants on earth, but they had not yet finished their presence as elements of evil. It is then that the banners of the golden age shall spread around the earth, announcing the placement of the first capital for heaven on earth. It shall be on one area on earth that is firmly established in galactic rules and Divine Edicts. Then the light shall begin to spread to all areas of the earth until it is complete, and this earth becomes one of the paradises of God.

From 2013 until 2014

The end of the powers of darkness on Earth, does not mean the end of bad people, for this reason Light shall continue to spread from one country to the next on this earth, and the powers of Light shall dominate, and countries shall join the rule of Light one by one. This process should continue for one whole year. This year is considered an opportunity for all the souls that desire to ascend, and join the rule of Light and enter in their first headquarters in the capital of heaven.

In the middle of the year (June 2013) the percentage will be 50-50, and the symbol of the Cancer shall be complete by the combination of black and white. Then the white shall start to encompass the black, and those who wish to ascend would ascend, and those who do not wish to enter the Light would be confined.

From 2014 until 2015

This is the year where all the people who were not able to enter the Light, and who could not achieve ascension, or grasp its purpose, shall be transported to a different planet outside this galaxy. The purpose of this, is to keep an eye on them, and follow up their experiences, in order for them to ascend one day.

The plant they will be sent to, is in the third dimension, just like earth before its ascension, except that it would not be a testing ground, but a rehabilitation area, and the path to development shall lead towards ascension for those. There will be no path for revolution or the existence of demons or any dominion of Darkness in that planet, only the powers of light shall prevail in this rehabilitation area.

During this year the Divine Edicts, will start placing strong foundations for building God’s heaven on earth, so that each and every area upon this earth becomes a unique heaven, and work will begin on the following fields: transportation, health, education, culture, architecture, etc... as well as the building of civilization to galactic standards, just like all the other planets under the Galactic Federation of Light.

From 2015 until 2016

Life would have settled on earth, and civilization would keep upgrading and developing and welcoming creatures of different species, who are our brothers from space, and we would be dealing with them and letting them show us what other civilizations have accomplished.

The period between 2012 until 2020

This is the period where all the people of earth must proof all the development required by them in accordance to the rules of the galaxy, so as to solidify their membership in the Galactic Federation, but this does not mean that this membership wasn’t there from the start....

Our planet will acquire this membership as soon as the first contact occurs which is expected to happen on the 21st of December 2012 or shortly afterwards. However, we need from 8 to 10 years to be able to solidify and activate this membership, in order to become permanent members in the Federation.

These dates may change according to how the course of events, and the divine will ..

with all my love to all..

The Enlightened Master

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