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Ascension part 4 : What’s going to happen to those who achieve ascension? by the enlightened Master Sept.10, 2012

What’s going to happen to those who achieve ascension?

And what’s going to happen to those who could not achieve ascension?

written by the Enlightened Master/Ibrahim Hassan

It must be clear here that ascension is an ongoing process from the moment it began until full consciousness is reached, and it is not just a day or some moments.... the completion of the ascension process will take place in four stages:

The first stage is the beginning step of ascension and it is the lowest in height, while the last stage is its completion. The classification of people within these stages depends upon the level of their spiritual awareness; as well as how much this awareness is activated on the ground:

Here is a look through the eyes of each of these categories:

1. Love and light:

It feels as if I am waking from a long sleep.... my body is shivering; as if I feel that something inside me wants to be born... I feel as if I am moving back and forth, unable to sit still... I feel my whole body hurting, only it is not that pain that I am used to; but the pain of a delivering mother that is laced with joy... everything escalated until I felt something push me into my seat... my breathing became quick and labored... then I felt unlimited to my body... as if I am feeling and I am being supplied from everything around me... then I began feeling as if my head is in the highest of universes and my feet in the lowest...

when I breath, the universe breathes with me... when I look, I see through His existence... I feel all His energy... I feel as if His stars are my liver, His space is my blood, and His planets are my organs... I feel that I am the universe and the universe is me... I see love flowing through me the like of which I have never seen...

I came to realize that I am part of the whole, and the whole is a part of me, I view love not as a feeling, but as a mighty force that flows within me, so that I could love everything... I see intense light entering my eyes, enabling me to see every corner of this universe as if I am truly there, but I am still here at the same time...

I feel brotherly love like I have never seen before, and I feel the presence of many brothers around me, as if I know them from a long time ago, I feel that this universe is filled with my brothers and sons... then I felt that I am sliding in a river of light that brought me back to place, I am currently sitting in, to that body that I have always known, but everything within it has changed. I now see and hear and feel in a different way than ever before. But I am still in this physical world, while my soul is suspended in the womb of the universe.

This is the limit for those in the first stage, and they will have to complete the remaining stages in the very near future.

2. Vision through the dimensions:

After I woke up from all of that and opened my eyes, I felt that something massive has happened to me, as if a great matter accompanied me from those dimensions, it is still here within me, I feel it... I become certain that I would not go back to way I was before, I feel as if the emptiness before me is dissipating... I see a light breaking through here and there.

I hear many whispers around me, I am not able to distinguish their conversations, but it is as if they want to lead me to something important. Suddenly, those voices begin to clear, and they order me to center myself through gathering my energies from the inside.

I hear them telling me to calm my thoughts and listen from the inside, to not worry, to center calmness in my head, to regulate my breathing. So I started to follow those instructions step by step, and the voices began clearing up little by little, until they became completely clear...

I hear not from my ears but from the inside, I feel that I have become one giant ear that does nothing but listen... but I am still surrounded by light from every angle, and I feel as if they are going to snatch me away...

And the voices still try to calm me down, until I became calm, and they order me to close my eyes, and as soon as I did this, I was absolutely amazed. It was like I never closed my eyes; as if my eyes closed on some things but opened up on others.

They closed on everything that is physical around me, and opened up to something I had not seen before. I realized then that I had never seen previously seen anything.

The auras around me began to gather like they are forming something, and moments later a creature emerged from within those lights. I could not tell at first if this was a man or a woman because of its intense beauty. My eyes see him for the first time, but I feel like I know him. He told me, “become one with yourself and look within.”

“How?” I asked. “Are you talking about the third eye?”
“No,” he said. “You only have to give yourself an order, with calmness and serenity, to look within and your consciousness shall perform it, so you could see with your fourth eye.”

I asked about this fourth eye and he said, “It is the eye of existence; your inner eye. It is as if you use every particle of yourself to see.” I did this, and then he told me to open my eyes.

When I opened them I was completely amazed! I saw everything physical and non physical, and I say, “I feel... or I know... or I believe... no no, I feel everything at the same time!!! Then this beautiful creature took me by the hand, and we launched into places and stuff that I cannot even articulate into words. And when we returned, I asked if I could do this on my own, if I could go wherever I pleased, and he told me not yet!

This is the limit for those in the second stage, and they will have to complete the remaining stages in the very near future.

3. Activation of some powers.

After we returned, I asked him if I am capable of doing all this on my own. He told me, “Not everything.”

“But what can I do?” I asked.

“Sit down,” he told me. So I did, and he said, “Look within you one more time but specify the location you wish to look into this time, as long as is place is far away from where you are now.” So I gathered my strength, looked within, and concentrated on the city of London, and I saw it clearly in front of me, as if a monitor is displaying it before me in 3D high definition. He told me, “You have not yet mastered this!”

“What should I do?” I asked.

“You look but you do not feel,” he said. “You are not feeling that you live there.” I did as he asked and it was as if a large portion of my existence transferred there, like I was standing on London’s streets, and walking amongst its residents.

I was no longer able to distinguish the reality of my existence, was I here or there? I became a little fearful, and suddenly something powerful snapped me back to my place. I asked him why did that happen, and he answered, ”Never mind, you need a little training to be able to transport through your thoughts to the location you want.”

“Transport?” I asked.

“Yes, indeed.” He confirmed.

After a short period of time not amounting to a month, I knew how to do many things; from moving objects without the use of my hands, to seeing and smelling many scents of plants thousands of kilometres away... even transporting handfuls of soil and water, from their place to me. I am able to travel outside the earth in an ethereal form, as if I am free and unrestricted by anything.

I am still unable to speak about many things I became aware of, but I knew that I must await the eminent arrival of my brothers from the Galactic Federation of Light and that is to complete my awareness; to become a person of full consciousness, in order to gain back all my powers, and become a person with both a personal conscience and a group conscience at the same time.

This is the limit for those in the third stage, and they will await First Contact to complete the full consciousness in the very near future.

4. Full consciousness (the completion of consciousness shall be for a very small group of people before First Contact)

I am still unable to speak of the many things I became aware of, not because I am not allowed to; but because it is something you live. However, I shall try to clarify it:

I am the whole and the whole is me, all that is mine, is for the others, and all that is for the others is mine. I concentrate all my efforts into helping my brothers, and all my brothers are concentrating their efforts into helping me... I go wherever I wish on this earth or outside it in my luminous body. I do not see objects around me, for everything around me became creatures not objects.

The tree is my friend... the bird is my confidante... the earth is my true mother... the sky is my father. I have a spaceship, only not to use it for transportation, but to befriend it and accompany it on a research expedition. I know those who are more elevated than I, from creatures and councils; their elevation is that of wisdom and light, and I possess great desire to walk the path of knowledge and advancement.

For sure one of the most important missions I am currently working on is to aid my brothers who have not yet ascended, and to aid Mother Gaia in its own journey to complete ascension. I speak to you from the world of tomorrow, from the future, to pave your road with flowers in preparation for the great celebration of your ascension.

As for those who have not reached ascension:

They will go through one of two options:

  1. Either they would ascend during the mass ascension of the people of earth in its allotted time along with their family and friends.
  2. Or if they would remain with the third dimension even after the allotted time for ascension passes, until they are trans-located to another planet in the third dimension and continue their sleep, until they wake up some day to join their families.

Love & peace

The Enlightened Master

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  1. The way you have described your experience is amazing, i felt your energy and i am trying to feel your experience with you..this is what i have been waiting for and some of what you wrote described a lot of what i am feeling and i want to strengthen it more and proceed to the next level-stage..i can't thank you enough for sharing your infinite wisdom.
    Lots of love