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Breaking News (The Astral Level) on 28th of Nov.2014 written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

Breaking News (The Astral Level) on 28th of Nov.2014

The difficulty of understanding of our brothers for what is happening now is the result of {that the people of earth are living in 3rd D Holographic World, isolated from the Real World around them (beyond the illusion Circle), and due to the sensitivity of the Situation and what is happening on the level of Liberation of Gaia “Planet Earth “outside the Holographic world, I will summarize the talk as follows:
My words directed for all generally & to those who have contacts outside the Holographic world in Particular:
1- A lot is happening at the Astral Level... Use your heart chakra and Astral Projection to contact there...
2- Ceremony to activate the center of Gaia-Connect with Agartha..
3- The return of Lord Kalki, and his merging with Avatara...
4- Connect with the real parents and Higher-selves…. the Gates are opened at the Astral Level and beyond..
5- Activation of the First Plan for St.Komara ..
6- St.Komara’s energy at the Astral Level is surrounded with the Ascended Masters..
7- The issue of Liberating the Ethereal & Physical Levels is under the law of Free Will , except the  awaking of the heart chakra for reconnecting..
8- The blue pulse at the astral level is ongoing until completed
9- 24 hours to ……. At the astral level and after that …….!!!
10- The notification is already reached all the connected beings with the astral level through the Center of Gaia and Agartha..

This announcement is for those who have weak connection with their astral, and want to keep up and share working spiritually from here...
Excuse me I don’t like coding, but the sensitivity of the circumstances has its provisions...
There might be some clarifications, but after the declaration of the competent authority of Light Forces at the physical level. (There is no a specific term)...
We take care of the spiritual connection, until our consciousness embodied at the physical level..
With all my love & peace
The Enlightened Master/Ibrahim Hassan


Interview with The Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on 27th of Nov.2014

Interview with Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan
 through the Blue Flare/Admin.of

The Blue Flare/admin.: We welcome you Master Ibrahim in this interview

E.M.: Welcome to you...

The Blue Flare/admin.: Through this interview, we will address to talk about the happenings and the developments that taking place in the ethereal & astral dimensions and their reflection on what happens in the ground now, also we will talk about The Event, The Ascension and Polar Shifting...etc. and we will answer some of the many questions that we received from brothers [ the followers of our social network  ]..
Are you ready, or there are some topics that you have reservations in answering them?

E.M.:  Welcome to you first, I commend on our dedicated brothers in the path of consciousness, who are keen to follow up on the big changes that occur around us, which in turn prepare us to enter into the new age, as for your question; there is no reservations in answering specific questions, but there are some topics that need depth in consciousness “Lessons in consciousness” and not an answers, but I’ll try to answer in brief...


Beyond the quarantine Zone - written and produced by The Enlightened Master on 25th of Nov.2014

Notice: The next update regarding the " interview with the Enlightened Master about the current situation that happening on earth " , will be uploaded in afew of days...

Beyond the quarantine Zone