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Breaking News – Our sun is fully Activated - MPR & Ascension are very close / by The Enlightened Master 26th of July 2013

Breaking News – Our sun is full Activated
July 26th 2013
It seems that the Acclaimed Day becomes very close, for our Sun Yesterday “ Thursday 25th “ prepares itself .. Also Planet Nibiru became very close friend to our Sun as he helps in charging her; in addition, the Blue Flare from Planet Sirius A becomes stabled in its status… Our Sun this morning 26th July 2013 became full activation, which means quite ready to launch the MPR on the 7th earth of 4th Dimension (Our Earth)..
The Decision of accelerating the occurrence of the MPR has been taken from the higher councils, where the activation of the MPR hinders the Cabal from using HAARP, and this decision depends on what is happening in Egypt Now, you might ask: How?

Egypt now represents a case of Liberation, Peoples stand with the Army “Positive Military”, the resistance and The White Dragon are supporting Egyptian Army against Muslim Brotherhood...


The Period of change, starting from July 22nd, 2013 by the Enlightened Master

The influence of “The Blue Flare” that coming from the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy on Planet Earth
The Period of change, starting from July 22nd, 2013

In the beginning; we will explain the influence of the “Blue Flare” which is coming from the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy on our planet earth on several levels, so as to help our brothers to realize the dependencies of this issue on the level of spiritual consciousness


The Opening of the Gate, " Gateway 13th, by the Enlightened Master on July 13, 2013

The Opening of the Gate!
Gateway 13th

From 3rd of July until 5th of July 2013….There was a TEST on the Blue flare energy in our planet, and it has been allowed the flow of the light photon which related to this energy into our planet… This photon works on influence the cells of our bodies to move from carbon to crystal, which means the beginning of activating the light body…

Also this energy contributes in building & activating the New Network Electromagnetic Energy of Earth, which allow the development of the Tele-portal “Bi-located” for people on this earth from any point to another through the physical body. This process is tested now on the level of consciousness, and who can feel it those with higher consciousness, and who are equipped and ready to move to the 5th Dimension...

The Endings and the Beginnings /Breaking News/.. written by EM Ibrahim Hassan on 18th of June 2013

Very important message “Breaking News “

Written by . The Enlightened Master /Ibrahim Hassan
It is not an easy feat to realize spiritual awareness in a short period of time, as it is a long journey for the souls who are determined to continue on the path of spiritual advancement. From this perspective, it is also not easy to realize the meanings contained behind our messages, as each and every one of you reaches a certain level of realization of these messages depending on the consciousness base of his spiritual level. And as you increase the level of spiritual awareness within you, you realize another level and more meanings beyond our messages.

One of the biggest obstacles that prevent people sometimes without realizing the depth of overall concept of our messages is the incompleteness of maturity of their Mental Body. In other words, the human being remains subject to the mental control of the Matrix Mind and its methods of programming their minds, unless he is freed from the rules of the third dimension (the Holographic World), and free his astral body from the dream world of the Matrix, and be awaken when he has his own perception away from the control of Matrix to him, on the other hand, completing his awareness beyond his mental body, and beginning his entrance into the wisdom body...

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