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Breaking News – Our sun is fully Activated - MPR & Ascension are very close / by The Enlightened Master 26th of July 2013

Breaking News – Our sun is full Activated
July 26th 2013
It seems that the Acclaimed Day becomes very close, for our Sun Yesterday “ Thursday 25th “ prepares itself .. Also Planet Nibiru became very close friend to our Sun as he helps in charging her; in addition, the Blue Flare from Planet Sirius A becomes stabled in its status… Our Sun this morning 26th July 2013 became full activation, which means quite ready to launch the MPR on the 7th earth of 4th Dimension (Our Earth)..
The Decision of accelerating the occurrence of the MPR has been taken from the higher councils, where the activation of the MPR hinders the Cabal from using HAARP, and this decision depends on what is happening in Egypt Now, you might ask: How?

Egypt now represents a case of Liberation, Peoples stand with the Army “Positive Military”, the resistance and The White Dragon are supporting Egyptian Army against Muslim Brotherhood...

The Muslim Brotherhood dominated by the Black Noble of Cabal, and what’s happening during these days “from 26th to 29th o of July, represents the First Movement of Liberation on earth [Liberation of Egypt from the Cabal] , if that happened , this means that the Egyptian people & The Army “Positive Military”, The Resistance and The White Dragon have achieved the Goal of confronting the Cabal, thereby the MPR will be released so as ti stop the cabal from using HAARP ..
if the Egyptian Military “Positive Military”, The Resistance and The White Dragon could not complete The Egyptian movement of Liberation from the Cabal “ before Monday 29th of July 2013” , this means that [ The People of earth are not able to come together on something, so how to liberate the whole earth?? This means the Cabal will use HAARP before the MPR, and this matter becomes a chosen destiny of mankind on this earth...and the percentage on achieving of this matter (The liberation of Egypt) exceed 90%..

Some may ask:
What is the relation between this matter and Egypt?

Egypt is now representing the real form and the closest to the Liberation Process, where all factors of victory are completed over there { not like any other country} where as there
is a Union between the population , military (positive military), resistance and the white dragon against the Cabal, and if that happened { which is the Liberation of Egypt } , after that in a very short time, the Liberation of earth will follow ..

Some may ask,

 It seems that the effect of the MPR on the ground is quite similar to the effect of HAARP [ in terms of earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis and Geophysical changes ], here we say , outwardly Yes, for those who don’t have consciousness, but the fact that HAARP if happened is very mischievous and harmful on the nature of earth , because it uses electric energies as we mentioned before, and this effect the entire ascension process of Gaia “Our Earth “ & her children, and the difficulty of the beginning of building the new age and after ..

Whereas the MPR relay on charging earth with Magnetic energies to support the reset process for the nature of earth as we said before, and therefore it supports the Ascension Process of Gaia “Our Earth” & her children, and the ease of beginning of building the New Age and after...
This makes it difficult on the Cabal’s war with the Forces of Light, and their using of any technology related to their civilization… There is a great different between the two...
Egypt celebrates the beginning of an Energetic New Year, because today Friday, 26th of July for them marks “The Return of Gods and Goddess”, and there will be an activating of God energies starting from Today in Egypt...
So if we passed this period {between 26th until 29th of July} and nothing had happened of [MPR or HAARP], the percentage of occurrence of one or both will increase in the period between {July 29th to August 12th} and this means that an ongoing process of Liberalization after liberating Egypt, and the Divine wants to give the Light Forces little time to prove themselves through its fighting to the Forces of Darkness before the occurrence of the MPR..

Written by / The Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan

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