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Announcement for the Group of Natural Ascension / written by The Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on August 1st 2013

Announcement for the Group of Natural Ascension
The difference between the people of the 5th Dimension & The people of the higher dimensions who are above 5th D {Natural- Ascension}

The people of the 5th Dimension:

They are qualified people consciously to the Ascension Process to the 5th Dimension, they are the remains of those who are called Mass Ascension “as mentioned earlier” , but will face difficulty in the process of transformation into the Light Body, where they will receive assistance from two parties to complete their own Ascension Process:

1- The first party through the Natural-ascension people, who will transform
before the {5th Dimension people}, we will explain this in the coming

2- The second party through the GFL {The Galactic Federation of Light},by
helping the rest of them after help from the first party, through taking
them into sophisticated Techniques related to the GFL on board of their
space vehicles...

The overall number of {5th Dimension people} until 1st of August 2013 is almost (450 Million) of the total inhabitants of earth...

The people of above 5th Dimension {Natural – Ascension }:

They are the most conscious people on the Planet, and their consciousness will allow them to transform and ascend without any help (natural ascension, natural birth) to the dimensions above the 5th Dimension..

The effect of “the natural-ascension group “on the Ascension Process:

This group has spiritual energies not only energies for their rate of consciousness, but also loaded with great charge of special energies that help the earth and the people of the 5th Dimension in the process of ascension, through burning and transforming their image of the incarnation “The physical body” to Crystal body, and this will be in the blink of an eye to all of them, and the energies that they contain will be launched to support the ascension process of Gaia and her children, where total energies sending by them during the transformation process, form an energy sufficient to build spiritual Sun to this planet “as you know that behind every physical sun there is a spiritual sun “ , and this spiritual sun will be the true provider to build the energies of the Golden Age on this earth after launching of MPR.
In addition, their transformation process to the crystal body and to their own ascension will be before or during or after launching of MPR, and it is expected that this will happen between the periods from August 8th to August 12th 2013, unless there has been no change to the plan..
after their transformation, the majority of this group is classified between the 7th and 9th Dimension, and their number up to the date 1st of August 2013 “reach between 47million-52 million”..{The sum of both groups of 5th Dimension & above 5th D is almost around 500 Million of all the people of the earth...}...

Announcement for the Group of Natural Ascension
It is important for members of this group to unite with their energies through spiritual network, and the strength of this network will move their collective transformation at the same time, and the preparation of this process has begun yesterday midnight August 1st 2013...Currently the total who gathered in this spiritual Network “are only 10%” , and the rest scattered, but they feel their own , and their union will be spiritually in this network, in the exact time of their own ascension process...

Therefore we declare the following:

[ For everyone who feels himself from this group “and they feel their own” that the time has approached, and on Monday, July 29th 2013 , the process of building a spiritual network had started between you all...

And all of you felt that, to the degree that you think you will ascend now, and on Thursday 1st of August 2013 at 1:00 a.m. GMT midnight, all of you were linked with each other spiritually ( you feel that as well ) as if there is a re-call to all of you. Therefore be prepared to hear this internal call, because time is approaching ]..

With love and peace to all my brothers in this path..

Written by / The Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan


  1. May this be so....we of the Old First Wave from many, many years back at this point are totally and physically worn out. If we do not Ascend within the coming days there will be almost nothing left of us physically to Transform.
    May we all Ascend together!
    Thank you Ibrahim for this encouragement.

  2. Thank you, Ibrahim, for giving us information and insights that we need. Too long we have laboured and it is time to go home. Love.

  3. Yes, much too long, and we are too worn out. So used up that I've been longing for physical death for quite some time just to be released from this brutal contract...although I know I won't be granted this mercy.
    I've been working with a very large number of people the past few nights in sleep state -- it was unusual enough that I commented on it to my husband the morning of August 1. I confirm we are indeed networking right now.. hello to you all again, my beautiful friends!

    "Carry on my wayward son...there'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest..."

  4. This is a wonderful site!
    Yes, I too am so weary now. I just want to go Home. As someone said elsewhere: "Create a new earth? By this point, I couldn't create a sneeze."
    I do wonder sometimes if the higher beings really understand what it is like being down here, and struggling to survive. I remember once, on a visit to higher worlds, how in just a few seconds, my waking-life problems, with money, etc, seemed so trivial, so redundant and piffling as to need no attention. But down here, these things DO matter.

  5. Hi! I could not find an email to contact you personally Ibrahim. I just want you to know that all those of the PAT are like the Ones you have recently encounted.
    I for one do not Judge you or them. It is All such a Grand Soap Opera each playing out their role everyday.
    Bless you and those of the PAT. May we All Ascend in the coming days. Marjorie