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The results of Portal 25th of August 2013" by The Enlightened Master


The results of Portal 25th of August 2013
War between Light and darkness is close to its end at the etheric level

We live these days important events, where the war between Darkness & Light is coming to its end at the etheric level...

The great amount of Light that was sent to our planet from the central Galaxy through this portal “between 22nd -25th of August 2013” worked to liberate us and our planet, at the etheric level from all Dark entities and reptilians...

The human being now is not subjected to any impact from Dark Entities on its etheric aura level, and now we are living under extensive healing process at the level of our chakras and auras, to repair the damage caused by these negative entities while they were trying to control us..

These negative entities, went out from the etheric field of our planet, some of them returned to the Divine asking for mercy and healing, and some escaped to the dark points of universe to be protected from pumping amount of energy coming from the Center of the Galaxy, and very few of them refused to leave and will end their fate in decay in front of the density of this sending energy..

This large flowing energy helped in removing the biggest barriers in front of the final phase of the plan, which is liberating the Planet and its people on the physical level, where physical events will begin to appear visible... And the era of Freedom will start putting the first rules on the ground. This means the beginning of the end of the old Matrix Orion for this Solar System....

written by The Enlightened Master

Love , Light and Peace

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  1. Are you still there Ibrahim? It's been such a long time since we have heard from you. Many Blessings