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Webinar Record-The ascension Plan Ascension and Light Body process-20th ...

Webinar Details:

The ascension Plan, Ascension & Light Body process
This webinar is presented by: Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan & The Blue Solara..

Date of webinar: 20th of Dec. 2015 /online
Starts at: 14:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT
Duration: 2:00h.

We will talk in this webinar about the following aspects:
• The changes that occurred in the timeline, and the final scenario..
• The plan of ascension.
• The ascension process.
• The Light body process...
• Clean & remove the implants...
• The activation of the DNA...
• Restore the memory
• The re-birth / Shutter of the Matrix
• Transfiguring – physical or non-physical
• The types of the light bodies..
Q&A will be available in this Webinar (The last 30min.) through:
Voice & Video /Voice / Chat..

EM: Ibrahim Hassan


  1. Thank you so much, EM Ibrahim and Solara, how exciting - will watch asap.

  2. OPEN LETTER TO OUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY - please read, spread, re-post, make viral, all over the web

    Beloved Elohim, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Family, Light Resistance Movement, Brothers and Sisters from Inner Earth.

    This is an outcry, a solicitation, a plea and hopefully a wake-up call from your suffering ground crew. Please do not let another Christmas, and especially not another year, pass with tangible or at least visible SIGNS for everybody with eyes to see, that the heralded Golden Age is not just letters and voices in channelings, books etc., and experiences during meditations, but is REAL as in a pat of the 3D perception reality.

    This *might* still not be the "perfect", "divine" time as per your high definitions for open landings, the financial reset, broad disclosure, the pouring of all the new technologies, let alone the blue planetary ascension pulse from the galactic core.. but from all the blogs and forums you would need to be blind not so perceive that SO many of us feel that the road has become too long, feel left alone, forgotten, abandoned, and are losing our breath..

    PLEASE, for our, heaven's and God's sake, GRANT your serving ground crew FINALLY at least ONE unmistakeable kind of sign ALL over the planet before the new year has begun.. there are SO many possibilities, which are in your technical powers even still within the current quarantine state, which will rekindle our hope, faith, light, joy, and accelerate what all of us so much long for..

    • signs and projections in the sky (images of Jesus, Buddha etc, spiritual symbols like the Flower of Life, OM, Yin-Yang, the Tibetan Knot, space ships)
    • accompanied by beautiful celestial sounds ("angelic choir")
    • for many hours all accross Gaia

    I know I am not alone when I say that if when Dec. 31 has passed around the planet and we wake up to the same outside world, again, tears will be pouring down the cheeks of many many MANY of us..

    A second note is directed specifically to our Agarthan / Inner Earth siblings. I encourage, urge, *solicit* you not to wait any longer for what will NEVER come - the *perfect* moment when to rise from hiding.. we NEED you here, now. Please overcome your fears - jump into the water and swim, my friends - it is only cold at first. Even if your ships do get shot at, and there might be some losses, PLEASE do it for us - we are worth it. PLEASE rise globally during Dec. 31, and celebrate with us, so we can celebrate with you..

    Re-union can ONLY be celebrated MUTUALLY, and this is so so overdue.

    Please, higher dimensional family, refuel us beyond words but for real this year - we are worth it. If the Agarthan are still to fearfull, grant humanity the signs at least. You have your ground-crews' permission!

    In love, light and joy - sincerely,
    Lee Binder

    PS: now please spread, re-post, make viral, all over the web - thank you(rself)

  3. Happy New Year...
    Thank You For This Message
    There Has Been Much Information
    In These Last Two Webinars
    Thank You For Making These
    Happy Holidays..
    Tara Grace...

  4. Dear Commenter...
    I Do Not Believe We
    Need Any Of That...
    Its We Ourselves That
    Has To Wake Up First..
    Before We Can Ask All Of them
    Elohim, Ascended masters...And
    Angels To Do Something For Us...
    Tara Grace...