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About the Oneness School,, written by the EM on 16th of Dec.2015

About the Oneness School
The inner came from the (in), and the (in) is the pure essence of the soul, and its the pure magnetic, but the outer came from the (out) and it is a pure manifestation for what within, in the physic.. as electric...
The Inner is a metaphysic & magnetic ….
The Outer is a physic & electric...
The inner realms have their own way to manifest in the inner realms, they manifest from the purity of the essence to the nonphysical creation,, which means from the essence of metaphysic to metaphysic , this means from nonphysical to nonphysical..

The nonphysical to nonphysical is = physical for them  but not for us ,, which means if the ghost  meets with another ghost , they feel themselves physical to each other’s , but not physical to us,, higher density from us ..

When those old ancient souls discovered the physical heavy density [low vibration]” like our world” at the first time, they were afraid from the disconnect between the parts of their souls, because of the heavy density, and they prefer not to manifest themselves in this heavy density, because these souls did not experience the disconnect from the magnetic & the source as well..  Those souls are the Soul of Light, and they considered this heavy density as the Unknown “Dark for them”...

Part of those souls decided to discover the unknown, and to live with the physical and electric world, and they love to engage in this adventure , while the suggestion from the light souls was to raise the heavy density in order to become a higher density and more magnetic frequencies to be able to experience this heavy density ,, and of course after that those souls divided into two parts  [Light souls & Dark Souls] and the rest of the story is very well known to everyone,, as I explained  it  before in previous blog..
Where did the Forces of Darkness come from? And what is their sourc...

The Oneness is related to the sacred language of the One,, and the old ancient spirits carried this language,, and the creation language in the Oneness depends on a certain points of balance between electric & magnetic ,, masculine & feminine , Yin & Yang .. which means a balance in both  sides and grow vertically , starting from the lowest dimension to the highest dimension , and this mean as well the Oneness in the 3rd D , 5th D and 7th D …etc..

And this is the meaning of being beyond Light & Dark,,,,, being in The Oneness..!!

The light; they experience the dimensions [Horizontally] the right way..//more magnetic Less electric//
The Dark; they experience the Dimensions [Horizontally] as well but the Left way...//more electric less magnetic//

The Oneness ; they experience the Dimensions [Vertically] merging between the experiences of those two ways first to awaken all the unconsciousness cells in order to be conscious cells, and then continue their experience vertically until  reach the One...

This means you can’t be a pure enlightenment & oneness Soul without awakening the unconsciousness cells within you..

And by the way my words above lead to some part of the sacred knowledge of The science of the Cross,, and Jesus within his journey had reached part of the oneness teachings, and because of that there was disagreement between him and the Light souls on the plan of liberation which led him to be lifted “ascended” from the earth..

The merging between inner & outer... electric &magnetic and the scale of understanding from the inner conscious with the scale of activation of the outer is the way of the Oneness School..

All the spirits whom are related to Oneness ,  when they began their journey and from the first  experience for them in the growth stage , they followed the oneness language , everything they do , they merge  between the scale of understanding  & the scale of activation as one …and grow vertically between dimensions, and the meaning of Vertically between dimensions is called {Space timeline} in the quantum physic ..& the Horizontal is called {alternative worlds Timelines}..

And those old ancient spirits who carried the language of Oneness, they appeared in our universes at the beginning of its creation,, .and they had spread the language of oneness until the time of quarantine on this region of the universe, and after that, this language had disappeared, and then it appeared again few years ago on planet earth, because of one spirit on earth who did a connection with the sacred language of Oneness “the language of the Source”..

This last part is related to the Avatara and the Blue Dark Merkaba..

Namaste' with all our love..

Enlightened Master & Blue Solara

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