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The blue Pulse and the now moment Written by EM-BS on 13 Nov 2016

The blue Pulse and the now moment
Each timeline carries within it  “future and past”, and those future and past are moving horizontally in each timeline. as if there is a line in front of your eyes and the right side of that line is the future, and the left side is the past, all the micro and the Nano seconds of that timeline are related either to the past or to the future ,, and at a specific point of that timeline there is a point that works like a gate & a Zero point energy, this point works like an exit point and elevator to exit from this timeline to move to another timeline in another dimension , this gate point is not specific in the middle of that timeline , but it’s there in that timeline between past and future, and the main element that effects “ when that point be aligned for us and worked as elevator to send us from dimension to dimension” [ascension] is the now moment,, also our consciousness in that moment…

each gate point of any timeline is connected vertically with the same gate point of the above timeline.. and its continue like this until you reach the 13th dimension which is the Central Sun.

the central sun,, from the outer space , it works like a factory of initiating timelines for the will of the creations to prepare” how that galactic day will be” (its future and its past ) and from the spiritual side from inside the central sun,, things move with Now Moment ,, and  from the outer space of that central sun , the galactic wave  moves and initiates to be align with the circle of revolutions ,, and from the spiritual and the inner side of the central sun , the blue pulse is align with the Now Moment of all collective consciousness of creation  in the present, whether it’s a collective conscious for the destiny of specific planet or specific race OR  that collective consciousness for any specific being in this galaxy..
  • when the galactic wave is launch from the central sun ,, it launches because it’s the right time of ending the specific circle ,, which means that there is an estimating time for that .. it doesn’t matter what the collective conscious is , but of course its effect had a relationship with the level  of  collective consciousness ..and when that wave  launch , it moves with the speed of light ..
  •  However, in the blue pulse situation , the launch of this pulse is related to the readiness of the collective consciousness whether as collective or individual to receive that pulse , and when that happened,,  the blue pulse will launch in a speed of now , the meaning of that: it reaches this planet  at the same moment of its launching from the central sun,, because her nature as blue pulse is related to the nature of the main element of the instruction of this universe,, like what happened in the beginning of the creation ( the big bang ) the micro second of that explosion , the universe manifested..

Now if you search for:  the Exit door, The Ascension, move between dimensions, to be align with your Merkabah, merging your inner planes OR access from dimension to another, here all what you need is just NOW, and here..
If you send your consciousness to the future through hope or you relax your conscious and attach it with the past, in this situation you decide not to live [ NOW], but to postpone that for tomorrow, as if your consciousness said, I am not ready now but I will be ready in the future.

Waiting for things to happen will send your present to the future, and you will never catch what you want from the future until you recall again your present to this now moment.

If you need to send your request to the mental cosmic to tell him that you are tired and you want to exit from this dimension, please don’t deal with him through the hope way, he will never listen to you, but deal with him from the NOW present through living what you asked him to do for you.
 your presence, your actions, your feelings, your visions…, all of those elements try to focus them on NOW and HERE.

The blue pulse is connected directly through all those gate points and connected with your heart chakra, and the key to exit is in your heart.

With all my love and peace