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A moment of Love written by/ Solara “the blue flare “on April 17th 2015

A moment of Love by/ Solara “the blue flare “on April 17th 2015
From a moment of (living with you) through our inner journey my love EM, I will talk  about how difficult it is when you touched the essence of the truth, and how much this essence expanded with the expanding of the Source , because there is no border for the truth , and the difficulty here lies in: when you try to embody the world of truth into a simple words.., and to let these words be a border for this truth to remain still & dormant , as for others can watch and catch a glim of it,  like when mother earth Gaia balled her hand to allow the fast falling Rain to stood still in the palm of her hand  for the thirsty eyes, to be able to watch and see the magic of the Ocean…

The people may be know the Ocean, and how beauty it is.., and may be they know about the falling drop of the rain that made the ocean, but it’s rare to know the real ocean; where the drop came from... this ocean is the Ocean of Enlightenment….., I learned from my journey when the beings live within the ocean of enlightenment and merge with it; a drop of a word starts flowing through their mouth as a wisdom river..

You can’t reach this ocean of enlightenment through talking about things, but through living within things, and the inner journey is the way to know how to live within things...

I know all of us have a whiff of the Spirit of the Source, which let us feel the huge power within us as if we are the source himself, but to reach the state of the union with the conscious of the source needs from all of us to go through that inner journey, which is passing by all dimensions  until reach the 13th “ The Essence of The Oneness” and through this journey we will face a lot of experiences to refine the consciousness within us like the water that moves in the underground for millions of kilometers to purify all the  impurities in it,, and come out to the surface from the Majestic Mountains Nozzles as the purity waterfall ever.., we are the same , we need this journey to be the waterfall of wisdom which flows in the enlightenment ocean ..

These experiences are the struggling between the unconscious cells & the conscious cells within our consciousness, which represented in all existing conflicts in the universe..

These existing conflicts in this universe, led to the descending & the separating and the creating of the Dark that represents the unconscious cells AND the Light that represents the Conscious cells...

At the present time; this conflict is about to end, and the separation is almost ended, and this will led to merge both “the unconscious cells & the conscious cells” as a One Unit again after knowing each other..

After the blue pulse, they will merge together, and they will become as a One Being, but still the cells of consciousness within that being are not fully awaken, they still need that inner journey to bloom the unconsciousness cells within that being, in order for all the Cells to Blossom., this will happened when they continue their journey to reach the Oneness state..

The Merging which will happened after the flow of the Blue Pulse is: A Union and Not Oneness,,, this union happened in the Outer Realm to allow them to continue their journey to reach the Oneness in the Inner Realm..

I wish all a beautiful inner journey after the flow of the blue pulse … and here the Real Seekers have already started their inner journey before the flow of the pulse., because the “the unconscious cells & the conscious cells” are united..
With all my love and my wishes to the flowing of the Blue Pulse very soon..

Solara “ The Blue Flare “ 


  1. Thank you Dear One. Indeed may it be Soon. We are all so physically worn out. Many Blessings.

  2. Hi. Is there any update? Thank you.

  3. Thank You
    For Clarifying Things For Me...
    I Am Surprised That There Are Only 77 ...True Enlightened Masters
    On This Planet...(especially When You Consider How Many In India..
    Claiming To Be Enlightened Masters...
    I Am Assuming That Master Ching Hai Is One Of The Real Ones
    She Is Totally Selfless...
    Tara Grace