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Ascension Part 1 : What is the meaning of Ascension? by/ the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan August 16 , 2012

In this part and the next parts, we will offer a full explanation to our brothers and sisters on earth for the real meaning of the ascension; concentrating on the coming four months of preparations on the spiritual and psychological level... where “the galactic federation of light “display matters in a very high level of consciousness; and sometimes it is difficult for some of our brothers to understand the real meaning of what they say…

What is the meaning of Ascension?

written by/ the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

is not a word that indicates place, as in to ascend from one place to another. Ascension is a period of transformation from the lowest of dimensions to their highest. Ascension is an inner, not an outer, process; for Ascension begins from the inside then launches to organize the outside.

Ascension is to know who you are through yourself.

Ascension is the path to air flight and the breaking of the shackles of gravity; the gravity of the ego, the gravity of anger and the gravity of ignorance and fear.
It is like the bird that hatches on the ground then starts walking around to experience the ability to run, only to start jumping then leaping over larger distances until he realises that he was not created to walk or leap on the ground but to soar the skies. In order to do that, the bird must first break through the barrier named “the fear of death”, and then throw himself from a high place in order to get used to the notion of flying.

as soon as he accomplishes this, he realizes that he is a falcon soaring in the air and not like poultry that were not created to fly; for bird chicks are similar when they first hatch, poultry or not, and only when they fly do those chicks realize that they are not the grounded type.

However, I have never seen a human being born “grounded”, for we were all created to fly, but some have preferred to remain grounded out of their fear of flying.

Ascension is the will to grow and develop.
Ascension is the release from fear.
Ascension is the purpose behind the light shining within us that urges us to advance in order to become the fathers to new sons, and teachers to new students.

Ascension is graduating with a real degree that confirms that you are a true master.

Only then would the worlds embrace you and find you a position in their Grand School.

Love & Peace

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