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The New Timeline & the beginning of the transition period... written by / The Enlightened Master Ibrahim H. on May 19th 2015

New Update..May19th, 2015

The New Timeline & the beginning of the transition period...

All main timelines have reached the convergence point that led to activate the New Timeline, which through it, all the previous problems in the universe will end..

Working on the birth plan for the new timeline, began since thousands of years, which when completed there will be a reset for all Timeline schedules, and the end of each obstacles that was tracked to the main problem that happened in the beginning of the creation to this universe...

The New Timeline was ready in 2014, but was not been activated, because one of its possibilities {which the timeline contained} will cause a big side effect to make it successful..{usually each timeline has both sides of Negative & Positive possibilities}...

Now; any large side effect , which is related to the New Timeline was canceled, and based on that;  the new timeline has been activated, and this happened  through the help of  the Blue Dark Merkaba "The Avatara’s  Merkaba " , where a credit of Light wisdom code that related to the experiences of the Avatara has been added to the  new Timeline, in order to modify all the possibilities of this new timeline, [ This issue, is somewhat complicated to be explained, and we will explain it in the future if there is a need for it..]

The New Timeline has been linked from the 4th D (the Ethereal Plane) with the 3rd D (the Physical Plane) and this led to the activation of the Law of Manifestation...

The effects that is happening now as a result of activating the new timeline:

a- From the inner realm (Inner planes):

The entry of the transition period starting from now on...

The end of the Kali Yuga “the age of darkness”, and the entry to the Golden Age...

The presence of Lord Kalki with all his army from the Light Beings, to complete the elimination of the dark forces...

Three Natural Star Gates for the planet earth has been opened..

One of those Star Gates is the main Star Gate for planet earth..

The Light Cities are under preparation to manifest..

The beginning of the preparation for the emergence of the 3 ancient continents (Lemuria, Atlantis and Sri Lanka)...

b) From the Outer Realm (Dimensions & Civilizations) :

The beginning to open the Oval Lid of the quantum anomaly [The Quarantine] from this sector of this Galaxy “Milky Way “..

The beginning of the stages of removing the veil..

The First phase was completed successfully, and the operations are still running on the second phase..

At a certain point from those phases of removing the Veil, the Event will be announced..

There is a large breakthrough of Light through the Veil, and from now on, the earth will be exposed to the cosmic rays & frequencies significantly to prepare this planet and its people for the ascension process in the near future..

a major weakening on the plasma plane is now taking place, because of the beginning of removing the Quarantine, and also because of the intense quantities of light which is reaching now to this sector of the galaxy..

Any big influence to any move for the Chimera Group has been ended, due to the entry of the New Timeline...

Upon the arrival of light inside the quarantine area to a certain limit;. The plasma plane will collapse,   and the operations work on achieving this now...

c) On the Ground:

The activation of the New Timeline & the entry of the transition period, will exceed dramatically and significantly the following reactions:

All the projects that known to many as: {Disclosure, New Economic System, Big changes in the politic sectors “hidden files”} will start showing to the public greatly from now on..

We will start seeing a big role for the Light Forces, Resistance Movement & their allies and the positive military on the ground...

The darkness will not be the only force on the ground, everything will be shown to the public, and the light forces will start in receipting the reins

There is a big changing in the media sector..

The Mass Awakening will be huge...

There will be a drastic changes in the climate as a result of the light entry, and the fake reality will be removed gradually, and restore the Virgin Situation to the earth’s atmosphere..

Of course; don’t expect all of that will happen in one day or few days,, the transition period has begun , and at a certain point, the event will be announced..

Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan



  1. Thank you for this uplifting update! I have copied high lights over to The Portal. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Ibrahim.
    I pray the climate change for the better will not be too far off.
    The World and The Kingdoms are indeed suffering from it.
    Many blessings to you.

  3. Beautiful.
    That We Are Closer
    On Are Way To The Event
    Looking Forward To Light
    Cities Appearing
    What A Time This Will Be
    My Wish Is To Help People
    During The Time Of The Event
    May There Be Peace On This
    Tara Grace

  4. Wondering,
    Is it Possible
    That The
    Prediction That
    Ships Will Land In
    Sept 2015..Could Be
    Here's To Me
    For The Benefit
    Of All Beings
    Tara Grace...

  5. Thank you Ibrahim. My question: do you know if when the plasma plain collapses, any strangelet bombs still contained in it can/ will, or can NOT explode anymore?

    1. Dear Lee Binder:

      The plasma plane will collapse when the breakthrough reaches phase 2 out of 3 OR phase 3 out of 4..
      And regarding the [Strangelet bombs] , it does not matter whether the bomb explode or NOT , but what important is “ the sequences that will led to this issue & what bearing of dependencies for this explosion if happened “..

      All big side effects for ‘The New Timeline that has been activated’ were removed… this means; that the dark forces cannot bring an issue OR big event if it’s not included in the new time line schedule...

      Any attempts to create an event outside the branches of the New TimeLine will fail...


  6. Thank you Ibrahim, it's more consoling than irritating that the effect(s) can and will be minimized and that, above all, there will surely be NO Armageddon. Let's hope that an additional = even more delaying phase 4 will not be necessary (and that it will surface soon that phase 3 is indeed the last phase).

    Aloha from (for the time being) Lake Constance, southern Germany.

  7. Oh, BTW.. you write "The Event will be announced". I am aware there is many different incidents and layers to The Event incl. disclosure, financial reset etc, but The Blue Pulse with the elevation into 5D seems to be the biggest part of The Event. Master Serapis through the channel AliceAnn Melchizedek said the other day, that even to the Spiritual Hierarchy (Ascended Masters etc.), this "instantaneous shift in the spiritual atmosphere" (that's how he referred to The Pulse) will even be a surprise moment to them, because it will be God personally who will push the final button, and decide when.

    Just felt like contributing that information.

  8. One Thing ,
    I Hope In Regard To The Event
    Is I Hope People Will See Enogh
    Of The Truth To Not Fall For Fake
    Light Workers Anymore..Like The
    Teal Scotts Of The World..
    I Would Like The Fake Gurus To Be Revealed
    So People Can See What A Real Guru Looks
    Like..When You See A Real Guru...
    You Melt..If Your Ego Is Not Melting
    Chances Are That Person Is Not A Real Guru
    Tara Grace For The Benefit Of All Beings...