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Happening Now - Breakthrough reaches its peak.. May, 13th 2015

 May, 13th 2015
Things in 10th ,11th of May 2015 were difficult , but now it is going much better and in progress..

Breakthrough reaches its peak..

There are serious attempting to break the veil..

The situation in the ground has reached its peak , it seems that there will be Confrontation and escalation , this is not a cause for fear, but the beginning of the manifestation stage..

It seems that the time of hesitating is over “end” , and there are a Serious Moves..

We will provide you with a report when this operation end..

Namaste' EM


  1. Sounds Interesting
    Serious Moves
    Looking Forward
    To Finding Out
    What Is Happening
    Allah Hu akbar
    Tara Grace

  2. Thank you for the updates. They are much appreciated and I'm copying them over to The Portal (Cobra's site) for others to see. Many thanks!