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Transcript for the video of: [The Blue Pulse/ interview with the Enlightened Master, by /the blue flare on 5/5/2015.]

Transcript for the video of: [The Blue Pulse/ interview with the Enlightened Master, by /the blue flare on 5/5/2015.]. 

This transcript is done by our precious members of the world of truth “ Kinnar Pandya & Varsha Pandya, … we thank both and really appreciate their great efforts where they devoted their own time to this work for the benefit of all.. 

This transcript audited and modified by/ EM & Blue Flare ...

Note: We added some necessary adjustments to some meanings that came in the video to clear the meaning more... 

p.s you can share this transcript with preserving the existing text without change or modification and save the copyright....

Video (part 1)
Part 1: The Spiritual meaning of the blue pulse AND the current situation on the inner & outer realm
BF: We will start with this question: what is the spiritual meaning of the Blue Pulse?

EM: Like what they say ‘Out of the blue’, what’s the meaning of Blue? The Blue, first of all, is not a frequency or a colour. The meaning of the Blue is beyond frequencies or colour, The Blue is a fingerprint from the Unknowable World’s Inner Realms. It means that the Unknowable World is like a womb for everything that’s happening within it through the essence, when that essence is complete from inside, it will handle a meaning and it will reach a state of rebirth – to birth something from it – in the Manifest World from the Un-manifest World….. And when it reaches that point, it spreads a magnetic pulse, that magnetic pulse we called the Blue Pulse... 
And the Blue Pulse lets the inner world {that handle the beauty & the essence world ) to manifest out from the Unknowable World to the Manifestation World ,  to appear as a Known World in front of the beings of Light,,, and that Blue is the Magic of Manifestation. It is the tool of manifestation for the Inner Realms – the Inner Unknowable World within any being that is related to worlds-, related to Godhood Kingdom, Angelic Kingdom, Human Kingdom, Man Kingdom, every Kingdom needs the tool of Blue Pulse to let everything within her to appear as manifested things. 
This means it is a beautiful tool to let what is within you [your dream, your belief systems, your action, the spiritual account within you, what you work within your cells of consciousness and unconsciousness within you, the fighting happening within you that creates your own world from inside] to appear and manifest out in your manifesting world, your materialistic world around you that you can see in front of your eyes. 

BF: What is the situation now in the Inner and Outer Realms and is the situation on Earth aligned with what is happening over there?

EM: The situation is always dynamic, it is changeable every moment, it is related to the situation in the inner realm  & the outer realm , and the situation inside the Planet Earth, We should reach a Zero Point !!..and that zero point happens with the alignment and convergence that happens between the inner realms; for all of them to be in one line to activate the Manifestation Law; to let everything that is happening within the Inner Realms to happen inside the Earth in the physical manifesting way to appear in front of the people on Earth. And the situation now in the inner realm is almost complete, because every essence of beauty and completion is always related to the inner realm.
And now in the inner realm, the situation in the Astral & Ethereal is almost completed.
The astral is almost cleansed from the negative energy, and also cleansed from the negative entities; in general let’s say 90% of the negative beings in the astral plane is complete cleansed. 
In the Ethereal level, still there is the last point of the Chimera Group, and the outer realm as a civilization races they are trying their best. There are always operations happening here and there from time to time to cleanse the Solar System, and that operation went well, but still they haven’t cleansed the last strengthening point for the Plasma Plane of the Chimera Group. And that situation in the Ethereal Realm is regarding to what’s happening on Earth now.
Lets say ,what 's happening on earth now: The network of Ley-Lines, the spiritual energy network is activated and everything is OK, and it works well, but the problem is with the collective consciousness of humanity. 
The human beings on earth have within themselves something new now that makes them know what’s going to happen in near future, they became feel many changes: they became aware of the transition period from their essence, they are trying to change themselves from inside, and try to connect with their higher selves… and there is awakening happening among the human beings now, but the problem is that awakening is still unconscious – it is still secondary within themselves.. 
The primary is still the old patterns that live within them, which means when they act, when they feel, when they are dealing with things around them (family, business, financial, dreaming everything that is around them) they are doing it from the old patterns. The primary things they are dealing with are the old patterns from the old thinking...

BF: which is related to the 3rd Dimension, you mean...
EM: Yes of course, The new patterns within them, the new personalities, the new perspectives from their higher self is still Secondary, not Primary,, and that means they are still not pushing the new identity, new personality, new perspective to the surface to be Primary, and to manifest that new side within them, the old patterns are the reason for the things being delayed. 
Why is there a delay from here and there? Because the Physical level and the Ethereal level always work together. These two levels should be in alignment more to let things that are ready in the Astral & Ethereal to penetrate and manifest on Earth, and this will let the Blue Pulse to happen to the Planet Earth, and this blue pulse is regarding manifesting what is within you from inside. 
If the Blue Pulse happens now whilst we are talking, in this situation the transition will become difficult. Why? Because the real vision, real perspective and connection with the higher self, and the real  feeling for human beings about awakening is still buried deep within themselves. It is not seen in their behaviour, they are talking about that, they believe in that, but they don’t act from there yet, and they let these things to be in their subconscious, but their personality, their actions, their feelings are still dealing from the old patterns and from 3D perspective, and this is the reason why there was a delay!!.. 
Now there is no possibility to delay things, and we need to push things so the awakening happen quickly\sooner. Because of that there are many plans for Planet Earth to support the human beings to launch the awakening within them..

BF: Do you mean to force them? 
EM: It’s not a kind of forcing, but the human beings if they did not live in such a situation that makes them feel not stabled in it, they will not be able to launch that new being within them... 
The meaning here is: if they feel safety from 3D now, they don’t feel the need to deal with that new perspective within them.
The real thing, the original thing is to release the human beings to reach that lonely in order to support themselves to cleanse and to delete the old patterns from them, and to launch that new perspective, new personality and new identity..
But regarding to the situation now, if we leave them to what they are living now, then the Event will not happen soon, it will be far in the future,  this means that there is a delay, and the situation in the inner realm cannot wait any more now , because almost every thing is ready there. 
Yes, there is a Chimera Group, but even the affecting of the situation of the Chimera Group is related to the situation of the consciousness & collective consciousness on Earth….this means; we need to go deeper into the inner journey & into the real meaning of spirituality…..
And now: Why the Cabal is here on Earth? Why the dark entities are here on Earth? Because; you are NOT here!!!  If you sit in the Throne of Your Presence, then there is no dark Cabal!! Why are they using their power now on planet Earth? Because; we didn’t launch our Beauty, our Love, our Essence; we didn’t sit in the Throne of our Presence in our physicality here, and this Presence is still not shown to us ,, we didn’t manifest that Presence around us…….Why the Cabal is here? Because; we are not here, we are physically here, but NOT Present.

And if we leave the human beings until that happens, maybe we will go for months and years to reach the Blue Pulse & to reach the Event. 
And because of that, there are many plans to let those things come forward here & NOW, to bring the event closer,, and the plan is that we should delete some part of the old patterns from 3D physicality along with many changes for planet Earth like climate changes, the change of the Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR) for the planet Earth to happen faster and changing the political system and some big decisions for the planet.
That means there is a confrontation that will happen for planet Earth to allow the essence of the ascending fire within human beings to arise and to allow the new perspective to happen for them on Earth. If human beings still feel peace with the old 3D patterns, they will not move, they will not let the new perspective, new identity within them to be Primary.

However - the survival thing inside the human being – if they feel that they need to survive- they will launch that personality, and they will return to the Throne of the Presence inside them, and they will be on the surface, and that, by the way, will affect the network of energy and will affect the collective consciousness… and basically this will let the Blue Pulse to happen…

This means; if you want the Blue Pulse to happen now, ask yourself about:
The real world within you, the real perspective, the real awakening and the spiritual account within your inner beings…are those living within you as Secondary OR Primary  do you act , feel and do through these perspectives, OR sometimes  you use those perspectives..?? 
If you want the Blue Pulse to happen now & the Event to happen now: you should deal as Present – as much as you’re handling within your spiritual account from the inner consciousness, you should act in your life as much as you have of that spiritual account within you.. 
Many people are aware of what’s happening, but they are still using the old patterns, the biggest problem right now is these old patterns for human beings, It’s not easy for them to release those,,, So the plan that we talked about is to support the human beings to leave the old patterns and to show the beautiful things within them – the real personality within them, and this is what’s happening on earth now!!.. 
by the way; I’m not talking about The Time, I’m talking about the Moment [The Present ],, the Blue Pulse is align with your Presence,,,, if you are here, if you really want that, not just lip-talk , but with your dealing, feeling, acting, vision and working – as much as you are working in the present , as much as  the collective consciousness will reach the Critical Mass Point  , as much as this will activate the blue pulse.. 

Video part (2)
Part (2 ): The influence of the blue pulse on the people of earth at the time of the event
Yes, the activation of the Blue Pulse is under the Will of the Divine, under the Will of the Source. Yes; but even the will of the source is aligned with our preparation here on Earth,   if we are ready, the Divine is ready!!!
Don’t flip that (it’s not the other way round). The Divine is waiting for us, not that we are waiting for the Divine…… The Divine will not do something on behalf of us; we should do that, because for the human being, their lesson here on Earth is to know:

The Cause and consequence … This is the lesson for the 4th kingdom of Human kingdom, and for the Animal Kingdom their lesson is Survival… 
Our lesson here is:

To watch  our activation ..
To be aware of the elements that we put for this activation...
To scan & analyse the results that occurring from our actions.
This is our lesson here on planet Earth. You should deal as an Ascended Master. you should deal as [who I am now, I am presence ] ... What I’m handling within my Presence, within my Essence, I should let that to be out in my movement, feeling, activation, and this is what should happened now !!
BF: What is the influence of the Blue Pulse on the people of Earth at the time of the Event? 
EM: OK. Let me give you an example:

if you have a seed and you saved this seed by storing it for a long time, there is no change in this seed, but when you  take this seed and instill it inside the earth and irrigate it with water; the DNA and the chromosome within the seed will launch to be a plant and to be a great Tree, and this is what will happen within our DNA inside us when the Blue Pulse happens. It will allow our [ limited DNA to be activated ], to have more strands in our DNA and to launch our world within us,,, we save our spiritual account through many of our previous lives, dream timelines, possibilities of timelines and parallel timelines within our self,, and we have a lot of experience stored in the seeds of our DNA. And that Blue Pulse is like an order, like water for our DNA to begin activating that world within us – that spiritual account within us.
How much you have that spiritual account, how much you have vision, dreams, belief systems, everything within you – positive or negative – it will be shown to you. Of course it will not happen like instantly <EM snaps his fingers ;)>  but the pulse which will  happen instantly, and it  will be shown to people in stages, gradually, depends on how much that is strong within you. If those things within the womb of your being are complete, it will become faster. You will see your world. You will use your spiritual credit to manifest what you want from that belief system within you, and if you have less, you will activate less, …  If you have nothing, the Blue Pulse will not give you anything ( and of course no one has nothing in his credit ). The Blue Pulse will manifest your credit. It will allow your spiritual account and your spiritual credit to happen\appear\shown in front of you. And the more the spiritual account is complete, the faster it will happen in front of you. This means (you need to) check in yourself, check in your belief systems, check in your spiritual account, in your meaning, in your Presence.
If you are sitting in the Throne of your Presence and you feel your consciousness is complete from inside, you will see the Magical World after the Blue Pulse. And if you have nothing inside you, you will not see things. Of course, there will be normal things happening in the physical world after the Event and all people know about the physical things. I’m talking about the spiritual things. Now those spiritual things within you will manifest slowly and slowly depending on how much of the spiritual account do you have inside. And if you have beauty, you will have beauty. If you do NOT have beauty within you – fear or anger – it will appear and will become stronger after the Event.
And here you can see your Real World. Your world now in the third dimension is under a big propaganda. There is nothing REAL around you. Now the Pulse will let you enter the Game and see both sides clearly. The Blue Pulse is appearing to manifest everything we have. What you have within you will appear in front of you. 
But there are lots of things related to Light, through all the previous lives, within the spiritual account of human beings which is kept within their DNA. And this is what the Cabal and negative entities want – to NOT allow you to catch your spiritual credit, to NOT manifest it in your world, to keep you slaves… and for them to be owner of the world. Now the Game will become shown for everyone, this is the meaning of the Event. 
Will there be struggle in the Event?  May be!  You choose that…. If everything is clear within you, no one will support you; your spiritual account will support you, you will see after the Event, people are dealing with Light Beings, people are dealing with Dragons and you will see other people dealing with nothing, they deal with just nothing because they didn’t have a spiritual account…. It means when that lesson ends, you will catch the results. This is the meaning of the End of the Circle. There is nothing hidden behind the scenes now!! Everything is in front of you, and this is what will happen after the Event.
The effect from the Magnetic Pulse will connect directly through the Heart Chakra with the Source… This means it will remove the disconnection between the Light Beings on Earth and their Source,, and that connection will allow more feelings, more Present, different angle of view, and open the memory of all your spiritual account, of your experience in your previous lives, of the dream timeline in your dreams, and you will collect all of these instantly if you have completed your Ascension. If you haven’t completed your Ascension, you will complete what you need to complete your mission. And you will gain your spiritual account. You gain as much as you have in your spiritual account. This is what will happen after the Blue Pulse. The Blue Pulse is like the beginning.
BF: You mention that when the Blue Pulse happens, people will start seeing other angles of their Self, not only the Self that the Cabal, let’s say, draw for them. Can you explain more about this?

EM: OK. In the 3D reality, many things happening around you are under mind control. They make you see yourself in one way, just in one angle. And you think that’s you. And this is what will impact the people after the Event, they will see themselves that’s they are not who they are now …

You will see that you have lots of ‘YOU’, not just you (who is living in 3D), the role you are playing here on Earth is just a role, it does not represent you. 
But those barriers between all previous lives and between all your spiritual account and experiences will start opening and disappearing, and you will merge all your experiences, in order to collect all your planes around you from Physical, Ethereal and Astral. You will become connected with your higher self, with your previous lives and you will come to know yourself as bigger than what you are now. You will figure out that you did NOT know yourself, ever! You will discover your real self after the Event.
BF: Here I will ask a question. Yesterday at night, we have been discussing, we have been connecting with other Beings and one of them mentioned something. I liked his point when he said “during your dream, you meet with lots of people and you think that this is just a dream, but after the Event and Blue Pulse, all the characters that you met with through your dreams whilst you are sleeping, you will see them and they are not just a dream.” Can you explain more about this point?
EM: The Light being when he talked about that, he was explaining the Dream Timelines. People when they go to bed and go to sleep, they think that it is just a dream – switch off temporary and they will return in the morning. 
But what really happens is you leave your skin suits and you go to Dream Timelines. Dream Timelines are related to the fourth dimension – related to Ethereal, sometimes to the Astral and sometimes to higher of the astral plane. Depending on how much you have consciousness and how much you have battery and power in order to reach that higher state sometimes,, and sometimes less in the Ethereal, and you meet with the Light Beings and sometimes you meet with negative beings, sometimes you live whole life – a complete life within your dreams-. i.e. you live 70 years in another timeline in one minute of your dream. , and after the Event, you will remember all of that…

BF: this is very interesting ...
EM: People ask now ‘why the Galactic Federation of Light or Confederation decides things on behalf of us?’ Nobody decides on behalf of you. Why? Because all of you are connected with them, connected with the Higher Being related to you there. Lots of time you sit with these Light Beings and you decide with them,  but from the higher perspective; away from the old memory patterns of the third dimension here when you are awake. When you go to sleep, you go to that Dream Timeline and you go to the Ethereal and Astral level and you meet with them, and you see things from the higher perspective, and you decide for yourself here what you need. But sometimes what you decide there (in Dream Timeline) against your consciousness here (in wakeful state) without the remembering what happened there.. 
BF: I think against your mind. 
EM: Yes, but with your mission. It means it is to the benefit of your mission, because of that, the people, when they reach a Master State, they will become opened about their Dream Timelines, and they will know what they decided from higher perspective, for themselves here on planet Earth. And they will see ‘everything here is OK, there’s no problem, I always say to people: Trust yourself there!! People are dealing with Life as if Life is something that they cannot catch, and the future is something that is disappearing under possibilities ‘maybe it happens like this or that’. 
No, my dear, from your higher perspective there, you see every single moment that you are doing here on Earth , and  you decide, from there, the possibilities and you decide the way of your mission, the way of your pattern of what you need to move….

When you awake here in your skin suit, in the human body in 3D, trust yourself there, because you decide everything! But to connect with your Higher Self, you need a level of consciousness; you need to break those barriers…… The biggest strong power that the dark entities put to make the human beings slave is to put barriers between the Inner Realms. That means they separate Physicality from the Ethereal from the Astral from the Mental from the Wisdom from the Will and from the Enlightenment plane. So they separated all layers of plane related to you. 

Video (Part 3):
Direct contact with Goddess ISIS
EM: continue ... because of that you are NOT connected with your Higher Self. And by the way, there are lots of knowledge about multidimensional science, multidimensional spiritual beings – talking about the higher dimensions, and the higher perspective from the higher self.. Let’s ask: which higher self  ??!! 
BF: That’s what I was going to ask. What’s the real meaning of higher- self? 
EM: Yes. People talk about the Higher Self – one Higher Self, but you have lots of higher selves, my dear, not just one Higher Self. Why? The Higher Self is a Self-higher than that self you are living NOW. That means you have a Higher Self in the Astral, which will you meet with after the Liberation of planet earth.., that will be the Higher Self of the Astral for you. It means we are here as a Self and we have another Self in the Astral.
BF: even in the ethereal realm? 
EM:  The ethereal is like an energetic system that connecting the higher self of the astral with the self of the physical reality, it is like a link. 
BUT, the real higher self for you is in the 9th Dimension, beyond the mental body, not beyond the brain,,,,, and what’s beyond the brain is the astral level for you.

Beyond the Mental body “which is the fourth level of your inner bodies [the Mental Plane]” there is a wisdom plane….  and this wisdom plane is in the 9th Dimension, you have the real higher-self  there, because of that, we always say you are living in dream within a dream.
BF:  This is the meaning of {Dreams within the Dreams}!
EM: You are living in the dream of the 3d {third dimension} and you want to open the box to go in the 5d fifth dimension in order to meet with your astral self (the first higher self for you)... And after that you will go even beyond that dream, and that dream is not like this dream, it is more bigger, but it’s not a propaganda.. its reality, and that dream is a simulation for your consciousness, it means that you need to expand your consciousness.
BF: and still this is regarding the Self; still we are collecting ourselves!!.
EM: Yes, because until mental plane, it is Self. And above Mental plane it is a Higher Self, but in the astral realm, what’s happening there is not propaganda, but it is still not full consciousness for you. It means you will go beyond the box to expand your consciousness, but here 3D you have to go beyond the Box of propaganda and lying, you are living within a real physical box here!!  you didn’t see anything yet, you are out of the Game…. But in the 5th Dimension, you will enter the Game. 
In the 9th Dimension; you have a big role in the Game, and in the 12th Dimension; you release your inner journey from your inner being to be one unit “ a complete one unit as a Soul “ ,,and not separated as “ self & higher self “ …and this is the Enlightenment after completing your inner journey.
BF: When you reach the 13th you mean, above 12th Dimension. 
EM: Yes. The 13th; is the ultimate of the free will of sitting on the Throne of your Presence.
BF: This morning you lived a beautiful moment and you told me that you connected with……. 
Interrupted by the EM,,  
EM:  By the way, that beautiful moment was because of your energy, I like that vortex that happened between you and me,  I felt the balancing between the feminine & masculine energy and we could create that vortex, lots of things are happening on planet Earth because of this….. I wish the humans that they try to realise and balance the feminine and masculine energy, and build that vortex to connect with their soul parents, light beings, to see things from higher perspective. It is fantastic!

these photos were taken in 2011

The Great Pyramid

: You connected with, I think, Goddess Isis and Osiris. Are they here now?
EM: It was a beautiful moment in the morning, yes, during that moment, during that vortex, we connected with them – with Isis and Osiris- and I met with them as well in 2011, this was part of our mission when traveling to Egypt, to activate the beginning of stage one of the Portal energy of Isis through the Pyramid over there...

And we know from that time, there are 3 stages for that portal to be completely open,  The RM “Resistance Movement” & the Light Forces have completed the two stages; they are working on the third part, and that third stage  will actually happen after the Event, not before the Event, because of the difficulty of  the perspective of the human beings now and their situation.
We need lots of work to activate the third stage, and that third stage, I think it will be completed after the event.. 
Many people did not know much about Isis & Osiris because those names are related to the names of Gods & Goddess of ancient Egypt.
Osiris, whom is Ishtar Command, one of the big commander of the GFL( Galactic Federation of Light ) , and his feminine energy is Isis – Isis in Egypt, Aphrodite in Greek mythology, and they played many roles on planet Earth.

In those times, before around 24 centuries before Jesus,( around 5,000 years ago)  they played those roles in Egypt, they played the role of Isis and Osiris to manage the affairs of their kingdom on planet earth,  and spread the Divine Feminine Vortex Energy and Feminine Goddess.

Isis at that time has been in contact with her- let’s say ‘mom’-, the Mother of Goddess, and Isis is her daughter, and one of the biggest goddess, she is the Goddess of Love,,, they built lots of points of the Vortex of Goddess Energy on planet Earth, One of the biggest point of the portal Isis is the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

BF: And who is the Goddess of Life? 
EM: The Goddess of Life is Nefertiti. She is the twin flame, the feminine energy of Akhenaten, and Akhenaten is one of the biggest warriors there, as a Light Being, and they played those roles in Egypt, and they lived the biggest story of Love. ..And of course, those names related to the names in Egyptian mythology. 
And they even visited Greece and they play lots of roles over there,, by the way, lots of things about the mythology from India, Greece and Egypt are connected

Those stories are right, but they manipulated those stores many times and now they have become symbols,, and people, when they read the history, they cannot catch the real meaning from those symbols. 
After the Event, we will know the full story of these Gods &  Goddesses who came to planet Earth. 
And the energy related to Goddess is beautiful energy, it is higher than the human kingdom, it is related to the Godhood Kingdom which is beyond the human kingdom, and it is s a beautiful energy, and we need that energy now for Planet Earth to balance the masculine & feminine energies to activate the full network of the ley lines of planet Earth,  and to affect and remove the quarantine and the veil for Earth.
BF: Are there any of them here now with us? Can we connect with them now?
EM: In this moment, yes, Isis is here, and I connected with her before, but this time is the first time for me to connect with her in front of the camera, because you asked me to do that in this moment..
We are dealing with lots of Gods, Goddess & Light Beings, and when you reach the level of Master in the Mastery of Alchemy, and this is after the God consciousness stage, at the level of the school of Shambala in the inner realms, just here; you can have clear connection with all of them,, and they are beautiful Goddesses, all of us need them!!
BF: Does she like to say something? We would love to hear from her!!

EM: Maybe! I will ask her...

ISIS said
: she will answer regarding your questions because there is an Ocean of Knowledge beyond 3rd Dimension. If you have specific question, she can answer that.

BF: is she working now on Earth Or she is waiting until the event to activate Their energy as Goddess together?
Isis through EM : Her Presence is not on earth, but she is working beyond the earth, from out of earth, but her energy had reached the earth through the portal of Isis, and it will reach the 14 points on planet Earth, and  one of the biggest point for her energy is the portal of Great Pyramid in Egypt, she will reach the 14 parts,  and those 14 parts are the pieces of the puzzle of her husband Osiris of the Egyptian mythology, the Mythology says when Seth killed Osiris and allocated him in 14 parts, those 14 parts are symbolic as points of the portal of Goddess energy of Isis, when she merges all of them ( activate them ),  they will return Osiris alive. 
The meaning of that, she explains one of her symbolic stories (the 14 parts ) , those 14 parts, when merge them { all those portals } from the Goddess energy, this will strengthen the power of Goddess Vortex in planet Earth, and it will let the Commander Ishtar to be present on planet earth in the first contact,,, and this is the meaning of the symbolic of / re-birthing Osiris from death /from the  presence of Ishtar command on planet earth in the first contact... and it’s a prophecy.
It has not happened in Egypt in those times, but the prophecy is for the Gods at the End of Times, when he return as Ishtar as a Commander on planet Earth, when His twin flame, the feminine energy Isis will merge all her energy of the 14 points of the portal of Goddess with her collective Goddesses around her to let Osiris return to the planet earth to his throne, and this is the meaning of the First Contact. 
and she is honoured to represent other portals for other Goddesses with her. she is, let’s say, representing the Goddess energy,,,, she has the Source of Goddess energy with her, Mother of Goddess energy, let’s say he mom, they didn’t use that word but for people to understand that , her Source is the Mother of the Goddess Energy that supports he,,, and  her story is related to lots of things in Sirian \Sirius, between her as Isis & Osiris as Ishtar Command, she played many roles even in the Greek mythology like Aphrodite “ the Source of Love there” , she even has a sister - Goddess related to Freedom - her sister’s code is Freedom, she is very close to her , and both are the two biggest feminine energies needed to Liberate the planet Earth , Freedom & Love !!..
BF: What’s the name of her sister? 
EM: It is difficult to say her name now, but her role was Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt.

Video (Part 4: )
Continue - direct contact with Goddess ISIS 
BF: And in Greek? 
EM: It is difficult to say now because it is a symbol, it’s not a name, but a story, it will change the Greek mythology if we say it now,, she prefers to do that after the Event, and because it is linked with many things that are still secret until now. she will answer that after the Event, and she talks lots of language of the Feminine.
BF: Can we hear something? 
EM: Sometimes my subconscious tries to decode the Light Code and first , I  listen to her original language and after that my subconscious tries to translate that into English, and even the English Language is not my mother tongue, so it’s like I go through so many translations, but the feeling of the speed of the packages of the consciousness language for me is so strong,  I am dealing with the original language of the conscious language. 
They say there is a conscious language beyond the frequency language and that language is a free language, not characters. Not controlled by the law of language, it is a spontaneous language, and there is a language of frequencies with a character language related to the races,, and there is a thought language that is related to the mouth language like people of Earth.
Here Isis talks in her own language through the EM,“Conscious Language"

After finishing the conscious language by ISIS through EM..

BF: The meaning , please !!
Back to EM: It’s difficult to talk about the meaning of that, but she talked about one of her role in Greek mythology,, her role as Aphrodite there,,, and how much beautiful life she lived there, and her role to open and spread e Love energy there, and she talks about the  war that happened there between two groups of beings and the separation  between the Light & the Dark in Greek mythology, and the war that happened when they tried to control the energy of Goddess, she talked about the story of Love there, how they corrupted things and lots of things in Greek mythology.
BF: that’s lovely,, thank you..



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