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quick update [ March 2016]

Lately; we’ve been very busy  in aligning  with all the current changes…  our work with people on the ground is increasing , as if we are trying to release the people from the internet matrix,  in order to allow them to increase their activation & to strengthen their spiritual account on the ground ..

I am not saying here that the internet is wrong, but in this period of time, we need to activate our consciousness more on the ground, in order to sense our feelings more, to see our thoughts embodied on the ground and to connect with each other in reality to strengthen the network energy...
Since 9th of March until the end of this month, this period of time is very important, because during this period, all the timelines crossed with each other, and all the old timelines will be released completely,[ this mean that we will not be under the effect of its schedules & possibilities ] and the new timeline (which started in May 2015) will get rid of a lot of negative possibilities, and the peak of this period was on 20th of March 2016.. “Few days ago”.

What is the influence of this period and beyond on us?
  • Acceleration in the manifestation, from the Astral & Ethereal planes to the physical reality...
  • The phase of cleansing the old pattern, the old thinking and the old habits has begun...
  • Increase of the Super Waves that come from the central sun, .which will make us in real confronting of all outstanding issues within us..
  • The emergence of facts &  X files will help to achieve the awakening for many
  • Growing in the moments of connecting with the higher selves, because of the convergent between the dimensions and timelines...
  • Massive thinning and cracking in the veil...
  • Many attempts to end the game of the Matrix...
  • The beginning of the return of some memories, especially the memory that related to the falling of the continent of Atlantis, and live with those memories will be difficult for many...  we are now at the crossroads with the same moment in the timelines where the falling of Atlantis has occurred, and at the same time we are witnessing the end of that circle and the cleansing of its karma..

The above was a quick update for this month...
And here; we would like to send our love and appreciation to all beloved members and followers for their patience, love, beautiful messages and emails which full of love and longing..

Due to time constraints, we apologize to those whom we didn’t reply to their emails, although we read all their messages with all the love & appreciation...
Enlightened Master & B.Solara


  1. Dear Beloved brothers and sisters,

    i can feel your love , and can understand your feeling... usually when i wish to meet with you , I like to turn from hoping to the action phase..

    I know you have lots of love towards us and Gaia , but i know you can..

    you can think ..

    you can get brilliant ideas..

    you can activate your believe system

    you can support your brothers all around the world

    you can connect with your higher self..

    You can replace your word with your world ..

    you can make your destiny..

    you can liberate your planet..

    you can do lots of things ..but here you need to look into what you can do ,, and to do that , you need to have a higher perspective to keep you away from the lower perspective "which make you gather all what you cannot do " ...

    All of us here, we came to this planet because we CAN DO ! but many loose this wisdom .. and now with the convergent of the timelines , we can evoke this wisdom.. ( WE CAN DO )..

    search deep within you , and more deeper , touch your essence , touch your core to remember , you are an immortal multi-denominational spiritual being ... and YOU CAN..

    you can change yourself and you can change your world, and you can build the new world..

    BUT , you need to leave this phase that you are in now , and go to the next phase..

    transcend your thoughts ..

    with much love & peace to all


  2. Thank You
    E.M.For The Update
    Much Appreciated and You
    are Right..If Things are done
    for god..things can get done
    Tara Grace...

  3. Gaia's end of March deadline (if really true..?) has passed, obviously without ANY public achievement (Blue Pulse Event, GCR/ RV, release of the prosperity packages)..

  4. There was Never Any dates
    Given That I Am Aware Of For the event Horizon
    All I know..For Sure Is That It Is Real..
    and will come its all part of gods plan...
    We Need to Wake Up to The Present Moment Of Now..
    AND Do What We Can Do Until That Day comes..
    It May Not come Until 2025..Who Knows..
    Only God Knows...( Most people Have There Attentions
    on The wrong Things...
    Tara Grace..Peace Be Upon All Beings...