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Message from the heart of the Kingdom of Light -Shambhala/ channled by the enlightened master ibrahim hassan 21st Feb 2013

Message from the heart of the Kingdom of Light.., the Company of the Divine on Earth “Shambhala “..

Valentine’s Day, is the day chosen by Lord Brahma to embody his consciousness in Mahavatara personality [the new avatar] on the ethereal level, after he completed his embodied on the astral level, to announce the beginning of his light in this beautiful land, after he started activating the fire element.

However, this time not from the sky to earth, but from the earth to earth, he began his Journey from the sacred temple of India to the land of “Shambhala “to settle on his throne “ the Lion’s throne” , and this journey was accompanied by all the spiritual and enlightened masters , hierarchy and angles ..
These two days of 14th & 15th of Feb 2013 of the most important days in all Cosmic Dimensions, and the center of the celebration was the land of “Shambhala “the ruling kingdom of light on earth..

From mahavatara guidance on that day, for the people of the land:
Of those distance dimensions and I am with you consciously follow and watch. Sending you all the meanings of love and freedom into your hearts... There is no distance between my consciousness and your hearts... And today I am overlooking on you with the light of love and freedom, from the heart of this beautiful land...
Let’s start together to remove the walls of Darkness and ignorance from your planet ,after it’s completed it’s great mission, which was estimated to it, and it is now rises to the world of light and dimensions, and you also ,for those who are ready for ascension..
I tell you the words, digest them in your hearts not your minds, the sky of your earth will light up declaration and joy of me coming among you, I will gather you with your brothers, your earth will bring out all what it carried in her womb of the secrets..

You are working with the light of my love to you, then work for the new age and do not give up.

So if you fulfill your time and my time has come and I fulfilled what I want, here you will listen, and it’ me who will talk and work, and you will get the promises that you’ve been promised..

Do not judge yourself through the eyes of others, do not ask the others who you are? Just listen to your hearts and to everything around you, because everything around you tells you who you are! So if you know yourself, you will know me, and then you will live your new world that is the Golden Age, which its heart is Freedom and its pillar is love...
My voice is within you, for those who love to listen, I will leave you to the joy of cheerful, for this great event...
Love, security and peace from me to all of you...
channeled by
Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

Note from the Enlightened Master:
I know that there are a lot of questions about this message, but this what I was allowed to say, and the clarification will be in the near future with God’s willing...

The definitions of Lord Brahma & Mahavatara:
Lord Brahma: He is the source of the council of Elohim {who are responsible in the creation of the entire 12 dimensions}
Mahavatara: is the extension of Lord Brahma’s consciousness in the physical form in our earth, and it is the form in which embodied the Brahma’s consciousness, he is the last avatar and the master of avatars..

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