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The Portal of 25th May 2013 and The NOW Moment . written by /The Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

The Portal of 25th. May 2013 & The NOW Moment

From 24th until 26th of May 2013 is the time for The Opening Of The Portal, and the peak of it will be at the moment when the Partial Lunar Eclipse occurs, which will happen at 3:00 am on 25th May 2013 GMT, and the moon will be in “the Full Moon” phase...
What is the importance of opening this portal on us & on earth?

The energy that will descend from this Portal to Earth and its Center is outweighing the energy that occurred in 21st of Dec. 2012... All gates and portals that opened from the date of 21st of Dec. 2012 to this gate were the steps and preparatory stages for this Portal, and this Gate considered as an actual gate to launch on the following levels:


 The Actual Move to the Ascension Process of the Earth and the human on its back, and of course, as we said the Ascension process is gradual stages, and everyone will be affected by this energy, but this energy will be more effective on those who are more readiness for the Ascension process, and more that people will be affected of, are:

{ The restoration of their memories of their previous lives, and before their presence on earth too} ..
It will be in the form of quick excerpts day after day, and some of which will be through dreams by the Astral Body, and it will exceed reclaiming the memory to the stage of building the Light body for those who are more readiness on the level of consciousness for the ascension process...

It will be the beginning of the stability of The New Time Line of Mankind, and the beginning of the breakup of the old & artificial Time Lines that humanity has suffered so much from, where energy will begin to show everything that was hidden to the surface, and it will also begin weaving the new era for mankind through what they prepared of positive energies for it, and through their brothers from other Galaxies..

On the individual level
, people will begin observing access to everything they believe in, where it will begin slowly manifestation from now and into the coming weeks, and this issue will require us to re-enter to the inside , and preparing our files and energies which as long as we kept them inside.

The actual move which humanity has waited for long time will be in a position of work and manifesting, and it is not limited to Time BUT Moment!! At the individual level, Whenever we hold our faith and our desire to be reflected through the Now Moment, and without looking to the past and future and to reach the peak of NOW, it will be reflected to us..

On the collective level, when the collective consciousness complies with the will of the Divine and activating the energies on this earth, so the course of things will start to turn and move.

So NOW for the Divine is started Now, this is the time of the beginning..

for us is “Now Moment” , that we should live in it , not to put any of our hopes , dreams and faith in the future, because what placed in the future remains in the future and loses the power of the moment of now...

means Now, no matter how long it takes..

There is a Moment = Moment
a Moment = One million year..

Believe in yourself Now, you are not from the Future, because it has not happened yet,, and you are not from the Past, for you are here Now..
And the manifestation energies depend on the strength of “Now Moment “, and this is the consciousness test that you are facing now...

Love, Light & Peace

by/ The Enlightened Master. Ibrahim Hassan

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  1. Stength and power to the minds that learningdom reveals this message. If you believe that there ever was a form of a beginning and agree that THAT begining could have began as The Void or a great Void, then you are snared in the totality of all existance. For the Void exists only in the solid relm and what has a solid existance also has a fabric of non-solid. In THAT fundamental distingushment the yin and the yang is embraced. Most revalent to that basic base is that in that moment of seperation The Cosmic Concious of He Who Is All Is One was at that moment Awakened. This Awakened Concious Being enveloped the totality of the helm of The Void because He came forth from that which indeed is solid and total void. In that total void came He Whom Is Total Non-Void...and not solid form, but Illuminated In Total Power. He did not say let there be light, He simply Exist as Total Light. In Him all that is, exists of Him. Illuminated man beings are existing conciousness which are what?...They are conciousness continuing concious abbiding in the span of the solid forms of there non-solid forms which is ofcourse is why man beings do not live out there true maturity age that would easily help them conserve there solid forms to perhaps one thousand years old or more, they never leave there solid forms and waste all that solid form up! WELL, anyway. The Awakening has indeed begun. One of my names is MessengerGardianLanceWolf.