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Connecting with the Divine .... written by the Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan on Oct.8, 2012

Truth to the matter is, the road to awareness is neither easy nor short, except for those who are thirsty for the truth. The road to awareness starts with elevating and advancing your inner bodies until your enlightened body (the seventh inner body) is reached; by then you would have reached the road to true enlightenment; and thus be able to continue your journey on the path of eternal knowledge to connect to the infinite Sources.

We had constructed this website, in order for it to be a safe bridge for those who are lovers to the truth & the road of knowledge. It is not built upon general information; but upon true experiences that go beyond this earthly world you live in, into numerous grand worlds.

We haven’t only given you experiences we obtained in this life OR on this earth " and not disregard for our expertise in earth" , but experiences we transported through eons ever since the moment of launch from the Infinite Lands. However, we present those to you with the utmost in care, so that it is in tune with the awareness you carry, and the more you widen your perception, the more we present to you.

We have sometimes used the experiences of your brothers here on earth, to show you some lessons and the different levels of conscious development; because it is beneficial for you in your current stages.
Now that you are approaching the Era of Light after the end of the Dark Age, you are passing though a delicate stage. Consequently, the higher self of your soul are trying to contact you, to tell you about many of the things that await you..

1- this communication process is not crystal clear, except for those who have completed their Enlightened Body.

2- It is less clear for those who have only completed the Wisdom Body..
3- but the communication lines are very scattered, for those who have not reached the Wisdom Body “less than the fifth inner body”, and that is because the fourth inner body is one of the hardest to pass through, and it is difficult to complete and to launch into the fifth inner body, and there is a great challenging for the mental body {the fourth inner body}..

We had explained all the above to you, to make way for the following points:
Many channels here on earth would not have a complete and clear communication line, unless they had completed the Enlightened Body, and this takes a long path of awareness to reach..

So we don’t say that they are wrong OR not channels, but plenty of information that reaches them is from their higher self, and they are not fully connected to higher frequencies and above; this is why their messages are laced with love, goodness and only little clear and honest knowledge and information...

There are those who are continuing on this path in accordance with their own path of awareness, until they are completely connected with the higher frequencies. Or they are faced with tests and failures in their path of awareness that might hinder their connection, especially now that we are in a delicate stage before transformation and entrance into the Golden Age.

The Galactic Federation of Light is Real; they are the protectors of planets and galaxies. They also supervise the transition periods of planets and civilizations.

They also communicate with many channels using two methods; Direct and indirect:

Indirect communication: this means that it is not completely with them but with teams working under them; who work on training new channels all the time, in accordance with protocol and specific sciences, and whoever passes is elevated to direct communication.
Direct communication: they are really very few in numbers; and they had undergone real tests in both the material and awareness aspects, that made them reach direct awareness. And “by direct” I mean they had been upgraded from the genetic side, not only from their awareness side, so as to become difficult to penetrate.
There are always sects, or perhaps may not be called sects / or persons perhaps may not be called persons / or individuals, but may not be individuals… Perhaps a certain being, who is always present within the civilizations that they are working on. This person is from them originally, and carries their knowledge, consciousness and genes. He is not shown to the public … He conveys their messages in an indirect manner and completes his mission thoroughly.

[ As for our dear brother Greg Giles ] , I am always wary of discussing individuals specifically; but due to the abundance of queries from members of my website, either publicly through their comments, or privately through their e-mails, I am therefore going to discuss briefly what is going on with him:
{ He is a member of the indirect team that we discussed above, one of those who are operating under the teams working for the Federation but indirectly, for they training him until he reaches the designated direct communication.
During this time his training is consecutive with his own path of awareness " the completion of his mental body as we previously mentioned " so things are difficult for him due to the many interference between the truth and the hurdles of the mind.

A person in this stage feels scattered and needs evidence and proof for whatever he is experiencing. I am talking here about “Greg Giles as a channel” not as a person; for I personally hold a great deal of respect for him, and wished if I've been there with him to help, if he accepts that...however, i am specifically discussing here the scientific and spiritual aspects of the matter, especially because he is now affecting many of those who are on the road to awareness” in an indirect way”…
And a lot of things that had reached him are real and truth, and that are not meant specifically for him, but many channels have been talked about. [As members of this website we have relayed to you some, but not all of them ]. So if Greg denies these truths, it does not necessarily mean that other channels must also deny them, for it is only his personal opinion, for many of circumstances which he was clarified in his latest posts, and we have to respect him..

Now I would like to explain to you these circumstances from a conscious point of view:
Before everything I would like to make it clear that the most important matter is “ the real period that we going to go through” which is the [Golden Age] that is a non-negotiable issue, and it was not exclusive to Greg only, however. it is in our history that had been told by 44 ancient civilizations and it is supported by all of those who are entrenched in the spiritual and conscious paths all around the world, I am referring here to the period between 2012 and 2015.

The circumstances and the disagreements that happened are about: how these changes are going to take place??
Here, I am not going to discuss these issues, for I had written many articles about this on this website such as: ascension for humans, ascension for Gaia
“mother earth” , the end of the forces of evil, and so on...

Instead I would like to mention the following issues of disagreement:

  • The new economic system
  • Financial funds
  • The catastrophes that will occur
  • Arrests
What is happening here is, that Greg was too hasty in judging these issues, the right thing was to say: I must be patient, because there is a deadline agreed by all channels which is the 21st of December 2012, so let us wait and see what’s going to happen.
Because if these issues occur by that deadline, then the outcome is that he has pulled out too early, and everything he previously posted before his change of mind is correct. Then there, it is not easy to go back to his previous status, and he would not be able to change others’ views of him. On the other hand, if the opposite happened, then it would be the perfect opportunity to show all his doubts.

As for me personally I say:
The details are not what is important in the transition to the new era, because every detail is subject to change, depending on several parameters such as:
  • Human consciousness..
  • The importance of the safety of humans on this earth, and not subjecting them to issues that may increase their suffering…
  • The Divine is always changing in His decisions for the good of all,,
  • Our reality is dynamic one with constantly changing parameters, just like a stock exchange, so you must deal with it on a moment to moment basis. I do not mean that there will be changes in the overall grand plan, which is our entrance into the Golden Age, as I had previously explained in my articles, in the period between 2012 and 2015..

Now the following is my critique, and not my judgement on the above mentioned issues and circumstances:

1- The New Economic System:
This has become clear and apparent, for not only spiritual people and channels are discussing it, but all the leaders and economic experts are talking about it publicly on the television channels that are owned by the people of darkness. This is noticed by those who are continuously updated with world events.

2- The Financial Funds:
It is not possible for any nation or bank to issue a remission of debts, or even an exemption from taxes like what Iceland and Canada had recently announced, without being promised of those “Funds”.

3- Disasters that are going to occur:
There are not going to be major disasters, I agree with this! But the issue that there aren't going to be disaster at all is also wrong, for the events that were scheduled to take place here on earth were reduced due to the constant efforts of both the peoples of earth and sky.
The result is that there is only 10 - 15% chance of disasters (which is nothing compared to the 80% that was supposed to happen) and that is because, it is only natural for the cocoon to shed its old skin and enter its new body. Anyone who understands the process or rebirth (life and death) knows this.
From another point of view, I do not need anyone to inform me of this as I see this occurring on an almost daily basis. From all around the globe we are hearing about unprecedented hurricanes and floods and large earthquakes here and there... this is going to continue until 2015 (be a witness).

4- Arrests:
Many official and legal arrests have taken place, for many bank owners and economic officials, who are responsible for finance, and also many financial scandals arose that concerned many people around the globe.
If I wanted to give a title to this year it would be “the year of arrests and scrutiny on the economic officials” due to the rarity of this happening on this large scale!

It is true that these issues are still on the simple and medium side, but this only tells about the possibility of escalation in the next months and years. All I care about in terms of awareness is not the details of changes and how it changes, but the changes themselves...
All in all, this matter is too big to discuss in the parameters of the mind and consciousness, and there are still many points to discuss, but I only wished to give you this summary to be a topic starter, for those who wish to analyse what’s happening on the scene..
Peace be upon you and upon brother Greg, and I say to him ; there is still plenty for you to learn on the path of awareness so don’t give up, and watch your words, if only because there are many who follow you... so be gentle with them... gather your experiences and the results... and give them your best ones, but keep the details to yourself... be merciful and compassionate to those who follow you... and spare them the bumps on the road that were only meant for you on your personal road to awareness

Your brother .. The Enlightened Master / Ibrahim Hassan
Love & peace to all

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