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The 11.11.2012 Gate / written by the Enlightened master Ibrahim Hassan on 11.11.2012


What do we mean by “The Gateway of 11.11.2012” and what is its importance?
The Gate starts on 11-11 and shall continue until 21-12-2012 {it is the major preparation period before the date of alignment and receiving of fifth dimension energies straight from the heart of the galaxy}.

During this period of 40 days the nuclear reactions in the sun shall start increasing to levels much higher than their normal rates, which causes the emissions of the first special radiations regarding the preparation period for the planet earth; and all its creatures including us humans.
This radiation is called “The Blue Flare” as well as a small portion of “The Violet Flare” that starts arriving on the planet earth on 11-11 and continues until 21-12-2012.

The effect of these radiations on us:
The increase of radiation emissions from the sun to the earth is very important in our advancement and elevation to the new platform of our evolutionary path, for it shall elevate us from “the astral level” of our third dimensional reality to “the mental level” of the fourth dimensional reality of the evolutionary process.

This Blue Flare and a portion of the Violet Flare work on:
Helping us connect with our higher self...
• Easing the process of our receiving of plenty of information that we shall
feel inhabit our subconscious and help us surpass many obstacles

Helping us in the process of ascension
through: cleansing our auras,
stimulating and advancing our chakras as
well as stimulating our DNA and preparing
it for the ascension process....

The Blue Flare " is specialized in stimulating us for dealing with the “higher vibrations” and disengaging us step by step from the realities of the “low vibrations”, this is done by connecting us with the higher inner conscious bodies."

This Blue Flare shall continue until 12-12-2012 by which time the new radiation emissions (The Violet Flare) shall start to fully pour into the planet earth in huge amounts from 12-12-2012 until 21-12-2012 and they will work on:
1. Wiping and cleansing our personal Karmas
2. Healing and combining our conscious bodies.
3. Directly connecting us with our higher selves in order to complete the
ascension process.

In 21-12-2012 after the alignment, the Golden Energies shall start pouring in the earth to begin preparing it for the Golden Age.

And so, The Blue Flare and The Violet Flare and then the Golden Flare are the main factors in helping us elevate to the new level of our unique and special evolution.

love & peace
The Enlightened Master

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