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Ascension part 8: astral body... {The Fire element ... how to activate it within you} written by the Enlightened Master 22-12-2012

Astral Body

The Astral body presents the reality of our existence on earth, for it inhabits our bodies and represents our personalities, and if it leaves the body and the silver rope that connects it to the body gets cut; we would no longer live on this earth (we would die). it is the body that gets repeated every time you get reincarnated through different physical bodies, in order to continue the circle of life and complete our experiences on this earth.

The astral body is responsible for our personal feelings, which is why it is also called “The Emotions Body” and it is the projection point of our higher self on this earth. Through this body we are able to perform astral projection that enables us to travel all around the earth and through galaxies. It also receives all the messages sent to us by the higher self.

Factors that affect the Astral Body:
Anything associated with emotional interactions is directly associated with the “Emotional Body”. The Astral body represents your current presence in your reality on earth, in others words “from within the circle”, which is why we only rarely find ourselves fully aware of all the different aspects of the truth.

From this perspective; emotional interactions, realizations and judgments would start becoming irrational and reactions become direct, and this is an indication of a lack of emotional maturity, because we only use our senses in judging matters, where usually those senses are unread messages and we must not interact with them until we understand their contents.

This is why emotional maturity is important in order to elevate the misunderstood feelings which we are not aware of their content, into feelings where knowledge and true meaning work on its presence within us...and when emotional maturity is reached, the higher self starts opening communication channels between our Emotional Astral body and the mental body in order to start supporting these feelings until they become consciousness knowledge and ready for practical and useful implementation.

The feelings we get are like the phone ringtone for you, to inform you of a new message, but you remain unaware of the contents of this message until you open and read it; so, don’t rush passing judgments on issues, and try to have patience until you begin to realize the purpose behind the interactions of these feelings, and the reasons they came to you.

Not being wise and sensible in dealing with your incoming feelings weakens your Astral Body.

What you must do in order to achieve maturity in your Astral body:
Reach inner and emotional balance; for it is not wise to not interact with your emotions, and it is also not wise to deal with them without awareness or knowledge.

  • It is not wise to use anger as the tool of your interactions with your surroundings; it is also not wise to not be angry at all. This is how we always are; we either fully release the feeling or we inhibit it, and both of those options are wrong and immature.

    The right thing to do is to know why you get angry. From which part of you did that energy get generated? It is then that you work on removing its roots from the inside. In reality, it is not what’s going on around you that is responsible for your anger, but it is the anger energy within you that is trying to exit and own you, and this energy interacts with any issue on the outside as a doorway for it, to be released and take control.

Anger energy is used when it is in its proper setting in defending what is right, and when it is in your hands not coming from within you, and when you control it instead of it controlling you. The old proverb says, “Beware the evil of the wise man when he gets angry” and I say, “beware the power of the wise man’s light when he gets angry” because the wise man has the power the of light instead of evil but he also has anger that he knows how to properly use. Why do we always try to change ourselves from the state that God has created us in: we either abuse the energies within us, or we inhibit them as if they are not in the nature of our creation, as if God was mistaken in placing them within us and we try to have them removed? Everything you feel, everything that was created within you, was placed there to teach you an important issue to experience..
  • Love energy: we either forbid it from ourselves or others, or we overuse it without knowing how to guide it. Isn’t it time to step out of this duality?

    Try to deal with love energy as if it is a flowing river, when it passes through an area, it always takes the path etched out for it instead of filling the entire area and causing floods; it also does not prevent itself from passing and causing dehydration. Love is not just a feeling; love is a law, the law of interacting with the universes!

Try to use the above examples as a gauge in dealing with all your feelings in order to achieve emotional maturity and advance to mental maturity.

[ Nervous system in the human body represents the fire element in nature]...
The element of Fire, and how to activate it within you??

The Fire element is directly linked to your Astral body, and your Astral body is directly linked to your nervous system which is in turn directly linked to your emotional and psychological interactions, and to activate this Fire element, you have to reach a balance and emotional maturity, internally and externally / intellectually and practically…
After you achieve that, sit on the beach under the sun’s warm rays (fire element). As soon as those rays touch your body and a feeling of warmth (safety) settles within you, you’ll notice that your breaths start to shorten and you’ll start hearing your heartbeat clearly.

Unleash your “Mature feelings” and allow them to flow into everything around you and interact with nature and everything else... Doing this works on activating the fire element within you after the emotional maturation of your Astral Body.

love & Peace
The Enlightened Master

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