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Ascension part 7 - How to prepare the inner bodies to achieve the light body - Second - the ethereal body 25-10-2012

Ascension part 7 - How to prepare the inner bodies to receive the light body - Second - the ethereal body/ written by the Enlightened Master. Ibrahim Hassan on 25th Of Oct. 2012

The ethereal body contains our personal Aura which is a magnetic field that surrounds our bodies. The aura contains the seven main chakras, which work on attracting and absorbing Prana, and here the aura works on distributing this Prana through the energy pathways to all the body and its organs. Therefore, the more the Chakras being healthy and get the Prana properly; the healthier the aura is, thus all organs of the body are in very good health and excellent condition... On the other hand; the less the body’s organs are supplied by Prana; the more illnesses start to appear.

The ethereal body is considered one of the most important tools in dealing and interacting with the surroundings through its unique vibrations; and it is an important tool in the art of communication with others as well as connecting us with our surroundings.

The factors that affect the ethereal body:

Nutrition and exercise:

The healthier your diet is, in combination with spiritual exercises; the stronger your ethereal body will be. (Please refer to part 5 of ascension for more information on this matter).

Communication with others:

Communication with others, starting group projects and discussions based on love, and staying away from isolation; strengthens your ethereal body.

Psychological state:

The psychological state has a direct affect on the aura. The better the psychological state, the stronger the ethereal body and vice verse, the worse off the psychological state, the more the ethereal body is affected and weakened.

Recommended things to do, to improve the psychological state:

Joy, laughter, happiness, delight, achievements, work, learning new things, to be a witness, playing, going on adventures, healthy competition, helping others and all the good qualities in general!

Recommended things to avoid, in order to improve the psychological state:

Anger, depression, nervousness, hatred, impatience, laziness, inflicting harm, pessimism... these qualities are like poison to the aura and therefore weaken the ethereal body which in turn causes mental illnesses to appear.


Positive thoughts increase the frequencies of vibrations of the ethereal body and interact with the cosmic law of attraction (karma) and therefore attract positive events for us.

Negative thoughts decrease and weaken the frequencies of vibration of the ethereal body, and interact with the cosmic law of attraction (karma), therefore attract negative events for us.

Intentions and speech:

Intentions are the source of the seeds of lights and higher vibrations of the ethereal body, if those intentions turn to actions, the ethereal body is elevated to its best states, and in order for that to happen, our speech must first be in tune with them and not against them. After that we must work on committing to our talks and applying them through actions.

Negative intentions that are reinforced with negative words and actions, work on weakening the energies of the ethereal body, and direct those energies into becoming low frequency energies.

Positive visualization:

One of the most beautiful gifts bestowed upon from God is imagination, because it simulates the vibrational world around us, and charges us with positive energy from our surroundings. It is like you are creating a polarization point for attracting positive energy through your beautiful visualizations and thus start charging the ethereal body through it.

In some cases visualization reaches such intensity and purity fueled by the imaginer’s strong faith, that he creates beautiful ethereal beings, that remain by his side to aid him in all aspects of his life ,and these ethereal beings feed from the imaginer’s faith, and the strength of vibration supplied by him. If those beautiful beings reach a certain level of consciousness, they become new friends for the imaginer in the fifth dimension, in order to complete their awareness pathway through you.


Meditation in all its forms works on cleansing the ethereal body from all its weak points and strengthens it. One of the forms of meditation that is useful for cleansing and strengthening the aura is the “Waterfalls Meditation”:

  • { After sitting down to meditate, imagine that you are in a very beautiful area, and a golden light from the sky comes towards you and enters the crown chakra in your head, and from there flow through all your body. As this light leaves from your feet; it will through black dots on your side, which will represent all the negative vibrations contained by your physical and ethereal bodies, and imagine them being thrown away. Then imagine this light wrapping around your body, creating a very beautiful golden aura, as it is complete try to feel happy and safe}.

The subconscious Mind:

Don’t allow your subconscious mind to become a warehouse for pain, misery and negative ideas & habits. This is because those are time bombs that could blow and cause serious harm to your ethereal body with energies, that even you cannot comprehend since these energies appear as involuntary actions done by you without your conscious permission.

Organize, rearrange, revise and archive all that is contained within your subconscious mind, just like a library in your house; throw away all that is not necessary to you, and try to advance and develop all aspects that you keep!

Activating the element of water within you:

The ethereal body is connected directly with the water element, and the water element is in turn related to your blood circulation as your body contains 71% blood, just as the earth contains 71% water.

You could activate your water element by : swimming, preferably in the sea: relax and try to synchronize with the movement of the waves, and until you feel as one with the waves, you will know you reached that point, when you feel a slight dizziness which is a sign of the “zero point”, then start emptying and sending all the love and light within you through the waves of sea and into all areas of the earth. Wherever the water reaches, it holds your energy that you have sent to the last spot arrive...

This is just a small drop from the flow, and until we meet again in the next part, we shall see you with the eyes of our hearts.

Love and peace,

Your brother the enlightened master/ Ibrahim Hassan

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