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Ascension part 9 - How to prepare the inner bodies to receive the light body - the fourth body - the Mental body by/ The Enlightened Master

How to prepare the inner bodies to receive the light body - the fourth body "The Mental body " by/ The Enlightened Master.Ibrahim H.

The Mental body
is one of the most important inner bodies that we have as it connects the self with the higher self, and by overcoming it and understanding it thoroughly; we become connected with the first spiritual body of the higher self which is the Wisdom Body. When a person accomplishes this, he gets named “Spiritual Master”, and the process of realizing this inner body and acquiring its sciences is not an easy task, as by passing it you accomplish spiritual awakening.

There are plenty of sciences and methods and tactical exercises that help in passing this conscious body and learning its sciences which are taught by many spiritual schools, but these methods take a long time, which is why I liked to show you a short and reasonable method to accomplish this, especially now that we are fast approaching the real global changes.
Before discussing these methods I would like to briefly explain some things about this spiritual body:
The Mental conscious body has nothing to do with your head, for the brain is what’s in your head and not the mind. The brain is an analyzer of thoughts and not the creator of them, as it receives the ideas generated by the mental body Via the heart chakra.

The mental conscious body is directly connected to the heart chakra which is the fourth chakra from the bottom if you count the seven main chakras; That is why we always say that love is not a feeling but a law, “the Law of Love”, because we receive love energy and send it from the heart chakra that is connected to the mental body.

Furthermore, true belief is also not a feeling but a conscious realization of the issues around you which starts by questioning.

Love energy has nothing to do with the Feeling body (the Astral body) but we must call it the “sentimental love” which becomes real only after we reach true love in the mental body and this is accomplished when we start using the heart chakra well in sending and receiving.

The mental conscious body " is what generates ideas and then sends them to the heart chakra which then sends them to the brain where they are analyzed and put in use. "

Realizing the mental conscious body and dealing with it:

Plenty of spiritual schools recite The Mantra { There Is No Mind }, and many people translate it in the wrong way, that you must not use your mind as you try to reach the spiritual state. The true interpretation of this phrase is that you must not use your brain " mind " in dealing with all the events around you.

The brain is merely a calculator that houses all the equations that govern your virtual reality on this earth, and it rules through them.

The original configuration is to use your mental inner body to understand issues,and let your brain handle its areas of specialty, such as analyzing information and mathematical calculations, not for realizations and acquiring knowledge,, I know that this not an easy concept to understand but I shall try to simplify it.
The brain " mind" is the warehouse of all the information that we’d acquired since birth; this information could have come from our parents, society, customs and traditions or our religions {and by religions I mean the state that religions are in right now, because what religions originally “came with” are completely different from what exists now in the name of these religions}.

We judge plenty of the occurrences in our lives right now based on the information that we acquired as I previously mentioned, as if this information that we’d received is true and right and whole, to the extent that we do not even bother to analyze issues, but we compare and measure them to what we already know from previously stored information in our brains.
What is so dangerous in this is that we do not realize that all the information we’d gathered from the society and its customs and traditions and religions was collected and implanted and programmed into our brains by those with more advanced brains than our coded ones. We are ruled by our programmed brains and we are not as free as we believe.
You may disagree with me, yes you are right, which is why you are still sleeping, and when you wake up by using your mental conscious body, and by abandoning the information in your brain, you’ll start to understand what I am talking about.
Here are some examples:
When you speak about the earth, you recite the information that was given to you in school or from television programs which states that the earth has seven solid layers, and in its core there is molten magma; What you do not know is that there is a nation of people similar to you who reside in the inner layers of the earth who are your cousins {The Agartheans} , and that they have an inner sun in the bowels of the same earth that you reside on its surface.
They also told you that: there is no life on Mars, and whoever came up with this; is one of the native creatures from Mars. I do not tell you this to shock you but there are many essential facts that you do not know.
All the things that you base your life and actions upon, are not from you, but from your brain; and all the information previously stored within it.
  • Using your mental conscious body starts with searching for sciences from within you and around you with total freedom, without misconceptions and without reverting back to the information already existed in your brain. Make an inventory of your life of how many realizations you came up with on your own without reverting to previously stored information in your brain or anything opposing to what is in your brain.
  • Using your mental conscious body means that you must not be anyone except for your true self. Haven’t you ever noticed that you are the sum of what your society, religion, traditions, family and friends say? They all compose a large portion of you, and you end up with only 1% of your true self.
  • Using your mental conscious body means that you must enjoy doing your own personal experiences and gain from them new information, and realizations to leas your life. It means that you must not adhere to what others say, unless you check it and study it from all possible angles.
If the sky wanted to teach you through advice , it will do that without
the need for you to come down to earth “ as incarnation “, but you
were given the mission of teaching yourself through undergoing
experiences that lead to realizations instead of judging matters.

  • Using your mental conscious body means you know that you do not need to be programmed from those who are around you; instead, everything you need is originally stored within you, and all it takes is experience to bring it to the surface.
- They convinced you that you come as an empty cup into this life,
and they are responsible for filling it, is that not so?

- They convinced you that you are small and must mature, but they
did not tell you that you were mature from the moment you were
created, but you must unlock that for yourself.

  • Using your mental conscious body means that you must rid yourself of all the obstacles in your brain and reign free instead of being tied up by fanaticism to a doctrine or feelings, however, you alone are responsible for creating your ideas and feelings.
  • Using your mental conscious body means that you say, “this is how I see it” and not have this influenced by what your society prefers, but by your own experiences. You’ll never reach complete freedom unless you are able to communicate with your mental body, which in turn prepares you to connect with your own higher self.

What is the connection between the mental conscious body and the element of air?
In reality, you do not breathe only air, as air nourishes your physical body while prana nourishes your spiritual body. Prana is the energy of life and it exists all around you. The higher the elevation from sea level (such as in mountains), the thinner the air but the more concentrated the prana. Prana is more in natural locations especially in higher elevations that have less gravity.
As gravity decreases: the less you are attached to lower frequencies and breath, and when you start elevating to higher frequencies you then start connecting with the higher self. The mental body is in the middle of the inner conscious bodies in order to facilitate your connection with your higher self and it needs plenty of prana (its personal air) to start doing its job.
Activating your air element:

I will not ask you to travel to the mountains to achieve this, for you could do this in your room through deep breathing and meditation.

When you begin, your breathing is deep and oxygen increases while prana decreases. As you enter into deep meditation, your breaths become short and oxygen lessens while prana increases, to prepare you for astral projection.
At a certain point in your meditation, you reach the zero point (which requires practice) and you notice that your breathing has stopped as if you exist from one breath, when you reach this point release all your love energies to the earth and universes and all that is within them. Send them a message of your gratitude.
By doing this, you activate the air element within you.

Enlightened Master,
Ibrahim Hassan

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