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Teleportation .! written by the blue flare on 8th of Dec.2013


For humans, Flying has been associated with wings; where it can’t be done without wings; therefore, they invented the planes in the form of birds...

Who said that flying can’t be done without wings?

there are creatures with wings, but they are not freedom comes just with consciousness, and to be free from all fears , this needs a high level of consciousness..

when  you believe that your truth is you're inside ; and not the body , here you can control in the body... This is the biggest power, just here you can return back your own abilities..

There are those who don’t have wings, can fly in dimensions through their access to freedom which only comes from inside the human & creatures and this process called teleportation..


There are birds flying in the sky and still not free under this sky..

Freedom comes from inside, when you free your mind from fears;   " as we mentioned above, this needs a high level of consciousness ",  just here you got your freedom to move through your etheric body or to do physical teleportation...


The Mind can’t accept the idea of physical Teleportation, and this does not exist in his dictionary..

The biggest device in us which produce fears is the mind..

In order to do a physical teleportation, you have to play around the mind, concentrate in the place that you would love to go to ,and feel yourself  in reality  there,  then the body will follow, and here when the mind sees himself  real in other place , he will feel big fear in the beginning , but at that time he will accept this process.

What will help humans to do physical teleportation is the MPR of the sun which will send huge flares to free all levels of "astral, etheric and at the end physical bodies" , and all these effects depend on the level of consciousness for humans…

Teleportation  process is not limited to just the Earth, but also between Dimensions..

Teleporting through your astral body, you can’t feel it...

Teleporting through your etheric body, it companied with feelings, you can feel it…

Teleporting through your physical body, you will be aware of it clearly, and you will live it...

written by the Blue Flare


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