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A series of truths - Part 1 ( Comet ISON ) written by Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on 28th of Nov.2013

Comet ISON
The closest point of Comet ISON to the sun will be today 28th of Nov, 2013

The arrival of comet ISON to the sun, is a declaration of the end of an old Era and the beginning of a new Era.
Comet ISON carries catalysts, compounds and elements to the sun to prepare for the MPR, which will differ from its predecessors.

The upcoming MPR of the Sun will be the interval between the Old Era and the New Era.

The Sun after MPR, will be a new sun of the new Era, and its radiations will be different and stronger than what it was before the MPR..

Comet ISON carries incentives, combinations and elements to the planets of the solar system as well, including our earth, to start preparing for the new life of the new Era, at the level of energy, and the kingdoms of plants, animals and humans..

This period carries opportunities and great changing roles for all elements of the game of the Forces of Light, the Forces of Darkness and for civilization on this earth, and our way of seizing these opportunities define our position of the New Era.

There is nothing guaranteed to let you get what you dreamt of OR wish for, but the powerful and crucial decisions and the readiness in this period of opportunities will identify your position...

Unfortunately; the duration of the opportunities are usually short, we must prepare for the waves of the sea at the time of its calm before rampage, and otherwise you will lose in front of these powerful waves...

The next period is decisive and important, it includes many and big mysteries, for it will determine who is ready to lead a new Era, everyone in the game is candidate, but the leadership needs the readiness of the consciousness which is commensurate with the new infrastructure of the universes...

I don’t like puzzles in my words, but these puzzles are the bridge between the most conscious civilization and the least conscious civilization, it is the notion of the universes...

Love , Light and peace to all

written by/ Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan

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