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A series of truths - Part 2 - The Vail

There are many translations and explanations for the word of The Vail but i did not find more fit explanation for this word like  The Mind..

The mind is the real vail that stop us from reaching our mulit-dimentional spiritual being, and he is the biggest tool or the only tool that the dark forces can use to jail humans from their reality as spiritual beings,

so for those who can go beyond their mind , they can be supreme consciousness which related to that spiritual being, and who can't go beyond the mind, he will stay under the vail , and the only solution for him is to wait for the broken of Gaia's vail " that been built by the dark forces"..

beyond your mind; you can connect with the cosmic mind , in order to begin your inner journey to reach the full consciousness..

when you go beyond the mind , you become spiritual master , and when you reach the oneness through the  essence of consciousness you become one of the enlightened beings..


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