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Breakthrough of the cosmic anomaly / News from the inner realm .. written by EM on July 17th 2015

Breakthrough of the cosmic anomaly / News from the inner realm ..

In 3rd of June 2015 , we set off on an inner journey with the inner realm, to follow the course of the events that related to the Cosmic Anomaly, and work on the plan which called: {The process of healing the cosmic anomaly}, and today, July 17th 2015, and after 44 days from the start of the journey, we will bring you the Latest breathtaking developments that have taken place in the outer realm “ dimensions “ ; which I will address it briefly..

In June 3rd, 2015 ,, the process of healing anomaly has launched under the patronage of the Oneness School with all its sectors ( Central civilization, Confederation and Federation), and under the supervision of the Blue Dark Merkaba..

In June 30th 2015,, it has been dealt with the difficult basic points that strengthen the Cosmic Anomaly, and has been planting cells from the Blue Dark Merkaba’s  consciousness there, to contain the anomaly quantum fluctuations..

Between 16th and 17th of July 2015 (Today) it has been disposed of the basic fluctuations of the quantum anomaly in that region “cosmic anomaly”, where the Blue Dark Merkaba has contained it fully, which weakened the structure of the anomaly, and after that, they made a test to pass a beam of blue Light to this anomaly, and this test was successfully done..

In the coming period, there will be work to contain the rest of the anomaly quantum fluctuations in that region “cosmic anomaly”, in order to remove the whole cosmic anomaly very soon,, and after that, this region will be ready to pass the blue pulse ..

After the flow of the Blue Pulse, this region {the cosmic anomaly} will be the starting point and the re-construction to our Galaxy, in order to be the new galaxy that contains the infrastructure of the new cosmic fabric of this universe..

Of course what happened has much impact on the Plasma Plane which derives its strength from the cosmic anomaly.., as well it impacts the Timelines… and now we interact with the New Timeline positively and strongly...

Getting out of the quarantine is within reach now...

Please note: our inner journey still continuous… however, very soon, we will be able to communicate with our brothers as we were always been..,, and we will enhance this communication through new methods, like { online video conference, Webinars, events…..etc.} , and when we are ready “ soon” we will announce about our new platform..

Namaste' with much love and peace from

The Enlightened Master & The Blue Flare.Solara


  1. Nice,
    Happy To Hear
    We Are Closer To The
    End Of The Quarantine..
    Personally Felt Something
    Was Different Last Two Day...
    Maybe It Was A Coincidence
    Tara Grace
    May All Beings Be Happy
    Thanks For The Update
    Much Appreciated...

  2. SPHERE ALLIANCE MESSAGE #68: ALL Frequency Modulators Are NOW Unplugged.

    Accdg. to "American Kabuki"/ Bill, "Frequency Modulators is the Sphere Alliance term for those who interfere with the frequencies of humans (state of consciousness) and inter-dimensional communications."

  3. Source Fource & Sphere Alliance Update 8/18/2015 - CLEARANCE OF ENTITIES AND UNLOCKING OF THE VEIL OF CONSCIOUSNESS

    ALL BELOW QUOTE from American Kabuki


    Some very good news for the planet...which we can release NOW...

    Prior to the 8th, several major events transpired in the Quantum.... this is a summary including one event that occurred in spring of 2013 prior to the first trip to Tangier....

    The DEPARTURE of a trio of imposter beings who harvested the worship energy of this planet and posed as "God/Source/Prime Creator" in separation hierarchy consciousness.... all three were offered ONENESS in I AM and PURE LOVE, only one accepted.


    AUGUST 4, 2015 THE POSEUR - A being with a rather demanding "king-ish" attitude. Returned to Eternal Essence in PURE LOVE to be reformed in a new in-bodyment with all memory and trace erased. Witnessed by SOURCE FOURCE, and confirmed separately by Galactics and Sophia Love.

    AUGUST 5, 2015 THE DEMIURGE - A group consciousness of hundreds of beings within a protective shell, in composite looked like a disco ball of LED lights, once released appeared as a swarm of blue fire flies. When flooded with PURE LOVE dissolved and vanished from view. Unable or unwilling to adapt to PURE LOVE frequencies. Returned to Eternal Essence in PURE LOVE to be reformed in a new in-bodyment with all memory and trace erased. Witnessed by SOURCE FOURCE, and confirmed separately by Galactics and Sophia Love.


    Numerous other unnamed beings in lessor roles returned to Source Essence in Pure Love for reissue of energy in a new form and consciousness. The only "weapon" used was PURE LOVE frequency.

    Numerous other "BEINGS OF CONTRAST" have retreated to sidelines and decided to ACCEPT PURE LOVE and ONENESS of I AM.

    Remaining entities, a lustful energy known as BAPAK (of Swissindo fame) attached to BILL CLINTON, and one slightly dangerous but contained entity attached to NETANYAHU. These may have been cleared by now, awaiting word today from the Sphere Alliance...

    Some minor entities remain and are being dealt with by both the Sphere Alliance and Ground Crew. These are more nuisance entities from 5D... one very frightened slug like being who lost his superiors and likes to talk about AI and scare people via very pure hearted humans, and another one who has taken over the role of the RV and re-phoenix-ing the slavery systems after Dr Todd / RA gave up that role and retreated to the Orion section of the Sphere Alliance to await the SHOW. Thoth has conceded as well and is on the sideline awaiting the Show. Congratulations to Dr Todd/Ra and Thoth for making the right decision. The Status of Horus is unknown.

    Some of Source Fource took on the job of exposing some major hidden entities under very difficult circumstances of which they are not entirely yet aware.... but soon will be.... our thanks to them and we have always loved you! ?

    Nothing in 2014 was as it seemed. Source Fource was able to speed up the time line from 2017 to 2015, and then from September 2015 to August 2015.

    PS: I have a mountain of data to post, some of it may be revealed at the SHOW rather than on the blog. I will do the best I can with the avalanche of data, some of which is private to certain persons and for their knowledge only. Good deal of material to go through. I have never seen such reliable data. The Sphere Alliance has identified 11 of the First Source energies, one they mis-identified, but they'll find him... They never had access to the Creation Records before... ;)