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The Record of the Webinar-The latest developments that lead to the event by EM & BF

We had done this webinar online last Tuesday 22nd of Sept.2015, and this is the record of it.. we hope you enjoy it ..

Enlightened Master & Blue Flare

Here are some spotlights  written by beloved friend Grace on 29th of Sept.2015  " the owner of 
please click on this link to read those spotlight  (The Latest Developments that Lead to The Event)


  1. Thank you very much for your efforts in creating this webinar for our benefit. I think it was well prepared and thought through. The only thing I feel missing is a little disconnection from us "mere mortals". For example I would have liked to have a short explanation of what you mean by the veil, the archons, the quarantine and other usual names. Blue flare is doing a good job as moderator but you are a little to close to each other so you dont recognise when we others arent following.
    I have been following you for some time now and I definitely think you deserve a bigger audience and breakthrough. If you want that yourself that is of course. I think that an online interview with either Alfred Lambremont Webre, Miles Johnston or Kerry Lynn Cassidy would work good for you.

    I thank you again for your work and wish you the best!

  2. Wonderful, EM Ibrahim and Blue Flare, so encouraging. Thank you both for your efforts.

    Victory to the light - the breakthrough is almost here, right :)?

    PS: I second Slasher's kind suggestions.

  3. Hi There,
    Thanks For The
    Updates Of What Is Happening...
    I Do Feel A lot of Changes Happening In August Forward...
    Very Much Appreciated
    Blessings From Canada
    Tara Grace

  4. To The Commentors,
    They Do Not Need To Go On Kerry Cassidy..
    None Of Those People Actually Listen To Their Guests...
    Better For Them ...To Just Do What They Are Doing..
    Most Of Those Interviewers...(Like To Hear There Own Voice
    Above There Guests...)
    Please No Kerry Cassidy...Its Not The Right Show For Them
    Better To Find Someone Genuine...And Not Looking For
    There Own Shine In the Interview
    Tara Grace

    1. Yes, I agree. The message gets muddled in the process.

  5. Thank you my friends for your love, support and appreciation ..

    Dear Slasher, the meaning of the terms that you mentioned "in brief"

    quarantine: is to isolate the planet earth to communicate with other civilizations and exception to earth of race civilizations and stop the ascension process..

    the veil: it is part of quarantine process..whih disconnect the people of earth from their soul families and their higherselves..

    the archons: dark entities , those responsible for the colonization of the planet earth..